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It Tastes like Soap???  

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
714 posts
4/7/2020 7:19 am
It Tastes like Soap???

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Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

1seeking1 54F
3054 posts
4/13/2020 8:28 am

Yes to some of us cilantro makes it taste like soap. Took me a while, since I never suspected the green flecks . Very hard to find Salsa without it,

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/14/2020 5:46 am:
Well, after writing this post, now I know! Hubby is very picky about his salsa, too. Makes sense.

thikhead 63M
3033 posts
4/11/2020 7:42 am

ive also heard the genetic thing can also be why some people
so strongly dislike broccoli (like me).

im sure there are other foods that it works that way for as well.
i have a relative whos that way with allums.

i guess thats not very dissimilar to actual allergies,
just not as potentially dangerous,
but still could be sickening if forced.

you wouldnt force someone to eat something theyre allergic to,
would you ?
this genetic aversion may only be different by a matter of degrees ?

"were all in this together"

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/11/2020 8:49 am:
Funny, Hubby HATES broccoli, too!

SagG4u2 66M  
115 posts
4/10/2020 9:09 pm

shoot me an e-mail and I'll send videos. sagg4u2 @ yah

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/11/2020 8:49 am:
Well, alrighty, then.

biggerjim3 55M
44 posts
4/10/2020 6:24 am

I love cilantro... grow it in the garden every year. I have extended family that thinks it tastes like soap and they're Hispanic.

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/11/2020 8:47 am:
Now that is funny!

Fuklikedogs 49M
1605 posts
4/9/2020 7:08 pm

I’m wondering did he get served dessert ?

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/10/2020 4:45 am:
Does ice cream count??

MissCinders 54F
1529 posts
4/8/2020 3:59 pm

Eat it or go hungry OR make your own dinner. Momma aint got time for that

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/10/2020 4:44 am:
I would say that to our kids years ago, but he works his ass off, and I love him, so, he's spoiled.

author51 57F  
94331 posts
4/8/2020 12:39 am

I was raised like you for having to eat everything on our plate as picky eaters were not catered to or allowed..lol. I raised my kids the same and thank god still,they are not picky at all..Love trying new things and ways to prepare different dishes..It is the environment we are raised in that follows us into our Adult life and our preferences for foods we like to eat..Good post..

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:32 am:
Another food friend! That's exactly it! Our mother was NOT going to cater to us, and make us a separate meal. Shaking my head over here, our youngest had a boyfriend in high school that was a vegetarian. He talked her into cutting meat out of her diet as well. The first thing I said to her was, "I refuse to make 2 meals every evening. You're on your own." I thought it was a phase, but 13 years later, she still doesn't eat meat. When I met the boy, I also asked her why she was dating a gay guy?? She was mad at first, but he ended up marrying another guy years later. And that's another story. hahahaha

1Sexygoodguy11 55M
1540 posts
4/7/2020 12:49 pm

Lime, No.

Cilantro - Yes

I was raised on the same mentality as you were when it came to food.

Here is an interesting drink that does not taste well, but should. Any tea that has something else added to it. I tried tea with lavender added to it and it tasted like I was drinking flowers. If it isn't green or black tea, I will not drink the tea at all.

Stay Sexy My Friend.

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:28 am:
Oh gross. I am not a fan of tea (or coffee). I totally understand.

benard69 63M/63F  
5131 posts
4/7/2020 11:55 am

If that Old Dog gets hungry enough he'll learn to love Cilantro...Rice and all

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:26 am:
Believe me, I've tried making him eat what's on the table, and he will just make himself a burger! We always joke that at least he doesn't throw the food across the room when he doesn't like it! (My asshole brother in law actually used to do that to my sister. Fucking jerk!)

superbjversion2 65F
20122 posts
4/7/2020 11:45 am

I wonder, after getting soap in their mouth, if anyone ever said, "Hm. Tastes like cilantro."

Sex is to Fun as Square is to Rectangle

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:25 am:
That is SO funny! Bahahahahaha!!

PumpkinSpice6 36F  
176 posts
4/7/2020 11:03 am

Tastes like soap to me as well! I wish I could enjoy it..

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:24 am:
This has enlightened me so much. Thanks for stopping by!

thikhead 63M
3033 posts
4/7/2020 10:31 am

never tried cilantro but apparently its not uncommon to think that,
several chefs on tvfood say that (drawing a blank on whom at the moment)),
but apparently this distaste for it can be genetic -

The news: An aversion to cilantro is in your genes, a realization scientists came to after thousands of people started having their DNA analyzed by consumer genetics company 23andMe (when the process was still legal). To approximately 10% of those who got tested, cilantro tastes like soap.

lime, however, im good with.

"were all in this together"

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:24 am:
Blows my mind!
Oh sure! I like a lime in a Jack and Coke.

Granny872 67F  
2279 posts
4/7/2020 8:51 am

I'm the same way with cilantro ... not a fan of the taste.

None of us are getting out alive, so let's at least try to be nice to each other while we're here.

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:23 am:
I hadn't tried it until I went to Chipotle. Mmmmmm

tsn4fun2 44M/42F  
258 posts
4/7/2020 8:31 am

I don’t know about soap, I’ve had a mouthful of soap before! Lol. (Never cussed in front of mama again either!!) Hahaha. But the new “creative” cuisines are usually not for me. I’m kinda same way as your hubby. Lol... I don’t eat many different things but the things I eat I overdo as well. Like pepperoni pizza My hubby is like you as far as taste buds go. Didn’t grow up on a farm but he grew up poorer than most so what he ate growing up was minimal and now he wants to try EVERYTHING. Except beets... hates beets. Lmao.

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:22 am:
We are not alone! This is true - I will try almost anything! In fact, since I cook on the boring side at home, to please Hubby, I look for the weirdest things when we go to a restaurant.

orgmaker2020 52M  
48 posts
4/7/2020 8:03 am

I've heard this is a genetic reaction. People with the specific gene, and not everyone has it, will taste a soap-like flavor when first experiencing cilantro. In my own experience, it is also true that one can overcome this. I am fortunate that my mother was a very adventurous and skilled cook. She did experiment with cilantro, and yes, it tasted like soap to me. However, after many experiences with cilantro I now enjoy it very much, and I don't even really get the soap-like thing anymore.

luv2suk1966 replies on 4/8/2020 4:20 am:
That is fascinating. I never knew this.

luv2suk1966 59M/53F
1193 posts
4/7/2020 7:22 am

I'm the creative type, so I LOVE change. Well, most of the time. hehe

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

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