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Jugemental winey prick!  

mareus100 40M  
110 posts
12/23/2019 6:57 am

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1/27/2020 7:06 am

Jugemental winey prick!

Why is it that some people feel the need get involed in other peoples bissness?i have a female friend who iv mensiond in prevous posts and over the time we have gotten know one and other had ower fair share of drama.both sides as bad as each other when it comes shitty things we have done hurt one and other.but still mange see the good in each other.nothing worth wile is easy won.but in the chat room we both frequent certan self apointed defender of the opiset sex sees it as his duty get involved in somting he knows fuck all about.you would understand if it was a frind of his but she not and beleve when i say she is more than capable of lookin out for her self.in this instance im the bad guy and yeah iv sed some shitty things which i take resonsabilaty for.but when all is sed and dun all that matters is what my frind thinks and as long as were all good.i dont see why others should involve themselfs in somthing thay no very little too fuck all about.Mareus

mareus100 40M  
79 posts
12/27/2019 1:00 pm

Still pissed.

mareus100 40M  
79 posts
12/25/2019 10:32 am

Oh it's been a day or two since I've posted this post and I must confess it is still irritating me however I am so much looking forward to to force and so much Humble Pie Dan saidprick Gullit I want to see see if he and one or two others or as quick with an apology as they were to condemn me which was done may I ad in my absence nothing like a fair trial is there lol when my friend in question in front of all will freely admit her mistake which she is more than happy to do of her own free will. What are found amusing is this judgemental self-appointed do-gooders for lack of a better word are on an adult sex site trying to tell people what is acceptable. Fucking Jokers lol

Heathen_G 61M
7483 posts
12/23/2019 3:39 pm

Why is it that some people feel the need get involed in other peoples bissness?i......

That's easy.... When you put your business out there, you are inviting other people into your business.

Don't make you business public and nobody gets into your business. .....see how easy that is?

mareus100 replies on 12/24/2019 10:39 am:
I agree but i didnt i stated this in a responce to someone else my friend put it out as a form of retaiasion.

suitntieguy69 34M
60 posts
12/23/2019 7:42 am

love the blog

mareus100 replies on 12/23/2019 8:21 am:
Thank u i hold people responsible for the words that come out of their mouths and their actions this include myself if I'm in the wrong I will admit that I'm wrong and I will take steps to write that wrong but to have somebody d on a sex site past moral judgement on me is someting i will not tollarate.hell will freeze over befor i bend over and be moraly fucked by a dushbag.lol

seems6666 49F  
3473 posts
12/23/2019 7:23 am

Everyone is a keyboard warrior,,, I wouldn't take it too seriously.. but why do you chat in a chat room? Surely you have other ways of communicating thats not on here?

mareus100 replies on 12/23/2019 7:30 am:
Yes we do have other ways but like i sed in this case im the bad guy.well thsts the populer opineon atlest.but were both as bad.nether of us clam to be inocent.letting this latest drama out to to puplic opineon was her way of retalesion

1seeking1 54F
2877 posts
12/23/2019 7:22 am

Sadly quite a few people like that, 8gnore, delete or block if need be report them.

mareus100 replies on 12/23/2019 7:32 am:
That would be one opsion yes but i see that as running away or to some extent an admison of some sort of wrong doing.not a chance

santascumming4u 56M  
24 posts
12/23/2019 7:09 am

People oft times need to tear down others to feel good about themselves.

mareus100 replies on 12/23/2019 7:24 am:
Well if he was hopeing for unbrideld floods of admarision he be sorely dissapointed and if he was hopeing to score pionts he shit out of luck there too.all he has acheved is makeing an enamy of me.i have a long memory and have bin known to harbour a gruge or two.

mareus100 40M  
79 posts
12/23/2019 6:58 am

Winnie prick!!!lol

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