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Halloween and me (2)  

melodytv0 41T
546 posts
10/31/2015 6:55 am
Halloween and me (2)

It was a great party last night and I get to do it again tonight.
Love to have Halloween on a weekend.

Back to my previous Halloween story. With my female friend's help, I turned from a man-in-a-dress crossdresser to a pretty hot girl. She was also dressed up as a slutty hot girl and then the two of us went to some Halloween party. That was my very first time to go out in public dressing up as a girl. It was very scary but it was super exciting.

Though out the night, they were so many guys circling around us and following us.
I don't think anyone noticed that I was not a real girl. I even got a few free drinks.
My friend and I did some hot dancing on the dance floor and I could feel everyone's eyes were watching us. I got groped by a few guys that night too. I felt so sexy.

After the party, we went back to her place and she started making out with me.
I have known her for awhile and we were always just friends. I thought she was bi or lesbian and was not interested in me. I guess after she dressed me up as a girl, that turned her on too. I could feel her hand under my dress while she was french kissing me. That was my first to have sexy as a girl. It was amazing.

Black_Hills 50M
193 posts
10/31/2015 8:01 am

Very sexy story--did she top you that might using a strap-on?

melodytv0 replies on 10/31/2015 9:51 am:
She did everything to me that you can imagine. Let me put it this way: I was her little bitch that night.

Honeyariddd 45F
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10/31/2015 4:26 pm


Black_Hills 50M
193 posts
11/1/2015 10:19 pm

I'll take that as a yes--HOT

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