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Late nigh gym workout.  

mitchandlouise 54M/55F
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12/7/2019 6:04 am
Late nigh gym workout.

It was late so I headed the gym, just burn off some energy. Mike and Tina “the owners” met me at the front desk when I checked in. I went about my work out as always, just another typical Wednesday night. As I was finishing up I noticed that the place was almost empty, made sense it was 2 am after all.
Grabbing up my bag I head into shower up. I get stripped down and start adjusting the water to just the right temp. I heard the door to the locker room open and close. After a minute, I hear a woman’s voice say “sorry I didn’t anyone was in here”, it was Tina. Instead of turning away she just kept looking at me as if deciding something. Then when a quick, short nod to herself, she just started stripping off her clothes. Standing naked in front of me now was this sexy lady with a nice figure. She started walking towards me, when I asked, what would Mike do if he found us in here screwing? Her chuckle echoed through the shower room. I did not get the joke and told her so. Oh, it is no joke, but to answer your question, he will join in when he finds us. She walked up to me, and quickly dropped to her knees, taking my hardening cock into her mouth. She began sucking on me, and damn this woman knew how to give great head. She was getting into it, and so was I. Just a little too quickly, so I stopped her and drew her up to me. Our lips met, her tongue shot out into my mouth, kissing me with a hunger and desire. Turning her so she was facing away from me, my hands begin to roam her body as I kissed and nibbled on the back of her nec Her nipples hard, full, and sensitive. Each touch or squeeze on them elicits moans of pleasure. Her hand reaches around and begins to<b> stroke </font></b>my raging hard-on. With one hand still cupping her tit's and playing with her nipples, my other slides slowly down her spine. Across her ass, between her now parted legs. She is so hot and wet, that I can easily slide 2 fingers up inside her.
Moving with a steady rhythm in and out of her pussy and playing with her tit’s it did not take long for her to cum, and cum hard. Just then movement to my right caught my attention, I looked to find Mike standing there, eyes intently watching. His hard cock in hand as he slowly stroked himself. Tina had noticed him there too, she looked to me and said, “let’s take this to our office”. Turning off the water and grabbing a few towels, drying as we moved from the locker room to their office. It was not a big room, but big enough for a NICE comfy couch for us to play on. Tina and I immediately went for the couch as Mike leaned his desk, content for the moment to just watch and<b> stroke </font></b>his shaft. As we landed, for we both practically jumped to get there, again our lips crushed together, tongues dancing, like dueling sabers. Needing to taste her, I break away and push her back onto the couch and follow right behind. Laying on top of her, looking into her eyes but for a moment, then I started trailing kisses down, down over her, the nape of her nec Slow, deliberate, taking my time. My hunger for the scent, sweet aroma and taste of a woman's wet pussy driving me crazy. Patience. I tell myself, as my tongue finds an erect nipple to suck and bite on. Paying close attention to her body movements and sounds. I know when I am hitting the right spots. Kissing all around her tit’s, when I liked and nibbled just under her breast she let out a huge moan, and I knew she was cumming again. Again, I moved back to her lips, kissing her as my fingers found her soaking wet, Sliding in first 2 fingers then 3. Her hips moving to my rhythm as I slid in and out of her. I could tell she was building to another climax, so I changed it up a bit.
I went from 3 to 2 fingers, stroking from far back inside to the front, like drawing the orgasm to me.
From her moan’s I could and thrust she was about to cum once again. Again, I change, now to a more up and down motion just inside her, and with what bordered on a scream, she squirted. Removing my fingers, I slowly<b> stroke </font></b>her clit, prolonging the orgasm, and the little ones to follow, like aftershocks from an earthquake. Now, I can no longer restrain my hunger for her. Quickly now, to hell with patience.
My mouth now on that soaking wet pussy I begin licking, drinking down the remnants of her orgasm.
More to follow!!

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