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Quiet before the storm  

mareus100 41M  
136 posts
3/24/2020 11:21 am

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9/19/2020 11:42 am

Quiet before the storm

that is how it feels here in in what I now call Alcatraz UK this morning I went take a piss in a free country when I return return my cornflakes I find myself in an Island prison I hear wanted people say yeah it's not that bad oh yes it is it's a lot worse than most people I think it is. I got a message this morning from golf UK saying effective immediately enforced stay-at-home policy dont get me completely wrong it;s not it not a total lockdown yet you can leave but only if unavoidable and supplies but apart from that where prisoners the army is on 4 hours standby to have boots in all major cities people in London are not taking things seriously which will force the government and they will implement martial law. For those who don;t know what that means suspension of all civil liberties and in extreme cases rioting,looting authorisation of deadly force on civilian population. I do not nlmean to scaremonger until I hope to god I;m wrong but Im an ex serving soldier the British army in our streets is saying that they know police force will not be able to handle what is coming so are positioning themselves quietly but surely so when the storm comes and it will there will be ready to clampdown. In short things are going to get rough.mareus

OriginalDDBJQXX 57F
68 posts
5/23/2020 7:05 am

When is the travel band lifted?

thikhead 63M
3162 posts
3/24/2020 3:13 pm

i mostly agree with your thoughts.

hopefully, theres some common ground BETWEEN wolves and sheep,
and we wont be forced to choose.

which doctors will be deemed "more important"
virologists, obstetricians, pediatricians or oncologists?

will the able-bodied supplant the disabled?
will the young supplant the elderly?
will parents supplant those who havent conceived yet?
and if so, is three kids too many? one kid not enough?

will teachers or craftsmen be deemed "more important"?
if you chose craftsmen, will it be plumbers, electricians or carpenters?

i dont have those answers, who does?
im hoping its not just up to whoevers the most heavily-armed to decide.

hopefully we can ALL get through this TOGETHER, one and all.

meanwhile, can somebody sell me ONE FUCKING PACK of toilet paper ? !

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

mareus100 41M  
101 posts
3/24/2020 2:16 pm

see here we don't have ready access to firearms like ur self and if being a wolf amongst sheep is what keeps me alive then a wolf i am and not ashamed to admit it.if it come to ur wife and kids or the dude next door whos it gonna be? the instinct to survive is at our core and is extremely powerful especially when tested.

mareus100 41M  
101 posts
3/24/2020 1:57 pm

to be honest i hope im completly wrong on all counts but my gut feeling and the same gut feeling that kept me alive i have never ignord and i ant gonna start know

thikhead 63M
3162 posts
3/24/2020 1:38 pm

these are indeed trying times.

while id never condone violence,
its hard to blame those who are desperate and left without supplies
from acting against those who have hoarded them.
here in america, people have loaded up on guns and ammo.

but from the logo in your post, it seems you promote wolfish behavior,
which by nature would seem to include selfishness and hoarding
(being the wolf as opposed to the "sheep").
i didnt hoard, so am i a "sheep"in your eyes?
hopefully im wrong about that perception of your message.

still, loading up on guns and ammo isnt the right answer
no matter how desperate things seem.
right or wrong, people might loot the hoarders,
but not their neighbors in the same boat.

we are humans, not pack animals.
"were all in this together" -
lets hope everyone eventually sees that
and that thats the message youre trying to send.

if so, i agree whole-heartedly.

"well only get through this if we work together. if we dont, none of us will"

beendoneonce 64M

3/24/2020 12:55 pm

If people arent going to take things seriously then other people will make sure they do .

People need to be sensible and listen to the advice given and take heed of it .

It certainly is the lull before the storm .

mareus100 41M  
101 posts
3/24/2020 12:13 pm


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