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How Many Make You A Slut
Posted:Mar 4, 2015 4:35 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2017 1:06 am


September 2, 2014

Its no secret that I have been on somewhat of a man break just because, well, I needed it. I decided about two years ago after dating a guy for the second time that I was making bad dude decisions. So I just stopped-everything. Namely sex.

Taking a manbreak gave me a sense a peace and happiness and it also made me stop judging myself and other women for the number of sexual partners and then lack thereof that they and I have had.


Let me say, I have been a church girl and I grew up in the Catholic church. So you know that I am all messed up, but I love sex tho, right. It so makes sense and none at all. At 36, ready to be OFF of my man break I don't even think about numbers anymore. And I want to convey the message to other women that whether you have sex with one guy or 50 guys that you are still awesome!..oh and guess what GOD WILL STILL LOVE YOU. And you are not a devilish, evil woman who makes men lose their morals.

Your value as a person has nothing to do with your "number."

Your vagina is not the barometer that you should measure your personal worth with. If you want to have sex, have sex. If you want to have a LOT of sex do that too! Of course be safe, of course do your kegels!...keep her tight honey!


Do not stress if somebody thinks that having sex with 5 guys makes you a big old nasty HOE or if having sex with that whole line of Bruhs makes you the talk of the chapter. In fact sometimes even if you aren't having sex men will make up lies because why not?

I avoided seeing my friends because of what I felt was an indiscretion that I had participated in. I avoided places that HE might show up, just in case this well liked guy might have mentioned our "thing" to our mutual friends. Because my GOD I might actually die if he called me a SLUT!!! **enter me screaming**
“So the original question was, “How many makes you a slut?””
More than 5? Does 10 make you a slut? What if your number is a pearl clutching 20?...or more?

Surprise: There isn't a number that makes you a slut. Breathe.

Slut isn't even a relevant term. Slut is a term that has been created and perpetuated to control women and our sexuality. There isn't even a WORD for slut for men. And some people will say Man-, because is specifically created to keep women in sexual chains.

And its not like you can be a slore all on your own, right? There is a penis between us.

I just want women to be sexually liberated and to love themselves...be okay with your desire to get it on too.

So what if you had more sexual partners than your mother? I'm sure that I have had way more sexual partners than my Mom. She was married to my Dad at like 19. Sex does not make you dirty, unlovable or less than a lady. It means that you know what you want, you enjoy sex and you do not allow peoples image of you to stop you from living.

So you tell me, in your opinion, how many makes YOU a slut?

You Big Old Slut!...and it didnt even hurt did it? When people get to throwing hoe stones...listen.

If you liked this read, please pin it!...other women need to love themselves too!
Blow Job 101- What Your Man Secretly Wishes You Knew
Posted:Dec 11, 2014 12:30 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 7:41 pm

Blowjobs 101: What Your Man Secretly Wishes You Knew About Oral Sex… But Will Never, Ever Tell You To Your Face!
by Dan & Jennifer

Most women know that men love blowjobs. And many women can adequately please their partners orally, more or less anyway. But can YOU truly blow your partner’s mind when you give him head and have him absolutely begging for more?

Here are some surprising facts about blowjobs:

Did you know that your tongue is a muscle just like every other muscle in your body and exercising it will make it stronger and more powerful?
Did you know the tongue can put six to eight pounds of pressure on a man’s penis?
Did you know a great handjob can feel as good as a blowjob to a man if it’s done the right way?
Do you know that a string of pearls, a silk scarf and a bag of Skittles can make your man’s toes curl?
If you’ve ever wanted to give your partner the kind of blowjob you know he wants, then we have a little secret to share with you.

First, let’s talk about why you are not pleasing him through oral sex…

Three Mistakes that MOST Women Make Consistently and the One Killer Mistake that ALL Women Make When Giving Head

Mistake #1: Awkwardness and Feeling Tired After Just Several Minutes of Giving Head

Most women can start a blowjob right but never finish because of tongue muscle cramps and jaw locking. When these happen, men feel the tension (and more often than not, sharp teeth!) and get turned off.

Mistake #2: Seeing Blowjob as a Tedious Chore

You CAN learn to enjoy blowjob just by being adventurous and playful. If you can see blowjob as a way to express your sexuality, you will never have to feel tired or bored while giving head.

Mistake #3: Lack of Knowledge of the “Hot Spots: on the Penis and the Whole Gonad Area

There are specific areas on a man’s penis which increase the likelihood of orgasm, but a lot of women miss these completely.

And, finally, here’s the most common mistake that lead to annoyance, discomfort and relationship tension….

Mistake #4: Some Women Do NOT Develop a Fail-ProofSystem to Make Him Climax through Oral sex

To really learn the skills to make him climax through blowjob, you must develop a system to vary, combine and intensify the pleasurable sensations men feel while being blown… and they let their men confuse them even more with barely thought out instructions on where to lick, when to suck harder and when to speed up…

If no consistency is achieved, what results is a hit-and-miss blowjob style that only works at certain times. This lack of consistency makes women feel more inferior about their blowjob skills.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and start learning about how to really turn your partner on…

Our friend Jessica Perez just published an amazing guide called Blow His Mind Tonight which is all about the in-and-outs of giving your man the best blowjob of his life. Never before have we seen a book so loaded with useable blowjob tips and techniques as this one!

Not only is Jessica’s book great for beginners, it also contains a wealth of information for women who simply want to amp up their blowjob skills and increase their sexual skills.

Jessica’s Blow His Mind Tonight is not only a great place to get started with lots of exercises to help your mouth’s strength and stamina, but also a great place to get tons of ideas on what positions to use and what tongue techniques will work the best.

Check out the awesome information that Jessica has in her incredible book:

Learn correct tongue placement and easy tongue exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime to make your mouth a powerful pleasure deliverer!
Find out the right way to breathe during a blowjob
Learn how to make your hands baby bottom soft for that perfect handjob
Test your blowjob abilities with two fun, before and after quizzes to see how much you’ve improved your oral sex skills
The different parts of an orgasm, including arousal, ejaculation and recovery
Learn how to give your partner the holy grail of blowjobs – deep throating – without gagging
Learn dozens of different techniques to use during handjobs and blowjobs to give your man the ultimate pleasure
But hold on a second, there’s a catch.

Before you download Jessica Perez’s Blow His Mind Tonight, make sure you’re willing to put in the effort it takes to learn how to give your partner the ultimate head. While Jessica’s guide is practically bursting at the seams with information, it’s not going to guarantee that you instantly become an oral sex goddess. The tips and techniques included in her book are things you actually have to do to make work, so make sure you’re willing to invest your time into learning how to give your partner an amazing blowjob.

If you think you have what it takes to learn tongue exercises, handjob techniques, blowjob techniques and the ultimate deep throating techniques to really blow your partner’s mind, download Blow His Mind Tonight and get started!

Still not sure? Read Our Review of Blow His Mind Tonight.

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