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First hookup of 2018 (Day's 3&4)  

mako3258 62M  
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12/31/2019 1:56 pm
First hookup of 2018 (Day's 3&4)

First hookup of 20 (Day's 3&4)
Day 3&4:

Please read day’s 1&2 first get the whole story on hook-up with FWB.

I also forgot mention I don’t consider myself huge the cock department,
but guess a bit bigger than average. I’m between 7- 71/2” long, about 2” diameter.

Tuesday day 3:

She arrived between 7: -8am and got into bed with : wearing only<b> crotchless </font></b>undies. I did the same as yesterday morning, sprayed her throat and made her suck cock. Occasionally trying force it down her throat, of course she gags and coughs, but hey, I’m a guy and gotta try. After she sucks cock I dive into her pussy, it’s so smooth and tasty. I tongue fuck her for a bit then decide it’s time for a .

Now being the nice guy I am, I thought I would just fuck her pussy. When I first entered her she flinched, I thought myself, she’s sore, nice going on my part. She said she thinks there might be a little tear or cut inside her pussy and ask for some lube. I pour some lube over her pussy and then proceed fuck her. I pounded away pretty hard several positions, making her moan and groan. I just wanted make her sore. She also begs for inside her pussy, which I finally did, unloading deep inside her.

We showered, went the lobby and had some breakfast.

Now today I was launching a different ramp as I wanted go check the main harbor. So we launched and off we went. Today was sunny again, light winds but was going to be hotter, upper 90’s, good thing I have a T-top on boat.

As we were entering the main harbor I went right, thinking it was the way in. The main entrance splits in two directions, once I realized I needed go left I turned around. While heading back we ran into a large pod of dolphins, which was pretty neat to watch as they swam around. So going the wrong way actually worked .

Once on track we just idled along and checked the harbor. Won’t bore you with all the details but it was fun, pulled up another marina and had lunch. But was it hot, once back the boat thermometer said 102. Anyways, we hauled and went back the room.

Once back the hotel I told her I would secure the boat for the trip back home, she can go shower. After I was done with the boat I went and took a shower, it was way too hot to be working outside.

After showering I told her it was time for some more , she wanted nap, ya right!

This time I was planning on her asshole again and videotaping it. So, after some cock sucking and pussy licking I move her the end of the bed front of the camera. Put her on her hands and knees and starting her pussy again. I then prepped her asshole with some lube. I turned on the camera and began recording. Now camera setup has remote control for both zoom and up and down.

I removed cock from her pussy and placed it the entrance of her ass and pushed. As before she tried move forward, I entered her ass and grabbed her hips. I was nice, went slow for a few seconds, LOL, but then started fuck her ass, the way it was meant be fucked HARD.
Now I guess maybe I used much numbing lube or maybe I wasn’t able again so soon, but I wasn’t able . Don’t get wrong, it’s not from a lack of trying. I POUNDED away her asshole for over minutes. (See the video; it’s like 10 minutes long.) I stopped the video and rested for a few; I then placed her on her side and took her ass again, really trying to this time. Sadly; I couldn’t. She was very glad I stopped trying, she said her asshole was on fire, guess I was doing good.

We rested, took a little nap then ate. Before she left for the night we had packed everything up, her things and mine. I wanted to be on the road by 8:ish the morning. I packed everything except for some coconut oil I had a small jar. She saw it still on the small table next the bed, she asked, what about this? I told her it was for the morning, I was gonna fuck her again. She just cringed.

She left again just before 9pm go home “from her work day”. She said she would try and get tomorrow even a little earlier. She brings her “work dress clothes” with her so when she gets home it looks just like a normal work day. Oh she worked all right, she got fucked well today.

I made myself a drink after she left and relaxed. I was bummed I couldn’t her ass earlier and now was getting horny. I told myself; tomorrow she will and then I slept.

I woke up hearing the door, I looked the clock, 6:35, she kept her word and did make it earlier. She climbed into bed with with her back towards still wearing her shirt and shorts. Now I had woken up a few times during the night piss, but also sporting a stiff cock. So when she climbed into bed I was ready. I started to undo her shorts and pull them off. She said; let’s sleep for a bit, I didn’t answer. I removed shorts, hard cock of course and reached over her and grabbed a glob of the coconut oil from the table. I smeared it on her pussy and asshole, again she flinched. I then rubbed some on cock, moved closer her and stuck cock inside her pussy. She just moaned and groaned.

I’m not really sure if she came or not while I was her pussy because main target was her asshole. So after a few minutes of her pussy fairly hard I pulled , placed cock her asshole and pushed . It slid fairly easily, must have been from all the earlier ass fuckings she had gotten. She moaned and groaned some more, but hey, this was time .

I just fucked her ass, didn’t say I word, just fucked her. After about maybe 5 minutes of her ass I was getting close. I grabbed her hips and shoved forward, burying cock deep inside her asshole and just unloaded a load of . I held it inside and pumped cock, I wanted make sure all of went inside her ass. I was truly happy knowing I had just unloaded inside her ass, not sure on when the next time we could meet. Also felt good knowing she would be sitting her work desk with a sore and leaking asshole for the rest of the day.

After a minute or two I pulled , she just gasped. I got up, gave her ass a slap and said; time shower. I showered first, then her. We ate, hugged and kissed and then left the hotel. She went home bring all “the goodies” back and then off work. I had a hour drive back home.

All all it was a good visit, great weather, nice boating, and some GREAT . Now I wished I could have fucked her more, but I guess almost 60 I didn’t do too bad.

I asked her while talking to her on Wednesday, one week later how her asshole was doing; she said “still a little sore”. Guess I did pretty good job on her ass.

Recap on fucks and shots:

Day 1, Sunday- quickie pussy fuck with partial mouth

Day 2, Monday morning- ass fuck with ass
Monday midday- pussy fuck while boating, no shot
Monday afternoon- pussy fuck with pussy

Day 3, Tuesday morning- pussy fuck with pussy
Tuesday late afternoon- ass fuck, no shot

Day 4, Wednesday morning, ass fuck with ass

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