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Emergency Oral.....  

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
714 posts
3/20/2020 1:44 pm
Emergency Oral.....

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Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

Hotbodman_4play 56M
455 posts
3/23/2020 2:46 pm

Ouch!!!! My best wishes to you for a speedy and full recovery! Like you I had my last two out at ( 45) and quite happy about that. The doctors recommendation then was the right call because I don't think I'd be feeling up to doing it today unless I was in life threating situation. Your gums are very important to keep healthy and you did the right thing!!

luv2suk1966 replies on 3/24/2020 5:20 am:
I've been kicking myself for not doing it earlier, but our "old" dentist always said if they were coming in straight, don't bother pulling them! He was wrong. We're finding out that he was wrong about lots of things...months later, and over a few thousand dollars later...I'm hoping to have all my issues finished up by the end of April with my new dentist. Life lessons. Thanks for stopping by, Sexy!

author51 57F  
94333 posts
3/21/2020 12:01 am

Not the nicest way to self isolate but glad you got them taken out..Stay safe..xx

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

luv2suk1966 replies on 3/21/2020 6:28 am:
Right? But I figured, we can't go anywhere, may as well heal while watching Netflix.

1bighammer1000 55M
3372 posts
3/20/2020 6:30 pm

I am sure you will appreciate it once you heal up. Have a great weekend.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

luv2suk1966 replies on 3/21/2020 6:26 am:
Yep! My jaw is still sore, but the pain is much less than yesterday. Thanks! You, too!

onscurious 35M
25 posts
3/20/2020 6:29 pm

Also, slightly disappointed with the post after reading the title

luv2suk1966 replies on 3/21/2020 6:25 am:
Sorry? LMFAO!!!

onscurious 35M
25 posts
3/20/2020 6:28 pm

I had mine removed ( they had to do full gum surgery) Had to eat chicken broth for like 1-2 weeks, could not open my jaw all the way.

luv2suk1966 replies on 3/21/2020 6:25 am:
Ohhhhhh, that blows.

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
1193 posts
3/20/2020 1:46 pm

Kinda loopy, but all is good!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

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