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My Rules and Stipulations.
Posted:Jun 4, 2009 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2011 2:18 pm

I will NOT meet any man who has their friendslist Private. Plain and Fuckin simple.

If you got something or someone to hide in your friendslist then go be secret squirrel somewhere else cause i will not be helping u get ur nut.

I will NOT meet any guy on a personal or intimate level if you have gay men or transsexuals on your friendslist.

(Sorry when u become someone im interested in you become MINE. And i'm the only dick you need in your life.)

And I will not meet you if majority of your friendslist consist of people I wouldn't even let babysit my dog. I try not to judge other people but when you got alot of gay men on your friendslist who has profile pics of their hairy gaping buttholes being fisted and what not. I'm going to question out of those many that you would or actually have done sexually.

or when you have any gay men with bareback bottom in their handle in your friendslist, I will Block you. (i suggest my female friends do this as well.) A gay man openly looking for any guy to top him unprotected (bareback= B on an adult website. Well you might as well start planning a doctors visit the next day.

Let me see if i can enlighten you.

Lets just imagine if That bareback bottom butt was a Football Stadium. And it got filled up to capacity.

Now imagine they were all men who bought the tickets. And majority of them that came had some kind of disease. Because this was a Sexual Transmitted Disease Support group Event.

but not everyone left their DNA calling cards before they left that night as if it will make it any safer.

Imagine that was just one night. and this bareback bottom boy is how old? How many years has he opened up his stadium for free visitors to cum inside?

yeah you bet your ass if you got any friends on your list with Bb or bareback bottom in his handle or profile, I will not be meeting you. No Exceptions.

And don't give me lame excuses like, just because I added all those big burly gay men whose old enough to be my grandpa to my friendslist doesn't mean i want to fuck them.

I call bullshit. Why add them then? Somewhere along the lines im sure yall talk about what he wants to do with your cock. I'm sure yall aren't talking about sports and stuff.

Choose your friends wisely, this isn't myspace where you collect friends. People might not wish to admit this, but they do judge you on the types of people you have in your friendslist. And that could be the deciding factor if that woman,male or couple meets you.

And DO NOT Message me on my instant messengers saying how hot i am and that you want to meet up with me. And when i look at your friendslist you don't have me on there.

and the reason is because your afraid of what people might think.

If you are embarrased on having me on your friendslist then your not worth my time to even talk to. And if alot of my straight friends can add me on their list and be secure enough with their sexuality to proudly have me on there, then your in the closet ass could have the big balls as they do and have no problem with adding me.

And if anyone doesn't wish to meet you because you do have me on your friendslist then it's their loss. Your better than that. and so you lose out on one Loser. By hanging out with me,I can probably introduce you to many other women or couples that will hump you.

Act like you got some morals and standards.

Respect my friends and more importantly my rules.

If you can't handle my rules and stipulations then do not email or message me cause you would be wasting both our time.

I' not so much a mistress, I'm just very controlling.
When your my boytoy or boyfriend,your mine!
I will share you with quality friends only.

I do not get off on you touching without asking.

I get off on forcing you to do things my way.

Deal with it or else move on. Different strokes for different folks. and if your not for me, back stroke ur ass the other way. and make room for the hotties who are just my type.
I'm MY-Sexual
Posted:Sep 25, 2011 12:59 pm
Last Updated:May 3, 2012 5:07 pm

People Ask me if I'm Straight,Gay or Bi-sexual.
Wanting me to stake a claim on my sexuality. I could very easily done that in the past, However as i got older my priorities have changed and things I never thought i'd do,i have done!

So if i had to Honestly give my sexual preference a label a title if u will.
I'd have to say i'm MY-Sexual.

My-Sexual to me means....

At any given time, the time of sexual arousal, my needs are simple. To ORGASM.
Seeking Sexual pleasures to satisfy MY NEEDS! My point of orgasm sees no Gender, No Age(well 18 and over),and no Batteries... I like one on one,the touch the feel the fabric of the skin...smelling,tasting,sweat dripping all over my body. in the heat of passion. Mess my hair up, mess up my make up,make me look like that gangbanged after our fuck session.

I'm attracted to Beautiful people inside and out.
Sometimes im attracted to beautiful peoples insides but not their outs.
those become meaningful relationships.
Sometimes im attracted to those on the outside and not insides and those usually last as long as my orgasm did. They have nothing else to offer!

So you see to define and confine myself to a label most society think they know of which they clearly dont. Makes no difference but to the beholder of the eye of which it be holds. if that makes any sense?

so given the situation and circumstances of my sexual desires and pleasures, I do what feels good and what feels right to sexually stimulate me physically and mentally.....fulfilling my sexual needs. Therefore I am...
My-Sexual......my sexual needs comes before you comes before anything else.

so don't get me off before you get off because once i come...tough shit for you! I'm Done!
You are Officially Deemed by me, a Fucking Cunt CAMMIE!
Posted:Sep 25, 2011 12:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2011 6:08 pm

I'm tired of being nice to jealous UGLY bitches!

Im one of the nicest most real genuine person on this site.
And everyone who knows me knows that Im so sweet and nice untill someone fucks with me.

Last night i went to a party and was being uber friendly to this bitch who has made it known she doesn't like me for some apparent reason. Maybe because im hotter than she is even though being born a guy....who knows.

anywho last night was the third time i smiled and said hi and waved to her...and she looked at me with a face only a mother could love,a look of jealous and disgust. I'm sorry girlfriend it looked like u just swallowed a turd and puked it back up.....that is not a good look for you. but then again you look like that 24-7...i mean do you ever smileto be friendly or that only works when you want everybody elses mans dick? Yeah when my ex boyfriend was around you always seem to be smiling then you fucking skankbox!

anyways i may lose a few friends over this but i dont give a fuck. Because bitch you been getting on my last nerve! And if you got a fucking problem with me tell me to my face. cause i dont give a shit what you or your boyfriend thinks...its sad he has to waste his life being with a CUNT like you.

2sxylips , cammie however the fuck you spell your name....

You are Officially Deemed by me...a Fucking CUNT!
C-U-N-T, see you next tuesday=C-U-N-T !

i hope you choke on your boyfriends dick!
an eX marks the spot in my heart where I died
Posted:Jul 31, 2011 4:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 16, 2017 9:41 pm

Misled on a roller coaster ride of Good n Bad times. For you, my heart raced a wild goose chase.
Blinded by love, i gave you my all, and My Heart bled its last beats for you.

All the while,you smiled as i lay wounded,in pain,suffering,struggling. Breathe-in was the blood i bled. Cock got stiffer, quicker, bigger then it ever did,you stuck it in,deep,u did.And danced to the fast-paced rhythm, beats of my panic, you fucked me good. With every thrust of you,a grasp of air, i took. With every stroke of you,life i'd loose but still kept on loving you, In the throws of passion. Up till your gyrating pelvic thrusts slowed,Down till the very end twitches o' both our bodies,lastly given. I LOST! For the life of me, love Costed.

Broken hearted hardly breathing my heart bled its last beats for you.
an eX marks the spot in my heart where I died for you.

Sorry yall for seeming so sappy lately.. I was caught up in a love triangle so bizarre and crazy that took me out of my slutty and kept me insanely busy keeping me crazy.

Both playing the "He did it he put fiberglass in and cut up your clothing, no he did it he put metal shavings in your tanning lotion" game, and when all said and done they get to walk away while im left to pick up the broken pieces. Literally broken pieces of glass or mirror in my bedding.

This unrealistic nightmarish of relations lasted almost the 1 and a half year or so, ive been M.I.A from this site, i wasted on them.

So with nowhere to run and hide and no one i'd want, seeing me crying, i was alone. And only had the art of poetry, and the gift of song, to turn to. And there it sadly began a new life in me. A new love of past times were given me. Pen in hand i'd write or type any and everything that came to mind. Even when it didn't make sense at times. Makes no matter difference is because it was ALL MINE. self expressions of depressions became sessions of life learned lessons. And so i I bought a guitar and currently openmindedly willing the right to speak through a song.. which ive written a few to the tune of my sad and lonely troubling woes of gloom. and a happy song of weed and i dont even smoke that stuff,lol ,go figure.

anyways as i was saying sorry my mind is so hard to control,its like being pulled apart in many directions spread too thinly.

so yeah ill be putting up post of poetry or writings of thoughts or feelings,truths be told,behold,self worth believing. and hey online wanna be grammar coaches and teachers. Wanna fuck off ,loose the snoot off your Tease to dictionary, know it alls is all you are, Why should some ones intelli-lack luster cluster fuck hold so much effected stress on the chopper of chops,ball breaking nut buster that of you? Nose upright so uptight and intellectually insecure are we? "The point" is what should be the heart of matter. so before u wish to teach me a thing or two on proper english literature. Which ill gladly pay for,only after you go to the does it look like I GIVE A FUCK school. See I did, graduated and currently in I Don't Give a Fuck U-niversity.

speaking of which....yeah this is where i'm at.....
the two ex's ago mark the day my pain needs to be fucked away!

Cum and get it Boys! i don't care what people think,i am that slut.
they can judge me all they want because ill be the one last laughing with cum dripping out of my mouth knowing that im getting more than enough of my fair share of cum. Greedy Bitch that's me...abadee---abadee , ttttthats all folks!
Do YOU TUBE? 2 new vids up.
Posted:Jul 28, 2009 2:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:21 pm

Okay so my question is do YOUTUBE.?
If so come find me. MsLavaDecox.

I just aded 2 new videos.
Called Fanta Girls and Birthday Freak Out!

I've been on AdultFriendFinder for awhile now and yall have seen the sexy
slutty side of me.

But did u know I have a sense of humor?

Sometimes my sick and twisted demented humor offends people.
And it's all in good fun.

Hey if i can make fun of myself alot
you should be able to laugh it off,right?
Please my friends im not here to offend anyone. So don't take anything I do personal.

Anywho check it out in this order....enjoy!

Brown Noser
Sperm Facial
Boots with the fur
and save the morning wood pee boner & a miscarriage for last.

Rate & comment.... come back here and tell me what you think.

Also i'm looking for Talent (Actors,Writers,Editors,& film crew) in the Seattle - Tacoma Wa areas. I need Creative minds & willing bodies to get dirty.

If ur interested in being a part of my sick & twisted humor videos and live in the seattle or tacoma area. contact me.
Snidely Spoken
Posted:Jul 22, 2009 7:26 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:24 pm


Something nasty, flippant, derogatory, or derisive communicated indirectly and without humor or courtesy; Tricky; deceptive; contemptible

It is not my problem, that I Do Not Trust you.

It is not my problem, that you are so fake.

It is not my fault, I wish not to buy into your lies.

It is not my fault, I wish not to deal with your bullshit.

It is not my loss, I want nothing to do with you.

It is not my loss, I may never ever become your friend.

Anyone who feels the need to put others down to make themselves look & feel better, deserve the loneliness caused by their actions.

Anyone who bashes men only because they weren't giving her all the attention to boost her big delussional EGO deserves to be bashed right back.

But yet any half way decent guy on a webcam turns you into a giddy school girl when we all know you're way beyond your years.

Too old to be acting the way you do. You act like you're so classy but any guy on cam turns u into the biggest perverted cam director ever.

And even though you like to think you're intelligent and tend to correct peoples grammar. You lack common sense and street smarts.

Not to mention, things more important than a grammar lesson.

Integrity! Sincerity! Authenticity! and Social Skills.

And you wonder why you've been all alone for 14 years.

So before you correct people's spelling try changing your negative ways.

You "Claim" you have a connection to someone special.

It is no of no wonder why you chase down the .

Control and mother those boys.

They aren't smart enough to read through your bullshit.

Young dumb and full of cum, right? Exactly.

That's why they never last. That's why you never have a long lasting relationship that surpasses the lifespan of a used condom.

And you wonder why you've been all alone for 14 years.

I'm sorry,if you can't see the problem within yourself.

I'm sorry,if you are in denial.

I'm sorry,that you have some serious unresolved issues.

But then again i'm not so sorry and shouldn't feel so sorry for your worthless being because you brought it all upon yourself.

When you make snide comments to me or my friends, you are nothing but a FAKE, yellow livered, CATTY lonely OLD soul.

And everyone knows how i dislike FAKE,Deceptive bitches like you.

You may have some people fooled including yourself. But i'm one bitch that see's right through your OLD bullshit.

Yes i'm talking to you Ms. Snidely Spoken, Snidely SPOKANE.

aww look at me being all snide like...doesn't feel good when someone does it to you ,does it?

Rapid. Eye. Movement. when the eyes move involutarily during deep sleep, the beginning of the dream.

Which you live your life as.... a dream. Wake up! Before it's too late. Don't waste your last years living in dream world because in actual reality, it's your nightmare.
To Cam or not to Cam?
Posted:Jul 6, 2009 11:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2011 10:16 am

This is a very touchy subject for me because this blog may have an effect on some of my friendships with those who disagree.

And if that is the case then they weren't good of friends to begin with and clearly aren't the friends i wish to have.

A great friendship is based on a great deal of your communication skills. Honesty and Trust.

But i feel the arguments and different point of views in a friendship is very much healthy. And if you can learn to ACCEPT that but most of all Respect that than your will have a Wonderful Relationship.

And with that I will say this... I will be DAMNED if someone tells me If,When and where I should CAM.

Untill you are paying ALL MY BILLS, only then will you be telling me what to do. And since you certainly didn't buy my computer and my webcam...guess what? I will WEBCAM, whenever,whereever and with whomever doing whatever I damn well please.

I am over the legal age to do so. Im not hurting anyone in doing so.

Ok so since i'm writing this much needed blog, I will put it all out there! Let's break this down.........right.

I chat in my local chatroom which I am a regular in.

It seems half of the room have a problem with people webcamming in it. and hopefully I will hit on all subjects and point of views with this one.

Majority of the time it's women having a problem with other women on cam. Calling them webcamsluts or Attention whores etc.

The main reason they use is "because they bring in all these Cam Directors and camtards."

It is not our fault these people come in the room to compliment our beauty. It is not our fault to control complete strangers who act like asses in the chatroom. We are not room monitors. We are not their parents. Use the ignore feature. If that doesn't work simply don't read what those idiots type. You may say those who webcam floods the chatroom with idiots.

But let's be real honest here people. To some degree isn't it because of jealousy? Every woman in that chatroom likes the attention of men. Those who don't have webcams love the compliments and praises on their pics otherwise why would you make them provocative? To get attention. Duh
So the sooner we can admit that you're a tad jealous when women get all the attention on cam the sooner you can get over it.

You are fighting a loosing battle.

I know personally if someone doesn't want me to webcam the more I'd want to. Thus making me webcam more than usual.

Oh and another thing, why is it such a double standard?

You women bitch about other women being on webcam. However I see alot of you women complimenting hot guys with hot bodies on their webcams. WTF? Especially when some jerk off starsky something from oregon is stroking his dick on his cam. Making you women go gaga and googoo. Not one of you bitch infact yall were acting like giddy schoolgirls thinking he was just gods gift to women. Well not all of you, just one in particular. which i thought was amusing.

Most the women on webcam show nothing. Atmost boobie flashes.
So why is it so wrong? It's not the problem lies with you.

I enjoy watching alot of my friends males and females just sitting on webcam.
To see their facial expressions their smile means more than any smiley text could ever. In most cases I prefer that over any guy stroking his dick on cam. Cocks on cam are redundant on this site. Therefore if i wanted to see dick on cam id seek it out.

We all have our opinions and I respect that. But this has been a sore subject amongst many in the chatroom. Are we going to let something this trivial come between friendships?

This is an adult website. Where yes people Webcam from time to time. Imagine that.. Yes there are many chatrooms for webcammers,so WHAT?

You will not tell me where to Cam AT! I do what I want ,Where I want,With whomever I want.

If what I do on cam offends you,then maybe you shouldn't be on an ADULT Dating Site.

Many of my friends Webcam and many of my friends don't webcam. Many are at eachothers throats for this very reason.

I say fuck all the dumbshit. Stop all this fucking Drama.

I still love you all but you know damn well Misstress Mckayla won't stop camming for anyone. Yes, I am an Attention !
Well Slap my Ass and call me Crazy!
Posted:Jul 6, 2009 9:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:25 pm

So i've been called many derogatory names.

But i enjoy it when they call me Crazy,Psycho,someone even said i was a semi lunatic. "who lil ole me?"

Everyone gets their moments like that. If given a reason to.
Duh. It's Human Nature!

But the funniest shit ever is when men say i'm Bi-Polar.

I am not Bi-polar. It's common sense really. Don't make me mad. Don't piss me off. Don't give me a reason to bitch at you.

Listen and obey MY RULES. I wrote a blog about my rules if you can't handle my ways and rules,then FUCK OFF!

It goes back to the saying, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

I freely admit, I AM A CONTROL FREAK.

Do what I tell you or else get out of my fucking way and stay out of my life. I do things the way I like it and if someone can't deal with it out the way bitch there are many out there who can.

I freely admit at times I can be the Biggest Bitch!
Don't piss me off.
If you say we are meeting up,you better show up.
No excuses. No second Chances.
Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Don't half ass shit and don't back peddle.
But above all you have to committ to what you promise me.

Don't give me a reason to be a bitch to you, DUH.

Many might wonder if the same rules apply to my friendships. NO.

These rules are just for the men who I'm interested in having personal relationships with may it be boytoy,sex slave or boyfriend.

And besides if you're not a little crazy than you're just a fake putting up a front. I hate Fake people more than I do Bitchy people. Atleast bitchy people are Honest!

So there you have it......
you call me crazy as if it's a bad thing.
I'm very Random-I'm not the Average or the NORM. And i'm staying that way!

I stand by my beliefs. I Stand up for my rights. And i'll be the first to stand up to say " Slap my ASS and call me Crazy!"

You have to be a bit crazy to deal with my crazy ass.

All you mama's boys who's feelings get hurt by words,need not waste my time.

I need men who can handle a BITCH like me!
Erection Rejection.
Posted:Jul 5, 2009 6:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:27 pm

1. The act of rejecting or the state of being rejected.
2. Something rejected.

It is oh so very funny when I reject alot of you men.

When most people in general have a different perception, thinking I will suck and fuck any guy that can get an Erection.

Correction! Did i mention, Not every Erection gets my Attention.

My decision is based on many deciding factors of what i'm really after,
in that particular mood i maybe in or certain circumstances or compromising situations one might be in.

I don't sleep with anyone i'm not attracted to.

That can mean one of two things.

If i'm not attracted to you physically. Whether it's your face or body. Or if i'm not attracted to your personality. You could be hot but still look like shit if thats what you come off as. and as most that know me,I don't like seeing or smelling shit when you're fucking me. That's why I do enemas.

So i don't have time to be fucking around with any guy who talks or acts like a piece of shit. Take you and your shitty ass dick and plug up someone Else's shitter.

There has been many times i'm not attracted to someone physically but through time as friends I do develope a certain attraction to love that person.


1. an erect penis
2. a structure that has been erected
3. erecting: the act of building or putting up

A boner if you will.

Which most of you become when I reject you.

A Lifeless worthless flacid blubbering Blob. A broken man.
Who got his feelings hurt by me so he feels the need to "straighten UP" his structure as his blood rushes to his head he becomes just that A BONER!

They become DICKS and start insulting me saying how I'm an ugly and such. When not more than 5 minutes ago they were telling me quite the opposite. How hot and beautiful i was.

Put up the tough guy FACADE,cause no one will see right through you. lol yeah right.

and if i was that wouldn't i have hooked up with your dumbass and gave you a chance? yes that's how whorish i really am.

sorry i might be a but i have standards and morals and not to mention the option to be picky on who i choose. And guess what PIKACHU i DON'T choose you.

So guys seriously,

For whatever reason I reject you,

Don't try to save face and defend your position because in the end you still end up looking like the jack ass you are.

Or in any situation men and women,
if you get rejected don't go around bad mouthing that person because they rejected you.

Just move on to the next with what dignity you have left.

Don't get Butt Hurt but more importantly don't get Hurt by a BUTT!

Different Strokes for Different Folks. What Floats your Boat?

Now spend time with people worth spending it with
rather than wasting your time talking shit
about the people who just rejected you that you're still trying to get with.
Women always ask me why I always have the hotties.
Posted:Jul 1, 2009 1:33 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:28 pm

And this is my take on things.

Alot of my women friends say why do i always have hot men on cam with me or around me at these parties i attend.
Misstress always have the young studs (my mentourage if u will).

Some of these men are my boytoys and many are just my straight friends hanging out with me. Alot of the men i bring to these parties to introduce to many of you women.

Because many of you don't give them a chance.

And then it hit me why that might be.

Few reasons, i think.

Youre so bombarded with offers and attention in the chatroom u may over look someone worth your time.

You are a Standard member you can't exchange contact info
and also you can't see the males pics and profile to see if he is your type.

Or the male is a standard member as well.

Well being that I'm usually a gold member getting in contact with these men become easy to me. And i give everyone a chance. Unless they fuck up that chance then they don't get a second chance.

Anyways the point is,
I don't play games and i don't expect anything. So if a guy wishes to hang out at my place or join the possee and caravan to an event with me, I let them do so.

In most cases that works because i have hooked many of my girlfriends up with men i've brought to these events.

Also if they aren't into me ,I try to send them to my female friends who I think they would get along with. As some of you women can attest this.

Alot of the men going to a meet and greet and or party are to shy to go alone and when they do people don't welcome them and introduce themselves to them. So that's why they come with me to get to you women.

And more than often enough when the guys are on my cam when we are hanging out and partying they get more attention from you women that way then chatting in the chatroom themselves.

We all must admit in the chatroom its a bit clique and many good quality men get overlooked.

I can tell u this because many of my straight guy friends are great friends which many of you havent gotten to know.

Something's Got To Change! The dynamics of it all.

Few Ideas?

Maybe my standard female friends who wishes to be noticed or hooked up with these men, let me know this and i'll put your handles in my profile for these men to check out. or maybe put these quality guys handles on my profile for you to check out. but hmm what about those that cant see my profile.

maybe ill like post their pics with their handles in my photo album.like a mini dating thing on here. i dont know but ill work something out.

However you must be a female that I know and have met in person.
I'm looking to match make, good quality people. Not devious people playing games.

It should be that simple shouldnt it? This is an adult website.

And men I will tell you right off the bat,
if you do anything scandelous to these women you will be black listed. Granted there are two sides of the story. So i will be fair in my decision and convictions.

Anyone else got any ideas? i wish i could have my own dating site just for people in the northwest that was free. I enjoy matching people who just want to have sex or if they are mature enough to carry on something more meaningful. No Games,No Bullshit.

Also i'll still will be having parties and have these single attractive men on cam while we party for you women to check out.

So if you see a stud youre interested in get our attention and we will hook you up!

Sex makes the world go round...
So when are you going to get around to having SEX?

Treat yourself and make it a priority. But always fuck safely.

Good friends don't let you fuck dumb. Dumbfucking is like drunkdriving, sometimes u get away with it, other times you get fucked by a D.U.I Disease Under The Influence.
influence could be submitting to the powers of seduction or alcohol and drugs.

We are adults. Fuck Responsibly. And Never Dumbfuck under the legal limits

lol where the fuck do i come up with this shit?
i got too much times on my hands...my head hurts!

Much Love and Aloha...............Misstress.Mckayla
Posted:Jun 29, 2009 12:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:29 pm

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

A glory hole (also spelled gloryhole and glory-hole) is a hole in a wall, or other partition, often between public lavatory stalls or adult video arcade booths for people to engage in sexual activity or observe the person in the next cubicle while one or both parties masturbate.[1] The partition maintains anonymity.

To glory hole or not to glory hole? that is the question.

My definition of a glory hole.

A portal into the unknown darkness of Human disgust,embarrassment, and regret. A revolving door to the "OPEN ALL NIGHT" disease infested Drive Thru. Thank you cum again.
A free pass to the Free medical clinic without the medical attention or medicine.

To me the only people who glorify and use these adult cesspools
are UGLY Hideous Fucks who hide in the shadows and behind these walls to spread their Diseases Anonymously.

And any man who uses these facilities can stay the hell away from me and my friends.

Once again ill say this much. If im not attracted to you i won't be touching,sucking or riding your cock. And that is why I would never use a Gloryhole.

If you need to hide your face,then keep your secrets,lies and sins to the Disgusting pathetic desperate fucks who put up with your shit by being on the receiving end of these glory holes.

You all fucks deserve eachother.

And people campaign to always get your animals neutered. When alot of you horny humping "anything that moves" disease ridden fucks should get your shots and be neutered.

That is all!
Posted:Jun 5, 2009 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:30 pm

ha ha made you men who like it in the ass look....lol

ok so this blog is to educate all you men who seem to have a problem with my attitude over the internet. Alot of you take it personal when i call ya dumbasses,dumbfucks,douchebags,dilehole's dilweeds dickfaces,cocksuckers etc........ getting all BUTTHURT about it.

It's in my fuckin nature..it's a HABIT.u must understand the way i grew up in hawaii we would call eachother dumbasses alot. parents to .
call sisters bitches and hoes...playing around jokingly....fuckin this and fucking that.

So when i say don't take it personally,don't fucking take it personally.........if ur going to get butthurt over meaningless words over the internet...wow..u so won't be able to hang out with me in person. (i have a toilet twisted sense of humor..i do alot of things for shock value. I am pretty damn random.) either roll with it or get the fuck out.

i don't need a pussy type of guy who will cry because i called him a dumbass.

and last but not least.........

over the internet it seems like i'm being a bitch! Which in most cases i am. BUT rest assure that in person im way different...ASk anyone of my friends i've met on here i'm a blast to hang out with. You either laugh with me or laugh at me i don't care atleast I got you laughing.

But just imagine this.....i'll try to put u in my shoes for a second.

Imagine you receiving tons of emails......which i do.
I talk to alot of guys and couples......(u men don't even have that problem compared to what we go through) So if i or any other woman forgets about you within a week or month...don't get all BUTTHURT! we just talk to so many we can't remember u by ur instant message name or phone number unless you tell us your AdultFriendFinder handle...yes u guys who text my phone saying hey its me...yeah um
me helps me remember who u are quicker...

cut all the bullshit....when u text me on my cell or instant message your first text should be..hey its me so and so and leave ur AdultFriendFinder handle....right away i'll remember who u are!

ok back to my point if there is one lol

So i get bombarded by tons of emails....granted most are from out of state people.....but that is a factor on me getting annoyed so quickly over the interent!

Then u got all those who are all talk....u know the type never seem to ever want to meet. just want to chat with you to fullfill their over the internet cyber bullshit..u know using u for ur webcam dealies......

not to mention the many freaks who uses fake pics,and stand people up trying to bother me.

Then bad enough they email me on here but they also contact me on my messenger names out of the blue......

So forgive me if i seem like im being a bitch to u over the internet! But as i told u...roll with it till we meet.
i'm so not a bitch in person unless u fuck me over in person or u are looking to be a sub and want ab itch to put u in ur place. Then i can be THAT BITCH!

So u see why i have reason to be cautious leary or even guarded when talking to you.

untill we meet in person you are nothing more than an internet person who could be feeding me alot of bullshit,so im sorry i don't trust u 100 percent right off the bat.....

over the years i've tried and had invested time and opened up to alot of out of state and in state people over the internet.

And got burned many times over........ So i will not be doing that anymore thank u very much.

Fool me once...shame on you fool me twice....i'll hold u down and shit on you!

so yeah ask around..... at parties and just hanging out i'm not as bitchy as i seem over the internet.

The internet is so impersonal..u can't see if someone is joking or simling on the other end....alot of people read into tpings...words...that could mean many things.

with out facial expressions or body language or human noises,
u really can't take the personal.......

i know many of you have done this before where u took something too personal that wasn't meant that way and ended a potential great meeting?

i say...don't take it personal........ roll with it,laugh with it..grit ur teeth and just let ir ride out. cause in the end.

It just might be worth it.....

better to say well we tried but it didn't work out in person.
Than saying damn i wonder what could have been.

Now what are you still doing reading this blog.....don't u have some fucking to do? Get out of here......it's friday..get freaky..go flash someone..........go grab someones crotch.

If you got no boobs to flash or no crotches to grab but need to release some stress just yell out dammit u bitch mckayla. out loud!

i bet right after u do that ,it will put a smile on ur face.
What I Want!
Posted:Jun 4, 2009 7:54 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2011 12:31 pm

didn't get much prospects for that special girl i wanted to date.

So back to the drawing board i go.

If i won the lottery today,I'd buy a HUGE house. I'd want atleast few live in boyfriends. And alot of boytoys and girltoys partying in and out of the home. That's my ultimate fantasy goal. That's not asking to much is it?

So i guess what i want is a few guys i can call my boyfriends.
You will know of eachother,you will get along, (jealousy is not needed) and we will live together.

I need a man who understands this lifestyle and is willing to live this lifestyle with me in the long run.

I have boytoys who ive met years ago in my life still in my life.

I need reliable attractive boytoys i can trust to be around me and my friends.

(if i can't trust you,you will be terminated from my life upon your deceit.)

oh and im tired of you damn men who constantly nag me to post new pics and do new videos.

My cannon xti rebel camera broke so thats why i havent been posting any new pics. (the new pics i posted was tooken by my cell phone,reason why it is blury and crappy.) Remedy this and i will start posting new pics.

And as far as new videos.

let me explain something first. I hated the fact AdultFriendFinder let's u upload videos. All my videos were done by the live webcam. There was no editing,no reshoots. What u saw was real. even though it wasn't of great quality,it was REAL.

Having the upload video option,anyone can upload any videos. So how can you really tell it's of them?

But i am in the works now of actually using this feature.
I'm going to be recording videos that i can later upload to AdultFriendFinder rather than do live webcamming.

Reasons for that. Well AdultFriendFinder only allows you to post so many videos.
As a gold member i don't think we should be limited to how many videos we post. But upon reaching my limit,i must delete one video to make room for a new video.

And when i did the live webcamming videos it doesnt give u an option to save it onto your computer. So i lost the old videos that were up before.

So if i now record it then upload it to AdultFriendFinder, ill have a copy of it and it can be of better quality.....so be on the look out for better videos.

oh and another thing don't email me saying how youre a millionaire or a sugardaddy and want to spoil me and then when i look at your profile youre a standard member...lol cause you will be blocked.

oh that's what I need boyfriends who can spoil me and supply me with everything i need to live this lifestyle. To record all my adventures. a bf to be by my side helping me with it and even joining me in it. and to be able to host all the adult parties i wish to have..... sugar daddie are you out there?

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