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Trying to Make my self squirt  

modernslw 50M/44F
2 posts
3/23/2016 12:08 pm
Trying to Make my self squirt

Ok so first of all I would like to welcome all my friends and fans to my blog.
I'm sure most of you have watched me on cam master-bating. I love when people watch me and talk to me dirty because it makes my pussy wet. My dream is to make myself squirt on cam for all my fans so if anyone have any ideas you are welcome. I read up on it, watched movies on it. I want to so bad to squirt so your input is very important to me. Please help me accomplish this goal.
Thank you for your support.

GrtFriend2See 49M  
76 posts
3/25/2016 8:02 am

It sounds like you've done enough research to know where your G-spot is. The harder part is recognizing it as your g spot when you put your finger on it. Most women don't have an instant hot button reaction when it's stimulated. So what usually happens is they spend a few minutes poking around until they get frustrated and go back to their clit. Sound familiar?
The easiest way to know you're in the right spot is to recognize the differences between your vagina when it's aroused and when it's not. Now most women aren't going to go exploring their vagina when they aren't somewhat "In the mood." So before you get all worked up, take a minute or two and learn the lay of the land. Slide a finger or two in and feel around. Make a mental note of how everything feels under your finger and not what feels good when you touch it. Once your done exploring? Go back to your regularly scheduled program of masturbatory bliss. LOL Here's the tricky part? If you're on a mission to "Absolutely find your G-Spot!" You need to "edge" a few times. Get yourself right to the brink.......... and then go move laundry or something. The more worked up you are? The more obvious your it will be. When you finally slip a finger back in? You'll notice EVERYTHING is different and it's no longer about what your finger is touching, it's about what feels good to your touch. Like I said earlier, it may not be an automatic hot button so if it isn't? Feel for the area with the biggest change. Find the solid/spongy spot that wasn't there before. That's your G-Spot! If you simply want to enjoy the sensation? Lightly tickle it. If you want to gush? Gradually push down on it a little harder each time. As for squirting and distance? That takes practice. But if you ever get to that point? I want to watch.

rcg201122 46M  
2 posts
4/17/2020 12:41 pm

I live close and love squirting women if you ever need assistance.

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