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Where are all the gentlmen?  

melodytv0 41T
490 posts
11/21/2020 11:32 am
Where are all the gentlmen?

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MissEmily2015 63T  
119 posts
11/22/2020 8:23 am

Amen sister

Miss Emily

Charlee196800 53M  
21 posts
11/22/2020 9:15 am

And what lovely panties you have, my dear.

LostDawg610 60M
261 posts
11/23/2020 7:02 am

The world is changing. Not many want to slow down and pick up flowers on their way to meet their gorgeous lady. Then take her out , maybe a walk on the beach holding hands as they , stopping to kiss her soft sweet lips, continuing to walk along the beach. Stopping for lunch , holding hands as they wait. Then walking along the beach as it starts to rain, stopping and hold his gorgeous date tight to each other as they kiss long and hard as the rain comes down on them. Getting home and drying each other , kissing deeply as their tongues wrestle. Then finally giving in to each other’s desires. I guess it’s easier to just say hey look at my dick lets fuck. Lol

Northern_Ink2 32M
10 posts
11/27/2020 4:59 am

What about if its a really spectacular cock? I'm talking beglittered to fuck, maybe even googly eyes?

Mine is exceptionally average so I don't tend to lead with that

luvtofuk1965 55M  
154 posts
11/28/2020 7:57 pm

There are a few of us around... I think.
Hope you find one worthy of you.

SharonLeys 76T  
30 posts
12/5/2020 8:44 pm

I have adored you from afar ever since joining this hook-up site. Were I a straight male, you would be the woman for me. You are so sexy and so lovely. You pass without question. Enjoy being all the woman you aspire to be!

sixand3qrtslong 61M
67 posts
1/28/2021 5:19 pm


playingalone55 70M  
337 posts
9/14/2021 7:52 pm

I have also adored you. I think panties are very sexy including whats inside. I have a panty fetish and yours look awesome. And you have AWESOME legs.

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