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Going Shopping  

melodytv0 41T
574 posts
11/7/2015 10:32 am
Going Shopping

I am going shopping today. As I said in my profile, I don't think I can pass, so I am going to go buy woman's clothes as a man. Many newbie CDs asked me how I do that. Here is how I do it.

When I first started dressing up, I was a little and I was able to fit into my mom and my sister's clothes/shoes/bras/panties. So I learned how the styling work by watching them and then I would try it out when no one was home.

After I left home and moved to US, I can no longer "borrow" my moms/sister's clothes.
I was scared, so I started out buying them using mail order or online order. Problem is those clothes look good in the catalog and many times they don't fit me right. Also they are over-priced. Especially stuff from Victoria's Secret.

I also shopped at Macy's or other similar stores but they are also expensive. However, the good thing was I could return stuff that I didn't like.

Later on I learned from other CDs that I can find good stuff with reason price at the discount stores. The best one is Ross Dress for Less and we call it Cross dress for less. Problem is I just need to dig through the racks to find the good stuff.

Another place to shop is Good Will. Problem is the stuff is used but sometimes I can find some interesting pieces there.

To be continue...

Black_Hills 50M
193 posts
11/10/2015 1:53 pm

what did you buy?

SharonLeys 76T  
30 posts
7/13/2019 2:46 pm

I do my shopping on line with various sellers and most do have a return policy. I have built a nice wardrobe this way. But you should not be shy about passing. You are truly lovely as a woman.

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