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past girl friend  

lustysubfriends 54M
60 posts
11/9/2015 1:03 pm
past girl friend

dawntaze is her personal contact. good luck.

1seeking1 54F
2960 posts
11/9/2015 1:12 pm

Thank you for posting this, I so agree. Sadly the ones that should be reading this probably are not.....

lustysubfriends 54M
15 posts
11/9/2015 1:59 pm

Don't cop out here fellas, for real. Women are here for you, it's in our DNA to want to please and satisfy. Respect that. Educate yourselves and find a great connection that fulfills.

Honeyariddd 43F
1638 posts
11/9/2015 2:07 pm

Well said

lustysubfriends 54M
15 posts
11/9/2015 3:30 pm

I'm happy that it seems the ladies appreciate what I've said here today, thank you! And guys too!

BiggLala 48F  
27904 posts
11/9/2015 8:55 pm

    Quoting  :

Some men also need to recognize the difference between moans of pleasure and screams of pain. There is a difference, and just because she's making noise, it does not mean she's enjoying it. Of course, the woman can, and should, stop what's happening if it's not pleasurable for her.

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NWHubbi 61M  
275 posts
11/9/2015 10:37 pm

Well said Bella!! Hoooahs and Kudos to you my gorgeous new friend! I'm not into the pain thing and totally appreciate a woman's body, when I'm intimate with a woman whether it be for the first time or even after meeting her several times, my goal is to please her in every which way I can, and pain is definitely NOT one of those ways .. just not in this guy's DNA .. That's why I love to orally please a woman over and over again .. Hugs and smiles!! ~ Ron

Linc1912 43M
979 posts
11/11/2015 12:57 pm

This is why when i do find someone real enough to have an INDEPTH conversation with; I ask her what she likes. She can hide behind the screen if shes so inclined, but atleast that way i find out what her turn ons are, as well as her turn offs.
It's kind of cliche when a female responds "your a man, your suppose to know." Aside from being LAZY, that answer assumes that what works for one female will work for another. And the SEASONED males know this is far from the truth.

I think you are right though. "Im not finding anyone suitable because of my behavior."
I have had 2-3 FREAK OUT because for the simple fact that i treated them good. This further solidifies the old phrase; "Women dont want to be treated good, they want to be treated like shit."
A shame some females who actually practice that ruin it for others who want, and CANT find the ones like me who are looking for someone they can fuck AND RESPECT!

~Linc was here.~

lustysubfriends replies on 11/15/2015 2:12 pm:
Thank you for taking the time to comment and I wish you a pleasant journey in finding that person of quality and mutual respect that you can enjoy time with. The struggle is real...I believe in the "good guy" and support a kind, hard working and dedicated lover and friend. So many people come from a broken past and struggle to find their peace. Sexual freedom can bring that sense of self awareness if we again,are at peace with it. Here's to finding our joys in love and passion!

BULL_4_HOTWife 37M
914 posts
11/11/2015 10:13 pm


Very Well said!

Women deserves respect and their dignity to be maintained! They are not just Fuck machines which what some ppls here consider ! They are full of emotions and their body too much tender , soft and sensational.

Their body is to be Workshipped with tender showers of Love



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lustysubfriends replies on 11/15/2015 2:07 pm:
thank you, these are very nice words..

rm_yogirl12312 26M
71 posts
11/21/2015 8:06 pm

nice post

Hogman95903 45M
3 posts
12/3/2015 7:25 pm

Great post Bella. I for one appreciate the tenderness of a woman and enjoy going slow for her benefit and mine

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