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I wish, I wish ....  

mild2wet 53F
17 posts
8/18/2017 12:58 am
I wish, I wish ....

Wish I could click my heels or
Whistle out loud and have you here
Need to just say nothing as you silently cause my legs to spread.
Open wide
I quiver and then I get wet.
I can't wait
I don't want to wait.
you cause me to gasp,
As I try to keep control.
But we both already NO,
Yes, please, dammit please...
Just slide inside me,
Not slow.
Fuck easy.
Deeper and harder
Your driving me fucking crrraaazzzyy
Yes yesssyes . omfg
Harder and deeper
Is the way I cum so hard and
Soak your cock , drench the sheets
My cum runs down between my ass cheeks.
My pussy tightens wanted to squeeze the cock. Sucking it in deeper.
I love when your inside, deep,yours eyes watching mine.


Mninaz08 51M

8/18/2017 2:19 am

Well written and pharsed
If only we met
To discover
If there were a possibility.
Feeling your desire

Phew77 55M  
52 posts
2/16/2018 11:09 pm

Fucking fantastic! I am speechless!

teboneUP 59M  
36 posts
6/11/2018 5:33 pm

I would love to have you soak my throbbing hard dick and nutsack with your pussy juices. That would be very erotic and a major turn on!

xxx_John_doe_xxx 42M

7/27/2020 3:16 pm

That is so hot!

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