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My New Idol
Posted:Dec 12, 2015 10:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 3, 2016 8:11 am

My new idol is Julie Vu. Some random web surfing lead me to her videos where she talks about her transition. She is so beautiful and I learn so much from her. Check her out: https://www.youtube.com/user/princessjoules

One of the most interesting video is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Ly1Gc8JdoI where she talks about having sex before and after her surgery.
I don't have any experience on "going through the front door" but I agree with her that "going through the backdoor" feels pretty good.
I love Paris
Posted:Nov 14, 2015 11:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2015 9:17 pm

Been there once. Enjoyed everything there. Beautiful place. Definitely will go again.
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Going Shopping (2)
Posted:Nov 8, 2015 3:22 pm
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2015 8:57 am

To go shop woman's clothes as a man, all you need is confident. If you act creepy, the women around you will give you a dirty look. But if you act like you know what you are doing, they don't really care that you are shopping among them. And the cashiers, they only care if you pay for the stuff or not, they don't really care what you buy. I have bought dresses, shoes, bras, panties, pantyhose, etc, without any problem at all. No one asked me any questions or gave me any looks. And if someone ever asks, I would tell them I am getting the stuff for my wife/girlfriend.

Before you go shopping, you need to know you size(s). Just google it and learn about various woman sizes. Then you go buy the stuff from a place the you can return easily, i.e. Ross Dress for Less. Just buy the stuff you like and go home and try them on. Return the stuff that don't fit and don't look good on you. As you can see from my photos, I found some nice dresses/shoes just buy doing this way.

Christmas is just around the corner and the shops are busy. It is a perfect time to go shop woman's clothes as a man because everyone is so busy and doesn't have time to care what you buy. So go have fun shopping. I know I will
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Going Shopping
Posted:Nov 7, 2015 10:32 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2019 8:32 am

I am going shopping today. As I said in my profile, I don't think I can pass, so I am going to go buy woman's clothes as a man. Many newbie CDs asked me how I do that. Here is how I do it.

When I first started dressing up, I was a little and I was able to fit into my mom and my sister's clothes/shoes/bras/panties. So I learned how the styling work by watching them and then I would try it out when no one was home.

After I left home and moved to US, I can no longer "borrow" my moms/sister's clothes.
I was scared, so I started out buying them using mail order or online order. Problem is those clothes look good in the catalog and many times they don't fit me right. Also they are over-priced. Especially stuff from Victoria's Secret.

I also shopped at Macy's or other similar stores but they are also expensive. However, the good thing was I could return stuff that I didn't like.

Later on I learned from other CDs that I can find good stuff with reason price at the discount stores. The best one is Ross Dress for Less and we call it Cross dress for less. Problem is I just need to dig through the racks to find the good stuff.

Another place to shop is Good Will. Problem is the stuff is used but sometimes I can find some interesting pieces there.

To be continue...
Halloween parties
Posted:Nov 1, 2015 7:54 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2015 3:39 am

Love it when this year's Halloween was on a Saturday, I got to party hard on both Friday and Saturday without much worry. I got two different costumes and I just posted the picture of the second one. Which one do you prefer?

Halloween is the time that I feel comfortable to go out dressed as a girl. I can dress as sexy or slutty as I want and even when people figure out that I am not a real girl. They don't give me any B.S.

Last two nights were super fun when I went bar-hopping with my friends. We got followed around by many guys. I got picked up by a few. And I hit it off with this one guy last night. He is at least 6'2, so he is taller than me even with my 3-inch heels on. He is pretty big but fit. He makes me look like a petite woman. Perfect. We drunk. We laughed. We flirted. I don't think he knows I am not a real girl. I didn't go home with him because I didn't want to surprise him. But I did made out with him in his car. It was super hot. His hands were all over my body and luckily I tucked my dick tight.
He tried to strip off my clothes but I didn't want him to find out, so I took charge. I unzipped his pants and started sucking his dick. Afterward he said I gave him one of the best blow jobs that he has ever had.
Halloween and me (3)
Posted:Oct 31, 2015 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2017 11:00 am

I am sure you know how much I love Halloween by now. I have so many Halloween stories, so here is another one.

After that first Halloween outing I had, I realized I can be a hot girl and not just a man-in-a-dress crossdresser. I started learning how to do makeup myself. I also started buying all the makeup, dresses and heels whether I can. I usually shopped a week or two before Halloween as I could use that as an excuse if someone asked. So far, no one asked and no one even gave me a second look when I checked out with a bunch of makeup and dresses.

Although I can do my makeup pretty good now, a few years ago, I actually hired a professional makeup artist to put on my makeup for me. I made up a story and told her I made a bet with my friends to dress up as a girl for the Halloween party. She was totally cool with it and she said I was not the first man that she put makeup on.She spent almost an hour to put on my makeup and her work was amazing. I couldn't believe how good I looked as a girl.

Her work was 10 times better than my friend and 100 times better than mine. This was the only time that I felt like I could pass as a girl. I got so many compliments that night. I even got picked by a hot guy. We made out though out the night. Finally, I sucked him dry in the bathroom. To this day, I still don't think he knows that I am not a real girl.
Halloween and me (2)
Posted:Oct 31, 2015 6:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2017 11:01 am

It was a great party last night and I get to do it again tonight.
Love to have Halloween on a weekend.

Back to my previous Halloween story. With my female friend's help, I turned from a man-in-a-dress crossdresser to a pretty hot girl. She was also dressed up as a slutty hot girl and then the two of us went to some Halloween party. That was my very first time to go out in public dressing up as a girl. It was very scary but it was super exciting.

Though out the night, they were so many guys circling around us and following us.
I don't think anyone noticed that I was not a real girl. I even got a few free drinks.
My friend and I did some hot dancing on the dance floor and I could feel everyone's eyes were watching us. I got groped by a few guys that night too. I felt so sexy.

After the party, we went back to her place and she started making out with me.
I have known her for awhile and we were always just friends. I thought she was bi or lesbian and was not interested in me. I guess after she dressed me up as a girl, that turned her on too. I could feel her hand under my dress while she was french kissing me. That was my first to have sexy as a girl. It was amazing.
Halloween and me
Posted:Oct 30, 2015 5:51 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2015 5:59 am

I love Halloween. I am sure all the CD/TV love it too.

When I was growing up, I never went trick-or-treat. We didn't celebrate Halloween like the U.S. does. So after I found out about Halloween, I made it my special day. I always look forward to the Halloween parties. This is the day that I can dress up as a girl and meet people without any problem.

I remember the first time I celebrated Halloween in U.S. , I was looking for some costume ideas. A female friend of mine dared me to dress up as a girl. I pretended that I didn't want to and resisted that idea. But deep down inside, I really want to do it. I have been cross-dressing in secret for many years, so that would the first time I could dress up and go out in public.

She told me to shave myself including my legs. She helped me put on makeup and let me borrow her bra and her slutty dress. My shoe size is bigger than hers, so she helped me buy a pair of high heels from Target.

This was the first time I was fully transformed into a girl and I actually looked pretty good. Before this, I was just a casual cross dresser, a man in a dress. Now, with her help, I could see my potential as a hot girl.

To be continue...
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Wearing makeup
Posted:Oct 28, 2015 7:13 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2015 7:25 am

Beside getting to wear pantyhose under my school uniform when I was very young, I also got to tried on makeup at around the same age. As I recalled, I was in a school play and the teacher would put on makeup for me for the play. It was not a full make-me-a-girl type makeup. It was just some powder and lipstick. But I do remember the taste of my lips after putting lipstick on. I think the makeup and the pantyhose put me on the path of my crossdressing journey.

To be continue...
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I love pantyhose
Posted:Oct 25, 2015 1:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 17, 2021 5:50 am

After that day on the bus, I don't remember seeing that man again. However, I kept thinking about the nice feeling of being touch by a big manly hand. I also started enjoying the feeling of the pantyhose on my legs. I wore it around the house even after school. Since it was my mom who made me wear it in the first. she didn't say anything, she just thought I was too lazy to take if off after school.

Beside wearing the usual nude color pantyhose that I already had, I started trying on my mom's different color ones. I remember I love the black one in particular. I would touch myself after I put it on. I would imagine I was a girl and I was being caressed by my boyfriend. That made me feel so good.

To be continue...
The beginning
Posted:Oct 23, 2015 6:49 pm
Last Updated:Nov 4, 2015 6:26 am

I just saw the trailer of an upcoming movie called "The Danish Girl" (google it if you want to know more) and I think it would be fun to tell my own story. Maybe someday someone will turn it into a movie.

My first memory of dressing up was when I was 5 or 6 years old. At that time, I was still in Asia and we had to wear school uniform to go to school. We had to wear shorts even during the winter. To make sure I was warm, my mom would make me wear my sister's pantyhose under the shorts. Because it was in nude color, so no one would notice or, at least, no one said anything to me or made fun of me. Therefore, I always thought it was normal for a boy to wear girl's pantyhose.

On one cold winter day, I put on my sister's pantyhose under my uniform as usual. When I was riding the bus to school that day, I sat next to an older man (I was 6, so anyone older than 30s were old to me ) Suddenly, I felt something on my knee. I looked and it was the older man's hand on my knee. My mom was sitting a few rows behind me and I didn't know what to do. I looked at the man and he gave me a smile. Then he moved his big hand up to my thigh. I was scared but I do remember that it felt nice when he gently caressed my pantyhose-wearing-thigh. And slowly he moved his hand up under my shorts. I could feel his finger touched my little dick under the pantyhose. I remember my little dick was getting bigger and bigger while his finger circling around it. Then I heard my mom called and it was our stop to get off the bus.
The whole incident may last just a few minutes but it felt like hours. I always remember how good I felt when he touched me. Only years later, I found out that he was not supposed to touch me.

To be continue...
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starting a blog
Posted:Oct 23, 2015 7:19 am
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2021 2:33 pm

does anyone read this?

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