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"My Confession" about my profile
Posted:Sep 3, 2019 10:00 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2020 1:39 am

Reading my profile is honestly giving/sharing my personal intimacy and sexual experience I had for 20 plus years with my spouse. It Shares my personal thoughts and reflections on how such an intimate relationship started and how it makes you feel. How it just seemed to be from the beginning. Always better than the last when I thought it just wasn't possible to get any better. The smell. The soaked sheets. The fuckaroma scent that was like an aphrodisiac itself. Just wanting to linger in the aftermath. The KNOWING it/he was mine. He fit me. Made me feel sexy as hell. I didn't worry about my body or if he enjoyed how I tasted or enjoyed my kisses and touch. I just knew he did as he knew I did. It gives you a feeling of power, lol. Its not something you get with just anyone. There has to be a connection that goes beyond your control. Its crazy. (50 Shades of Gray". Hell it Can even become somewhat of an addiction its so intimate. Your minds share the same thinking of some things. It gets your attention. Causes the attraction. You want to know more. Learn more. Its not raunchy or fast tracked. Its not even about sex to begin with. The first kiss with another can say so much without realizing it. How it happens. Not expected or clumsy. The feel of their lips, the taste and smell. If its right it makes you linger with your eyes open. After all that its just easy and hot as hell. THAT is what I look for because anything less than what im use to just doesn't seem worthy the effort which makes me retract before I react with those interested in meeting. Expecting nothing less than what i had kills any initiative usually. As well as thoughts like, "if its not like before then is it me"? Maybe I had nothing to do with creating the art of my sexual bliss. Maybe what I wrote about with my profile was just because of his abilities? Thoughts like these assault my brain. It seems like the men who read my profile expect to experience what I wrote about. I have no expectations of such. Good or even great sex but not like I'm use to. It has happened one other time in the last decade but that is it. Idk, it seems like i lost the sense of feeling sexy along time go and i need to get it back. All that said, its why I stay online and don't meet up with anyone on here. I'm not like most chicks on this site. I'm not easy or a "LETS MEET AND FUCK" chick or hungry for the intimacy of many. There has to be a comfortable connection in the beginning for me to even think about meeting. As I once stated, "give me a reason to".
Like the small chat on here. Even sex chatting if its not trashy crap. So thanks to all for the past years of such. I do enjoy reading sexy compliments about myself and my profile as well. Oh and there can be FWB's situations. You will know its possible when it happens. So this is another long reading if your interested in reading what I am about.

Thanks for reading, if you did.

Til the next time or next one,

I wish, I wish ....
Posted:Aug 18, 2017 12:58 am
Last Updated:Jul 17, 2020 1:37 am

Wish I could click my heels or
Whistle out loud and have you here
Need to just say nothing as you silently cause my legs to spread.
Open wide
I quiver and then I get wet.
I can't wait
I don't want to wait.
you cause me to gasp,
As I try to keep control.
But we both already NO,
Yes, please, dammit please...
Just slide inside me,
Not slow.
Fuck easy.
Deeper and harder
Your driving me fucking crrraaazzzyy
Yes yesssyes . omfg
Harder and deeper
Is the way I cum so hard and
Soak your cock , drench the sheets
My cum runs down between my ass cheeks.
My pussy tightens wanted to squeeze the cock. Sucking it in deeper.
I love when your inside, deep,yours eyes watching mine.

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