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New shoes  

melodytv0 41T
561 posts
9/6/2021 2:38 pm
New shoes

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lov2suk1969 52M  
104 posts
9/6/2021 4:48 pm

wow those look good on you make your legs even sexier

12914 posts
9/6/2021 5:14 pm


Thanks for the tip Melody.

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

48scootertramp1 68M
411 posts
9/6/2021 5:49 pm

You have nice sexy legs, the shoes look good on you.

crosstraining 68T  
7364 posts
9/6/2021 7:19 pm

Those are very hot , look great on you , I shop at goodwill also , XOXO

peninsula_ 51M
179 posts
9/6/2021 9:09 pm

That is crackin. I get very nice clothes at goodwill for less then a dollar each. Bought a whole wardrobe for basically chump change.

Oh yeah, forgot, you are hot.

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agelesssexylegs 78F
1052 posts
9/6/2021 9:13 pm

Oh given up the pointy ones years ago,prefer those with rounded toe but heels always enhance your legs more

FunCoolOralReady 59M
86 posts
9/8/2021 10:07 am

Sexy heels on very sexy legs!

tony_aix 49M  
6 posts
9/10/2021 7:56 pm

you know how to wear them, you are so sexy. let me know how we can meet, i'll be in san jose on the 19een

PattiBannon 46T  
18 posts
9/11/2021 6:39 am

I I have the same pair! I love them so much! Classy with a little edge.


melodytv0 replies on 9/11/2021 9:09 am:
Yes, love them so much. So sexy.

jbaca42 46M  
4 posts
9/27/2021 1:09 pm

Cute, Sexy, Rock and Roll !!!!

staci_19702 51T
2506 posts
10/6/2021 1:26 pm

Awesome! Good eye for style and smart shopper!

Have a great day! 💋

faroutmanzone 60M
98 posts
11/2/2021 12:39 am

Nice shoes. Thanks for showing them off. ThredUp. I'll need to visit and hopefully find something for myself.

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