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8/11/2019 2:45 am

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technology? What can I say about it? The words rancid horseshit springs mind. I'm from the last Generation before the digital age and still am a firm Believer if I shout and threaten my PC or tablet enough it will somehow start work just fine. Ah you might think not the technical type? you'd be right I'm not lol in fact just getting through this blog and signing on this site its feet enough me. If I'm not mistaken isn't technology supposed make your life easier? Not in my case it seems it makes everything twice as long as it should be. And if that weren't bad enough they are now on about AI? Giving computers the capacity think think themselves and weaponizing in it what ! Are you mad? Now I was serving soldier and keeping your s*** together and I live situation is hard but at least you have the capacity to second-guess your actions this being the case could just be the difference between life and death. Now they're on about sending terrifying robots in to do a soldier's job. Now I think this is a bad idea. The film Terminator springs to mind now did the saying go that
science borrows hevaly from science fiction or is it the other way around? knows maybe Judgement Day is in or near distant future ! A terrifying thought if ever there was . Mareus

MrThickmeat217 50M
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8/11/2019 6:37 am


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8/11/2019 2:47 am

If I didn't have something to moan about I'd be lost!!lol

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