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Say it with chocolate  

mareus100 41M  
136 posts
8/20/2019 6:51 am

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5/3/2020 6:21 am

Say it with chocolate

Ok anyone who has read my previous posts will know im a strate talking no nonsense tec hateing tipe of guy or in short a whiney of a bitch!lol.so i decided to post something just for kicks.so my friend i have mentioned in other posts has a warped seance of humour and is putin it lightly!!mlol did i mention my friend is a woman?i qill start sYin im not a prude or anything like it but i have one weak gut and one thing is garenteed to turn me off is a woman farting in front of me.intact anything toliet related wheb it comes to women i know its a natural process and yes i do fart to but just cant handle it with women.so she comes across a chocolate maker has hit appon the idea of makeing chocolate moldes of people's assholes!!!lmao!! I shit u not!!! And in her head thibks it is something i might like as a present.no thanks!!lol so know im being held to her will or she is threatening me with a box or two!!lol fuckin unbelievable!!!lol mareus

pocogato12 68F  
34943 posts
8/20/2019 11:04 am

OMG I am both appalled and I overcum with laughter. I now have heard it all. The fanny Xerox pales in comparison

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mareus100 replies on 8/20/2019 11:38 am:
Thanks for ur feed back that feeling u described was how i felt.it is very funny and utrly repulsive. But i got to give her 10 out 10 for effort I'm terrorfyd i wll get a box!!lol but if anything she is like her name suggests... original!lol

seems6666 50F
4120 posts
8/20/2019 9:02 am

Not for me thanks!

mareus100 replies on 8/20/2019 9:24 am:
LMAO!!! no me nether but i sware its the truth every word!iv bin in sone really life threatening stituasons over the years fornm my time as a solider right though my meany years as a doorman.but i can honestly say i never thought id see the day when someone was threatening me with chocolate moulds of her ring peace!! U couldn't make tbis shit up!!😂

mareus100 41M  
101 posts
8/20/2019 6:52 am

U couldn't make this shit up!!lol

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