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Do you like me wearing pants?  

melodytv0 40T
257 posts
7/16/2018 6:36 pm
Do you like me wearing pants?

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20form 50T  
86 posts
7/17/2018 10:58 pm

Your gorgeous darling what ever you wear.
You have great sex appeal.

Enjoy sweetie…

GratefulGirl69 51F

7/19/2018 4:36 pm

Great combo of outfits from those separates! You're really rocking the white jeans- super cute and super hot! Wish I looked that good in pants. Seriously. The palazzo pants are sweet and romantic... and the looseness gives a measure of safety if you are in a position where there might be unwanted close scrutiny. But you look so lovely, as always- and I hope you'll share if you decide to road-test any of these outfits! xoxoxox

melodytv0 replies on 7/19/2018 5:55 pm:
Thanks. You just gave more more confident to go out in pants this weekend.

GratefulGirl69 51F

7/21/2018 5:39 pm

Good- I'm so glad! You are beautiful and you deserve to be able to BE yourself whenever and wherever you want. The world is still kind of messed up, though. It's been getting better, but it's not yet where it needs to be... and I know you walk you a fine line between freely living your identity and needing to protect yourself against ignorance. My heart and best wishes and good vibes are with you in every step you take, even the tiny ones, that bring you out into the world as your lovely true self. xoxoxox

Black_Hills 48M
189 posts
8/3/2018 6:49 pm

Love you in pans! You have such a sexy slender body and pants look great on you

luvtofuk1965 54M
138 posts
8/4/2018 2:01 pm

very sexy in pants!

luvtofuk1965 54M
138 posts
8/31/2018 2:44 am

you are cute,sexy,and and very much passable. i would definitely date you. if i had half a chance

raydon059 61M

9/26/2018 7:34 pm

Very nice.

cabernetTSLover 52M
95 posts
10/20/2018 4:41 pm

You are a very sexy feminine babe.

embjr50 53M

10/23/2018 11:06 am

you look very sexy in pants

lethomp2 61M  
8 posts
11/5/2018 3:58 pm

Yes, You look great in pants. But then you look great in anything.

gurlygurl2011 50T
48 posts
11/17/2018 11:57 am

You are Amazing ! xoxo

SharonLeys 75T  
23 posts
4/12/2019 11:26 pm

As I scanned thru all of your posted pictures, I wonder why you have any doubts about your ability to pass. Wow! You are lovelier than most born-women, in pants, in costumes, in sexy lingerie, in every possible way.

DasNor73 47M  
28 posts
4/13/2019 12:14 am

You look good in pants

mikebe_email 36M
2 posts
4/20/2019 12:34 pm

You're looking very hot! Not just passing but turning on a straight man.

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