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The woodnymth  

mareus100 41M
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6/23/2019 1:01 am

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11/4/2020 4:33 am

The woodnymth

When I started using this site I didn't really come here looking for sex more company if anything I met a few women on here exchange few messages nothing really more than that considering most of the women on here a half a world away from me. However that changed recently I spend a lot of time in the chat rooms speaking to people from around the world there's one woman I've met will call her the wood nymph very sexually empowered woman to say the least and to be honest when I first met her she's scared the shit out of me in the beginning it was just idle chit-chat between me and her and as time went on we found each other getting curious about one another until she made the move of locating my personal email not that I was bothered in fact I was quite flattered really. Then early in fact very early one morning say 3 a.m. I gets an email hi it's the wood nymph was a little shocked at first and I thought only polite to reply really isn't it so I said hi I think two messages in then out of nowhere she says I'm masturbating would you like to watch? Fuck what!!! Yeah I said though I will admit I was stunned to fuck buy her matter-of-fact attitude so she appears on the screen all I could think do at this point you give a very nervous giggle in truth extremely nervous don't get me wrong I'm not a prude and it's every man's fantasy really to watch a woman masturbate in front of him for him isn't it? Anyway that was over and done with quite quickly. Honestly I thought that would be it a one-off but now she continues to message me after a while the initial shock wore off me and felt more at ease talking to her even admitted to her that's got the drop on me and completely and utterly blew me out the water with her offer so it's time goes on we exchanged messages then one day I get a message saying here I made these for you with the message there was a couple of videos of her well let's just say sorting myself out if you know what I mean lol it first when she met message me she was actually worried that she's overstepped her boundaries what? In the man's world a woman sending videos for myself masturbating couldn't really be seen as overstepping boundaries could it? I said no course not very much appreciated thank you very much I said this because one I was appreciative and to I wanted to put her at ease she actually thought she offended me with these videos I wanted to tell her and show her this wasn't the case. So from this point we start communicating on a daily basis our first marathon session of talking started at 6pm finished at 11 p.m. that had to be a record for me. So the more we talked the more we become at ease with one another we start to talk not about sex about our lives hopes and dreams I slowly start to realise this woman who at first scared the hell outta me is actually a very warm hearted thoughtful woman once I got to know her so our conversations continue we both discover we have a mutual attraction to each other which I must confess it first I did not see I have never really been good at picking up hints from women lol eventually we couldn't avoid the sex talk for over so we started to talk about what turns each other on it first it was all innocent and in good fun until she said I'm horny my hand and my pussy and I'm thinking of you if you were here what would you do to me she asked so feeling brave i described in intricate detail one or two sexual scenarios I thought up mmmmmmmmm she said keep going you're turning me on and I must confess at this point I was turning myself on so talking turned face timing facetiming turned to mutual transatlantic masturbation I must confess at first I was a little hesitant but a couple of minutes into it I was wackin off like a pro lol she was getting into it if not if not more into it than I was I just followed her lead and I must say it was fantastic so now this is a regular thing between me and her because of the distance of over 5000 miles obviously that makes it difficult for a meet-up but with her it's not just about the sexual aspect it is very rare you can find a female friend that will join you in some mutual masturbation then afterwards sitting chit-chat with you as if nothing happened that is when you know you're comfortable with somebody when you can talk and do sexual things with them and when it's over not find yourself making excuses to excuse yourself from their presence. Like I said in the beginning I didn't really come here looking for sex but I'm glad I met the wood nymph.mareus.

seems6666 50F
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7/6/2019 9:37 am

Good for you Mareus, just be wary if she starts asking for money, or a flight over here... it's easy to get carried away in these situations

mareus100 replies on 7/6/2019 10:43 am:
Hay 6666 I'm very thankful for your advice yes you have to be very careful on places like this. But if spent hours face timing she's the real deal.we share a low of th same music were both pot heads I like to think my self smarter than rs avrige bear!lol not know she's a good woman asked me for nothing infact she sent me some patches for my jacket IV got some t shirts for her.like I sed I'm very thankful for u looking out for meπŸ˜πŸ’‹

OriginalDDBJQXX 58F
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6/23/2019 7:28 am

A wood nymph has a nice ring to it!!!

Naughtypursuit 53F  
2552 posts
6/23/2019 5:19 am

Sounds like a great time...enjoy.

mareus100 41M
101 posts
6/23/2019 1:03 am

A short story

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