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misstressmckayla 43G
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6/5/2009 4:09 pm

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9/25/2011 12:30 pm


ha ha made you men who like it in the ass look....lol

ok so this blog is to educate all you men who seem to have a problem with my attitude over the internet. Alot of you take it personal when i call ya dumbasses,dumbfucks,douchebags,dilehole's dilweeds dickfaces,cocksuckers etc........ getting all BUTTHURT about it.

It's in my fuckin nature..it's a HABIT.u must understand the way i grew up in hawaii we would call eachother dumbasses alot. parents to .
call sisters bitches and hoes...playing around jokingly....fuckin this and fucking that.

So when i say don't take it personally,don't fucking take it personally.........if ur going to get butthurt over meaningless words over the internet...wow..u so won't be able to hang out with me in person. (i have a toilet twisted sense of humor..i do alot of things for shock value. I am pretty damn random.) either roll with it or get the fuck out.

i don't need a pussy type of guy who will cry because i called him a dumbass.

and last but not least.........

over the internet it seems like i'm being a bitch! Which in most cases i am. BUT rest assure that in person im way different...ASk anyone of my friends i've met on here i'm a blast to hang out with. You either laugh with me or laugh at me i don't care atleast I got you laughing.

But just imagine this.....i'll try to put u in my shoes for a second.

Imagine you receiving tons of emails......which i do.
I talk to alot of guys and couples......(u men don't even have that problem compared to what we go through) So if i or any other woman forgets about you within a week or month...don't get all BUTTHURT! we just talk to so many we can't remember u by ur instant message name or phone number unless you tell us your AdultFriendFinder handle...yes u guys who text my phone saying hey its me...yeah um
me helps me remember who u are quicker...

cut all the bullshit....when u text me on my cell or instant message your first text should be..hey its me so and so and leave ur AdultFriendFinder handle....right away i'll remember who u are!

ok back to my point if there is one lol

So i get bombarded by tons of emails....granted most are from out of state people.....but that is a factor on me getting annoyed so quickly over the interent!

Then u got all those who are all talk....u know the type never seem to ever want to meet. just want to chat with you to fullfill their over the internet cyber bullshit..u know using u for ur webcam dealies......

not to mention the many freaks who uses fake pics,and stand people up trying to bother me.

Then bad enough they email me on here but they also contact me on my messenger names out of the blue......

So forgive me if i seem like im being a bitch to u over the internet! But as i told u...roll with it till we meet.
i'm so not a bitch in person unless u fuck me over in person or u are looking to be a sub and want ab itch to put u in ur place. Then i can be THAT BITCH!

So u see why i have reason to be cautious leary or even guarded when talking to you.

untill we meet in person you are nothing more than an internet person who could be feeding me alot of bullshit,so im sorry i don't trust u 100 percent right off the bat.....

over the years i've tried and had invested time and opened up to alot of out of state and in state people over the internet.

And got burned many times over........ So i will not be doing that anymore thank u very much.

Fool me once...shame on you fool me twice....i'll hold u down and shit on you!

so yeah ask around..... at parties and just hanging out i'm not as bitchy as i seem over the internet.

The internet is so impersonal..u can't see if someone is joking or simling on the other end....alot of people read into tpings...words...that could mean many things.

with out facial expressions or body language or human noises,
u really can't take the personal.......

i know many of you have done this before where u took something too personal that wasn't meant that way and ended a potential great meeting?

i say...don't take it personal........ roll with it,laugh with it..grit ur teeth and just let ir ride out. cause in the end.

It just might be worth it.....

better to say well we tried but it didn't work out in person.
Than saying damn i wonder what could have been.

Now what are you still doing reading this blog.....don't u have some fucking to do? Get out of here......it's friday..get freaky..go flash someone..........go grab someones crotch.

If you got no boobs to flash or no crotches to grab but need to release some stress just yell out dammit u bitch mckayla. out loud!

i bet right after u do that ,it will put a smile on ur face.

breezyrider579 63M
6 posts
6/5/2009 7:36 pm

Damn woman, hot & vivacious! Good for you.

rm_namgel 70M
245 posts
6/5/2009 8:05 pm

Call me what you want, just fuck me.

shadowthong 48M
32 posts
6/5/2009 9:03 pm

Misstress, there are those of us who love you now matter what you call us and love you for it Keep on being you, it is what makes you the most sought after, sexually alluring and most beautiful lady on this site; or the internet period One day I hope to get the pleasure to meet you in person and learn from the best.

Brandy {=} ...\8

amtcpl04 62M/62F
38 posts
6/5/2009 11:24 pm

Well hell we gotta agree with skip there,,(By the way skip, nice horse)..You either take Mckayla as she is or not. But We gotta say She has always been right up front with us from the very start.And we have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful lady for a couple of years.She is soo fun to party with,And our love for her has only grown.Well anyway, Take care of your self Mckayla. See ya soon we hope,,And we hope ya all follow your bliss... M&T

misstressmckayla replies on 6/6/2009 2:55 am:
ahh one of my dearest and closest friends.......i love yall and cant wait to see yall again.

ovy101 74M
614 posts
6/6/2009 7:29 am

Very good and well do. You are so sweet and I love your style. Kisses to you my dear and you can call me what you like.

Massage_Man_00 38M
18025 posts
6/6/2009 9:00 am

you're right, I do feel better

I've never thought there was anything wrong with your attitude, it's just one thing that drew me to you

Much Love, Respect and Great Adventures to Follow

Come Inside [blog massageman00]

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rm_naughtyshop 33F
5 posts
6/6/2009 11:50 am

well anyone that knows you well enough should know when your being serious or when you fucking with them! love ya mckayla!!!!!!!!!

iwant2licit 60M
13 posts
6/6/2009 3:35 pm

Go Girl , don't take no shit, you be true to you and all else does not matter,,,,

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