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Sharing my Wife  

maverick4more 50M  
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6/17/2020 9:57 pm
Sharing my Wife

My wife (now ex-wife) and I had a profile here a few years ago looking for men or couples to have some HOT fun with. There were a few responses, none fit the bill. We received one from a guy who was experienced in the lifestyle that responded to the profile. His name was Dave, he was about seven years older than us. He seemed like a decent guy, white, average height/weight, and an average cock by looking at his pictures. He and I were chatting off and on for a week or so, then we decided on a time and place to meetup with my wife. Labor Day was a perfect time to meetup and get to know each other a little better. Wendy wore a dress with no underwear (I did not know that at the time). She actually bought a new sundress for the occasion, she seemed excited. Wendy and I had been to a few swinger parties and she has enjoyed a few single guys in the past.

We drove and met Dave at the El Torito on Arden Way for some lunch and drinks. He sat across the table from us and we talked about what we were looking for and had some other small talk. We all decided that we needed to leave El Toroto and go to a bar that was known to be friendly to the lifestyle. When we arrived, we sat in a booth in a dark corner of the bar, and Wendy was sandwiched between us. Dave and I started rubbing Wendy's legs under the table to start things rolling. Wendy turned to Dave and started to kiss him and rub the back of his head. I sat and watched them and my cock was rock hard and I was rubbing her leg harder as I watched. Wendy turned over to me and we started making out while he watched us do our thing. Wendy rubbed my cock over my pants and I knew right away she was hooked. She turned and started kissing Dave again, this time she was stroking his cock really hard under the table as I watched and made sure we were not too obvious. While they were making out, I slid my hand up Wendy's dress to finger her under the table, to my surprise she was not wearing panties. That excited me quite a bit , but then when I reached her pussy, she was dripping wet all over my hand as I slid two fingers inside her and rubbed her clit. I could hear a slight moan come from her and a slight smile on her face as I was fingering her and she was making out with Dave at the same time. Then we sat there in the corner for another 20 minutes with Dave and I both getting our hands wet and sticky from Wendy's excitement. He would put two fingers in, then start making out with her, as I sat and rubbed the outside of my cock. She was LOVING IT. She reached over and rubbed our cocks at the same time, making her drip all over our hands and the seat. Nobody else seemed to catch on, and if they did tough shit.- the two of us were having a great time. I was getting so excited watching my wife and another man enjoy each other, nothing makes my cock harder!

With Wendy dripping wet and our hands wet and sticky, we decided to move the party to another place; mind you, it is about 1:00pm. We decided to go to the Super 8 motel on Madison and I80 to get a room and fuck the hell out of Wendy any way we could. We drove there separately, parked, and I paid for the room. We went upstairs, cleaned up a little bit, and Dave and Wendy started making out. Watching her get seduced and enjoy it was unbelievably HOT. The three of us moved over to the bed, and we both started to kiss Wendy while she took turns kissing him and me . After everyone was worked up, wet and hard as a rock, Dave and I began stripping Wendy slowly. When her top came off, Dave started to suck and play with her tits, while I worked on removing her dress. She was in heaven, and so was Dave and I with her standing completely naked with her shaven pussy. Dave took off his pants while Wendy and I watched. His cock was about 8 inches and pointing straight out. Wendy immediately reached over and started to<b> stroke </font></b>his long, hard cock. They began to kiss and he went right back to rubbing Wendy's clit, and fingering her pussy knuckles deep. She was moaning so loud and was so wet, you could hear the squishing from her pussy. I took off my pants to release my cock from my pants, and walked over to where they were enjoying each other to join the fun. Wendy grabbed both of our cocks and stroked them at the same time, while we took turns making out with her. We could hear Wendy say, "Ooh yeah" under her breath, moan, and say that she loved cock. We moved over to the bed and laid Wendy down on her back in the middle of the bed. I was on her left, Dave was on her right. She turned over to me and we were making out while jacking Dave off, and I kept asking her if she loved cock, then she would say she loves cock. I got on my knees and stuck my hard dick right into her warm, wet mouth to suck my hard cock for a little bit, while Dave watched and fingered her pussy. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her beautiful mouth. She grabbed Dave's throbbing cock and started to<b> stroke </font></b>it and play with his balls. I let her suck my cock for about five minutes and then gave her to Dave. Dave reached over and took one of her perky tits in his mouth and began licking it around her nipple, then suck it a little. She moved her head right over to where his cock was hanging, and licked the tip of his cock, and started to slide his cock into her mouth as he moved his hips back and forth with each thrust. Wendy reached over and stroked me while she was sucking him off, I was so fucking excited watching them, it was insane. Every once in a while she would stop, look over at me smiling back as we looked into each others eyes. After she had enough dick in her mouth, she spread her legs wide and invited Dave to stick his cock deep into pussy. He spread her lips and slowly stuck it in my wife. Their eyes locked, making my cock hard, and almost blow my load. He started to fuck her slowly and kiss her at the same time, with each push, she would let out a soft moan. I laid back and began to jack off watching this guy we just met fuck my wife. I moved over next to where he was fucking her, and I watched closely as each penetrating push make his cock disappear. I positioned myself next to her head, and in between kissing Dave and me, she started to suck my dick again while Dave was fucking her on her back, and picking up speed. Her moans grew louder and he pumped her deeper. Then I told her to flip over and get on her hands and knees so Dave could fuck her from behind. Her ass is so nice and plump, he grabbed her hips and slammed his cock in her as her eyes rolled in to the back of her head. Dave was loving it, and knew I was too. I got back on my knees, got in front of her and stuck my cock in her mouth again for her to work that tongue. I could tell she loved every minute of it by the way she sucked my cock. I got harder while Dave was still pounding her, and I watched him fuck her pussy up close and listened to the slapping of her ass. Dave pulled out and we switched positions, it was my turn to fuck my wife. I could see the wet spots on the bed and her pussy shine. I stuck my cock in her and I could tell Dave had been in there. Her pussy was not as tight as normal, and as I slid my cock in her hot, wet, and warm pussy, she started blow Dave again while I fucked her. I could tell Dave was getting close to blowing his load all over her, but she was still on her hands and knees. This time, Dave laid on his back and Wendy mounted him and his cock disappeared into her. She was moaning like crazy, rocking back and forth on his cock and lean down and kiss him, he would cup both of her tits and would suck them as I watched. By the look on his face, he was going to cum, so Wendy really started to fuck that cock, and he finally shot his load deep inside her pussy as she screamed out in pure ecstasy. She rode him deep while his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and his cum was dripping out all over his cock, balls, and inside his thighs. They made out for a while, and since I was patiently waiting, I threw Wendy on her back, freshly filled with another man's cum, and stuck my big hard cock, which was already close to exploding, into her well fucked pussy filled with this guy's cum. She was smiling from ear to ear as I pumped her fast and hard. She was sucking the rest of their juices of his cock while I pummeled her. I was so turned on by everything that was going . Her tits were shaking back and forth every time I pumped her, and when he wasn't sucking her tits. I finally had enough and wanted to fill her pussy with my big fat load of cum and make her scream! As I came inside her, still pumping her, listening to the sucking sound of all of our juices together and seeping from her freshly fucked pussy, we both looked each other in the eyes and smiled. After I pulled out, and she cleaned off, we both laid next to her for a while worshipping her hot, sweaty, and sticky body. We kissed her and fingered her sore pussy for a few minutes. At the last minute I threw her back on the bed and we both took turns eating her abused pussy, licking the inside of her thighs, sticking our tongues into the hole we just fucked. After she came all over my face with him watching, we all cleaned up, got dressed, and he left. But Wendy and I stayed back in the room for the rest of the day and night playing around and fucked each other twice before we both gave out. I was drained dry. She looked so fucking hot in action, and we never heard from the dude again.

I sure do get hard and TURNED ON from watching the seduction of my ladies with other guys and ending up with her fucking and sucking the both of us dry. I love to share and also be shared to another woman. It's just so fucking hot to watch! I have quite a few stories to tell.

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