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Giving her what she wants  

luuuvestolick 58M  
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12/8/2019 10:22 pm
Giving her what she wants

We walked into the entrance of townhouse, and I took your shoulders and turned you around, pressing your back up against the door. I leaned in close to you, letting lips touch yours, but not satisfying you with a kiss, while I move to turn the lock on the door.

You rub up against slightly, your lips ready for mine, begging be kissed deeply. instead I tease you, holding you back against the smooth wooden door. You can feel yourself getting wet in your red silk panties almost instantly, as lips lightly brush against your red glossy lips.

An errant hand runs down your body, lingering ever-so-briefly on your smooth thigh, just the hem of your skirt, before pulling away. You pout a little, wanting feel lips, skin against yours. I smile as hand returns and wanders up your thigh. Your legs part almost instinctively, letting slip a few fingers in between your silk panties and your skin.

The moment fingers touch your shaved smooth pussy, your lips curl and let an "ooooh", as you are becoming very aroused. You move forward, pressing fingers closer you. "Ooooh..." I mimic, "Baby's wet already...is that for ?" with a playful edge in voice. You nod, unable speak.

I start rub a single fingertip very slowly and softly along your pussy lips, as other hand has moved down your hip, holding you still against the door, stopping you from pressing forward onto . Seemingly without warning, I pull finger away saying softly, "I asked you a question baby...is that for ?" as I rest finger, moist with your juices, on your parted lips. You nod and I press finger your mouth give you a taste of your own arousal. It was almost too much for you to stand. The hint of touch; the denied kisses; the scent of your own juices on your mouth. Your legs fall weak against the door. You wanted already….and badly.

I let you go and you reach for . You can see and feel cock against your leg through pants, already , hard and throbbing with deep desire. I shake head, "No, no, no....patience baby...patience." I gently take hold of your wrists and bring you into place, and lead you bed.

"Strip for baby..." I say with confidence as I sit down on the bed with you displayed in front of . Slowly, you comply. The straps of your dress fall off your shoulders and the little black dress poured onto the floor in fluid, seemingly liquid puddle. You stand before in your red silk panties and nothing else. I take a moment sit back and appraise you. You were nearly naked for viewing pleasure and very aroused, waiting for command.

I could see the wet spot peeking through the crotch of your panties. I give an approving murmur. "Mmmm... Baby" softly escapes lips, as I you up and down, gesturing for you step closer . I have goose bumps, being exposed the cool air in the townhouse. Your nipples are erect and I brush them lightly with the palms of hands, running from heel fingertip and back. Again, I tease your lips by pulling you in for a kiss, then giving you just a gentle nibble.Your eyes closed you moan with frustrated desire. I smiled coyly as you lean into him, trying to get kiss you; touch you harder; longer; to rub your near naked body.

I then pull you forward by the hips and put mouth on the front of your panties, inhaling your scent and rubbing the smooth silk against your quivering pussy lips. Through the moist silk you can feel breath. You squirm, unable stay still. I pull back, again aborting your growing moans.

"Take those off," I command, pointing your panties. You comply without question, bending over completely and touching the ground in front of as you remove the little piece of red silk. "Mmmm," I utter as I over your bare and now swollen pussy lips, again approving, but now desiring more.

You kneel down without prompting and start unbutton shirt. I shake head saying "no," and you stop. Your hand then wanders to the crotch of trousers. You can feel hardness and the beat of blood pulsing through erection. I want you as much as you want .

"No, we're not doing that tonight baby..." I say politely as I stop you from unbuckling belt as you were preparing pull cock and take it in your mouth. You give a little pout and a whimper. I laugh softly but compassionately as I run a hand from your breast your hip. I was pleased that you are so eager have in your mouth, but I have other plans for you.

I command you show your pussy. Feeling slightly foolish, but quickly losing all self-consciousness in the heightened state of arousal, you stand up straight, move over the bed and lay on your back, exposing yourself . I make a "turn around" motion with fingers, and like a good , you obey, flipping from your back all fours. I take a moment appraise you, pussy up in the air, totally vulnerable, already glistening slightly with the product of your arousal. You were waiting for , wanting; craving; needing touch. The transformation had become complete. You were giving yourself to me in body, mind and spirit.

You can feel cool air on your moist pussy, while waiting for touch. The anticipation of not knowing what was to come, a tongue; lips; fingers or cock stirs you into a deep, mindless arousal. You feel tongue make long<b> stroke </font></b>over your pussy and then quickly flick your clit, and you’re gone. You start bouncing around in time and memory, trying grind into whenever I touch you. You’ve become such a “bad .”

You think yourself, “You have turned into a silly, simpering slut with but thought on mind: ‘Please, please, please fuck !’ You work into such a lathered frenzy of excitement that I'll do anything—say anything—for you. I'm your little panting slut, begging for release. Normally I'm such a shy, reserved , but I just can't help but be a wanton in your arms. I would feel ridiculous doing and saying what you're making do and say, but I'm too turned on to care. I have no shame.”

While you’re still bent over on all fours, spreading for me while I lick you with flickering, quick strokes, you rock back and forth on your hands and knees, pressing into mouth. tongue moves from your clit, up to your labia, and lingers on your pussy. You gasp, not expecting the quick flicker of tongue as I spread you with fingers.

You squirm up your knees, and I grab your hips, holding you from behind. Still kneeling, your legs spread wide apart. of hands presses your belly, drawing you into tightly, making you unable squirm away—even in the height of pleasure. I then run fingers lightly along your pussy lips, now so very slick and wet with your arousal.

You can't move, as I am holding you in position. Whispering in your ear, I say, "Tell you like that," as fingers sliding up and down over your clit, teasing your pussy mercilessly.

"I love it," you pant breathlessly, willing me do more.

"Tell you loved it when I licked you." I say softly. You comply quickly, wholly, saying everything I tell you say. When I tells you say that, “I loved it when you spread open” you do so, without question. I<b> stroke </font></b>you into a frenzy of wet, anticipation. You moan have inside you, any part of ; a finger or cock, so obviously erect at your excitement.

"Do you want me?" I ask?

You cannot help but want me more than anything now. You tell me as much, gasping and wiggling for release. hand slides back down your pussy. Your love juices leaving a slick trail on fingers, and you can feel the very tip of thumb pressing against the entrance your vagina. You’re so ready for . You want so badly you throb and ache deep within your love tunnel.

Without asking or waiting, you press back onto thumb, thrusting thumb deep inside of you in<b> stroke. </font></b>You can’t take it anymore. I tolerate your impatience by sliding thumb in deep thrusts into your wet pussy, in steady and slow motions. fingers spread and fiddle with your pussy lips as thumb works you over. You quiver with anticipated release. It takes a few of strokes and you’re at the edge of an orgasm, and you feel about let go within seconds. You whimper, begging for release, and utter soft moans of a helpless in arms.

I pull you deeper into and I thrust thumb with more ferocity. Pounding away at your pussy, giving you exactly what you want. You bounce along with , urging penetration deeper and harder.

Your back arches, and I can feel your climax coming on.

"That's right baby, that's right...come on baby... cum for me baby," I urge in a tender but commanding tone, as I coax the orgasm from your body. Just then, it ripples through your stomach and your pussy contracts on thumb, still sliding back and forth—in and . You hold your breath and gasp, shuddering into . I hold you upright and steady with arm just your full breasts. other hand is soaked with your juices.

Abruptly, I slip thumb of you as you moan with pleasure, desire and frustration. “I want more,” you whimper. You pout, putting on your best, innocent but sultry, . I know that , as I have seen it before. You want more.

I am indulgent and aroused. Ready give you much more. I move hand your cheek and turn you kiss deeply, passionately. You return the kind of wet; penetrating kiss can have after being thoroughly satisfied. As I gently pushe you down on your stomach, you lay in anticipation, quivering, not knowing where I’ll touch you next. I finish undressing, thus displaying now-very-hard cock.

You are still giddy from your orgasmic pleasure, as I flip you over on your back. I raise your legs, pinning them almost your chest. The motion is effortless and persistent. There is no need for delicacy as your joints and muscles are limber, sweaty, , relaxed and pliant from pleasure. Your wet and still throbbing pussy is completely exposed . I give an experimental rub with the length of cock, stimulating you and making your already-moist pussy even wetter. You let an involuntary whine and firmly state, “I want you inside of .”

" poor baby...you want this?" I taunt you.

You nod vigorously, pouting. With very little hesitation, I slip the head of manhood into your pussy, teasing you once more. "God, you're tight," I remark, a bit breathless myself.

Then you let another whimper and a moan. "Tell what you'd like," I command.

"I want your cock," you quickly reply. You’re at the mercy of passion, wanting with complete abandon.

"You want cock?" I tease as I inch into your pussy just a little deeper.

"Yes! Please!" you gasp and pleads, getting frustrated at the pause.

"Okay baby, you can have it." I respond as I inch stiff pole inside you just a little more, then a little more. You are throbbing and swollen from your previous climax so cock is a very tight fit. Slowly, ever slowly, I push cock into you, filling you completely as I go. You can't help but start to tremble with each little push forward. You already know your going to come again, so very soon.

I narrate as I slowly push forward, "That's right baby, take it. Take it all, take it baby...that's right...take it." Every time I tell you to "take it", I push a little deeper. I smile down at you as your red glossed lips open in arousal, and your breathing becomes short again. Every time I talk to you. Every time I say anything, commanding, encouraging, wonderful, You’re taken to another level of arousal.

repeated command, "Take it" sends you over the edge at the very end of deep thrust. I haven’t pulled back once yet, and your pussy is contracting on cock, climaxing, bathing it in your own fluids. Lubricating it and marinating it, preparing it for harder, faster thrusts. But I’m in no hurry. As you shudder and tremble in an ecstatic release, I bring you in close, deeply thrusting and moving slightly the rhythms of your panting. I lean forward and smile at you with a mischievous grin. I<b> stroke </font></b>your hair very softly saying, "That's baby...feel good? You want more?"

"Oh, please..." escapes from your lips.

"Oh please what?" I asked you, taunting you yet again. I want you say exactly what you want.

You think yourself, “I'm a slut in your arms, I can't help it.” Then the words flow from you, before you even have a chance think of how dirty, how completely reckless they are. "I want you fuck . Please, please, please fuck . Hard. Please...." The last "please" is a whine and a whimper with all kinds of begging tones. You want so badly.

I then pull back, cock head at the very lips of you pussy, still wet and tight. "Awww...baby wants be fucked," I parody and mimic your pleading with a gleam in eye and a slight smirk.

"Yes!" you say emphatically. There's no doubt about your desire. There's no subtlety now, no averted eyes and shy glances. "Yes, please fuck ." you plead again.

"And how would you like fuck you?" I coax you, as I with you, cock moving ever so slightly in and of the very entrance of your pussy.

"Hard, please." You close your eyes and whisper, enjoying the sensations rippling through your body, caused by the shallow, small thrusts.

"What was that baby?" I tease more, wanting you let go completely again.

"I want you fuck hard…now…please, please!" you say in a commanding tone as you rock your hips forward into . I pull back a bit, not letting you get your way, tormenting you with anticipation.

"Are you ready baby?" I mockingly question as I shift forward just a bit.

"Yes! Please!" you beg. You’re breathless and barely get your last plead of your lips when I bury love pole all the way into your throbbing pussy in deep thrust. You let a yelp and a gasp of pleasure and surprise. Your eyes roll back as you think, “It feels so damn good.”

Again I pull and thrust hard into your pussy, as I bend down this time kiss you. lips engulf you and I pin your legs your chest, thrusting with deep, increasingly quick strokes. I continue kiss you passionately as I pound stiff pole harder and harder into your pussy.

You can't speak, you can't think. Your satisfied moans are muffled in mouth. You can feel the heightened sensation of breath on your lips, tongue in your mouth, and cock deep inside your pussy. With your arms around , pulling into you wanting closer and deeper than humanly possible, it's impossible tell where part of ends and a part of you begin. strokes are so smooth, so insistent. Slowly, you are being lathered into another level of arousal, climbing to the peak of your climax. Your dizzy and flustered, moving your hips in time with thrust, your moans getting louder in mouth. You bite lip and I breaks the kiss blurt , “Come on baby...give it ....come on....cum for me!"

I sense your impending release and I start whispering, right next your ear, coaxing you toward climax. You know that I’m close to the edge also. thrusts have intensified. You feel cock become even harder, indicating that momentary increase in stiffness before own orgasm. I go deep...deep into you…as deep as I can, and it's enough to you over the edge.

"Yes baby, that's it...that's a good ...come for me..." I encourage you, even as own orgasm begins.

"Oh fuck...fuck!" you , not acting like such the perfect little lady right now. You can feel the increase in your wetness, as you shake and quiver in complete and perfect ecstasy. You watch in pleasure as I cum inside of you.

"Oh baby...you feel so good...you feel like heaven." I decree as thrusts become smooth and long, relaxed and unhurried. I have not lost any hardness with climax and I thrust through the pulses of your contractions of orgasm, and own.

I roll you the side. You’re weak and spent—completely satisfied. I take your in hand, and<b> stroke </font></b>your hair with the other. I’m all gentleness and sleepy smiles as you say, "There you go baby...that's a good ."

You are left breathless and content. cock is still hard as I continue rocking back and forth, very slowly, inside of you. I pull momentarily for the short break. We’ve soaked the sheets with our love juices, mingled together, sopping wet…and you know in a few minutes, after touching, stroking, relaxing and making each other laugh just a little, I will be inside you again, and you can hardly wait.

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