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Sunday Morning at the Coffee Shop  

male4skirttease 67M
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5/6/2018 9:27 am
Sunday Morning at the Coffee Shop

Sunday mornings at a local coffee shop are great for skirt tease games. About 10 am is perfect because women are stopping by either after 8:30 am church services or before 11 am services. I stopped by my local coffee shop about that time this morning. As soon as I picked up my cup of coffee and entered the sitting room, I noticed two women in skirts or dresses. One was in her early 20s and wearing a black skirt. She was seated with a female friend. Her skirt was conservative....just above the knee, and she was seated very lady-like. The other was in her middle to late 30s. She was also seated with another female who looked to be her younger sister. She was wearing a lovely red print spring dress. I took my cup and sat down at table that faced her at an angle. I immediately noticed she had an immaculate pedicure in dark red that matched her dress perfectly. This is an immediate indication of lady who enjoys a bit of the skirt tease game. I also noticed that she had a<b> wedding </font></b>ring on her finger. She was slightly curvy and very pretty with only light makeup.

When I sat down, I noticed that her legs were uncrossed but close together. I glanced at her legs. She looked up from her chatting with her sister and smiled. This is another indication of a lady interested in playing skirt tease. Soon, she slightly parted her legs as she talked in an animated way with her sister. I could see part way but not all of the way up. She had nice legs and was not wearing stockings or pantyhose. I admired her lovely feet and her perfect pedicure. Over the next few minutes, she crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, while catching the look in my eyes when she did this. I took discreet peeks only and never stared, following what was rather obvious in her rules for playing the game. Although I got a few very quick glimpses all the way up to her white panties, I was never able to get a good view. During this time, she moved her legs to directly face me. Then, as she gathered her purse to leave, she parted her legs while looking directly at my eyes, her legs moved to the side to get out of her chair. Although it would have been possible for her to stand straight up, she definitely wanted to move her legs to the side to give me a good view and to watch my eyes in response. I had a perfect quick view of her lovely white satin panties. It was obvious that she was wearing her best and fanciest panties to church this morning. She smiled as she left.

I hope she enjoyed showing me her panties as much as I enjoyed seeing them. It was a perfect ending to another erotic skirt tease adventure.

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