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Autumn frolic  

mojonann 68M
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4/2/2020 4:29 am
Autumn frolic

As we gathered in the crisp fall air, there was a palpable excitement in the room. Greeting each other with lingering hugs, kisses and brief fondles, we felt the sexual vibrations growing with each new arrival. While conversation focused on our exploits since we were last together, the need to move beyond words was building.

Marie exclaimed let’s get on with it as she began to shuck her clothes to reveal her charms. As we all hurried to shed our garments, as naked flesh came into view, hands reached to caress, followed by lips seeking to taste the rising nipples, cocks and damp pussies.

Marie gripped my cock and pulled me into her mouth to suck me as I bent over to capture Tom’s inflating prick to suck him to a full hardness. As he grew, filling my mouth with his hot flesh, the odour of his arousal pungent in my nostrils. The sounds of licking, sucking, squishing fingers in wet cunts, moans of growing pleasure add to the frenzy taking over.

Marie and I head for the bedroom, shedding the last of our clothes and inhibitions as quickly as we can to confront each other with our naked bodies and desires.

She leans forward to capture my rampant cock waving in front of her. Clasping it with her hand she draws it into her mouth, not hesitating to lodge it completely into the back of her throat. I moan as she makes a swallowing motion with her mouth as I am buried to my root. The sensations are exquisite, her tongue rolls around my shaft, her teeth scraping it, her lips squeezing it at the base. I feel her hot breath from her nostrils that are planted in my bellyroot.

She wraps her fingers around me, feels me hardening, filling her hand. She kisses one side of my cock, noisily, down to the root, to my heavy balls, licking one of them, suckling it fully into her mouth and then releasing it. She moves back up my length, licking and kissing one side and then the other, cupping her hand around it, stroking me now. I begin to lose myself in her caresses, but she maintains her languid pace, fondling me with both hands, then taking the thick, broad, soft head into her mouth and sucking, fluttering her tongue all over my cock, all the while stroking my length with both hands.

She takes me deeper, and then with a glance up at me takes me as deep as she can, until I am buried deep in her throat.

God, she’s so sucking my cock, and she’s making quite a show of it. Slow. Deliberate. Teasing. Backing away, then sliding down. A lot of tongue wrapped around the head of my prick. She’s using her hand as much as her mouth, too.

And the way she touches me…I’m lost in the heat of her mouth. She just…knows.
She swipes and flicks and circles my cock with surety and familiarity.

My knees are trembling as they grow weak from Marie’s vigorous consumption of my engorgement. I am rocking with her bobbing head as she repeatedly drives my cock into the back of her mouth. I am ready to swoon with the force of her suction. I don’t want it to end so I regretfully withdraw and manoeuvre her to lay her across the bed, exposing her charms. My eyes are delighted by the ruby hews of her labia and the flush of light crimson of her lips, glistening with the dew of her arousal. The aroma of her excitement wafting into my nostrils as I lower my face closer to her.

I don’t dive right in. I toy with her first, nudging her thighs apart. A teasing touch at first, from her knee along the inside of her thigh, skimming across her core, and along the other leg, down her inner thigh to her knee. I feather a light kiss to her inner thigh, and another, closer. Closer. She sighs as my lips brush over her pussy, and then my tongue smears down her slit, licks her labia, one side and then the other, light tickling teasing touches of my tongue, tracing her opening, licking the shape of her cunt from top to bottom, side to side, before finally flicking my tongue-tip to her hardening clit. Then withdrawing as her body arches looking for more.

Now my fingers are there, fingertips grazing the lips of her pussy, tracing around the outside, teasing, teasing, teasing, and my tongue is gliding up the length of her slit, over and over, but not against her clit, not even into her cunt, just licking the seam as I trace it with my fingertips.

And then, simultaneously, my long middle finger probes her entrance and glides into her wetness and warmth, and my tongue stiffens against her clit. She makes a whimpering cry, and I feel her cunt squeeze my finger as heat and pressure build like wildfire in the pit of her belly. The spasm is imminent, and i have only just begun.

I suckle her clit between my teeth. My finger glides in until my knuckles bump against her g-spot and then I withdraw and add a second finger.

I curl them inside her finding a spot that rips a gasp from her, forces her hips into motion, and then—she screams “oh Fuck, fuck, fuck” as my tongue is a mad wild fevered starving thing, flying around her clit so fast she falls back onto the bed and arches her spine, and all this only crushes her cunt harder against my face as my fingers massage that perfect magical spot and my tongue flits and flicks in crazed circles.

I sit back, hauling her partially off the bed, and her legs wind around my neck and shoulders. She is shamelessly grinding against my face, now.

And then it’s too much to take and she can’t even keep her legs tight. She goes limp, spine arched to shove her tits toward the ceiling, her cunt fused to my mouth, my hands under her ass, supporting her weight, my tongue working madly. My fingers squelch in and out of her, wet sucking, slurping sounds echoing throughout the room.

The pent up pressure floods through like a tidal wave, bursting in a flood of heat, my fingers continue to thrust and swirl inside adding one then two more, her eyes brazenly glitter in lust as she tells me to fill her more. All my fingers and thumb are in a cone penetrating her core, pulling cunt lips and clit to fold inward sliding feverishly in her, pushing her to the next level, each orgasm more potent than the last. Her voice with incoherent sounds of pleasure and the mantra of “ I am cumming” rising with the crescendo of each climax, her spine arched with each spasm, hips flexing as my hand squelches wet and fast in a fury of motion unless she collapses in one final wrenching spasm.

Mark and Guy are sucking each other, stretched across the bed. Lost in the fury of their pleasure. Their heads bobbing up and down as they consume their hard flesh. Both of their buttocks are clinching as cocks disappear into greedy mouths and reappear glistening and swaying.
Kathy and Dana pry them apart so they can gorge themselves on the hard flesh/ Noisily they are sucking in unison sucking Guy and Mark who pump their cocks into both willing mouths.

Guy rises from that combination so he can jam his hard cock in Kathy’s pussy. Riding her mercilessly he pushes her to orgasm after orgasm. She is wrapped around his body legs gripping him so he can not escape as she pummels her cunt up to meet his thrusts.

I move to suck Tom beside the bed, his member jutting out and throbbing as he takes in the sights and sounds in front of us. My fist slides easily, smoothly up and down his ridged, veined, velvet-and-iron length. I move it to my mouth savouring the muskiness of his arousal and the weight of his balls as they reach my chin once I have him deep in the back of my throat. The intensity of my mouth on him is too much at the moment and he pulls back to reverse our position so he can suck my rod. He lays me across the bed so my cock is waving rampant to be consumed.

Beside me, Marie is licking Kathy under her belly as she on all fours sucking Mark. The three of them are bucking up and down in a pagan rhythm, groans and grunts coming from mouths stuffed with pussy and cock.

On bed on my back as Tom continues suck me. He is licking my shaft from my balls to the tip and then swallowing me, only to repeat the process over and over as I squirm under his oral caress. I call Dana over to sit on my face so I can taste her dewy pussy.

I am rapacious as I devour her cunt, back and forth, and back and forth, using my fingers and mouth, milking every last shred of ecstasy out of her being. She is riding my tongue like a surfer on an extended wave of climax. Her hips thrusting, gyrating smothering me with her pussy.

Again we shift positions so now Tom is lying back fingering Dana hovering over him while Guy sucks him and Kathy sucks Guy. Mark is eating Kathy in a daisy chain of lusty feeding. I slide over to grasp his member and ask if he is ready to fuck me. He swings over his cock growing in his anticipation to take me. I grab the lube and a sheath for us and once ready, lean over the edge of the bed so my ass is wide and ready for his pleasure.

Now my asshole and his cock are wet with lube, slippery and ready. He pushes, and I focus on opening for him. The tension builds, and I feel his cock press into my opening, beginning to stretch me apart. God, so slow. Then it’s an eternity of hovering on the edge of orgasm, gasping as Mark gradually, carefully splits me open and fills me, inch by inch. I’m groaning as he slides in the last few inches, shuddering head to toe, tits shaking, sweat dotting my skin, ass clamping as a strange dark new ecstasy rifles through me.

My ass around the thick mushroom head as he plunges down to the root and then flutters back with fast shallow pumps then a long slow glide to fill me to the depths.
My cries are from the darkest part of my lust guttural rife with need.

He is buried to the hilt stretching me to the hilt, I angle and shake with desire leaning forward to grind my buttocks against his hips and bellyroot.
Shuddering with climax after climax I am cursing nonstop each word running into the other as I tell him to “fuck me” ”pump me”.

I lean across the bed so my fingers can slide into Marie’s wetness as she kneels licking Kathy. She is delighted at the intrusion and dances wickedly on my fingers pushing them further into her channel. Now we are all screaming with the lust that has overtaken us, bodies shuddering and muscles spasm as we hurl into climaxes.

Mark is not yet satiated as he climbs out of our tangled group so he can fuck Dana who has been a voyeur to the scenes in front of her. She welcomes his cock wrapping her legs over his back to pull him into her folds.

I put Marie on massage table so she is sitting legs folded up, leaning against the wall to expose her cunt to me. Beautifully bald, plump pink lips, a prominent clit jutting out from the folds of her pussy lips.

She’s a breath away from me, now, her pussy millimeters from my lips. I lift my head, swipe my tongue against her folds. She lets out a breath, and slides a hand between her thighs, using two fingers to spread her pussy apart, exposing her clit for me. I lick at it, swirl it, suck it between my lips. I stiffen my tongue and push it into her channel, and then swipe at her clit once more. She gasps again, a breathy sound, and then I feel her hand abandon her pussy. Then she shifts, leans forward, and now I’m feeling her clit as she fucks my mouth and the sensation is all-consuming, devouring. She fucks me by rolling her hips, grinding her cunt against my lips, and I go back to licking her furiously to match her wanton heat.

My fingertips trail up from her knees to her core, light tickling, arousing touches. Again, I drag my fingers along her thighs from knee to labia, and then a third time. Then my index finger traces her seam from top to bottom. She gasps then, when she does that, and she grins wickedly at me. Sliding my index finger down her seam once more, she presses a little more firmly so my fingertip just barely penetrates her. This time, though, when I reach the apex of my downstroke, I rotate my wrist and drag my finger back up, sliding a little deeper in. Then down again, and deeper. And now I add my middle finger and push those two digits into her cunt, slide them out, then in, and out, and in, and then I rotate my wrist again so my palm is face up. I curl my fingers in a come-here motion, striking her G-spot perfectly, and she shudders all over.

Her cunt is soaked and dripping. My fingers squelch in and out of her slit, and juices spill out of her as my fingers—two of them now, middle and ring—fuck in and out hard and fast, and then I stop, pull them out, drag them through the wetness and smear it on her clit, those two fingers moving in slow circles now, slow, slow, bringing her back down a little, away from the edge. When the heat builds again to a deafening, blinding, all-consuming roar, I go a little faster, pressing my fingers flat against her clit, up and down, pausing to slide them inside.

I hear her moan, now, a high breathy whine. And then a whimper. Another whimper, which turns into a drawn-out groan. As I lick her eyes sparkle with a wicked Cheshire grin as she encourages me to add more fingers to stretch her wide. As my entire fist pushes into her, she is getting louder with each<b> stroke.

</font></b>Another curling<b> stroke </font></b>to the delightful, delicious little spot high inside her, just behind her clit, and then I lean forward and touch my lips to her labia. I lick the outside of her cunt, one side and then the other, still teasing. My hand rooted deep in her.

I prod her clit with my tongue, a teasing touch. Then a lick, a slow pressing of my tongue flat against her hard clit. I suck her clit between my teeth and then stiffen my tongue and lash her wildly, and she devolves into screaming and thrashing.

Swirling her clit with my tongue, she’s writhing on top of me, whimpering, a sultry, erotic sound, the high-pitched shrieks of a woman in the throes of climax, and that sound only turns me on even more.

I am lashing her with my tongue, kissing her cunt as if I’m French kissing her mouth, and she’s screaming with fervor.

Whining and whimper and whisper “yes, yes yesyesyes—” as bliss builds and expands and contorts her body as she climaxes over and over.

One final wrenching spasm—And I feel something give way inside her and a thin powerful stream of something wet spurts from her cunt, splashing on the floor and it doesn’t stop, because she can’t stop coming, cannot stop the crashing chaotic madness of her climax, can’t stop the squirting of her orgasm.

Her eyes lock onto mine, and though her lips remain still and straight and expressionless, a glint in her eyes speaks of the lust emanating from her core.

I move over to Tom who is rampant from the spectacle of Marie and I. I grasp his hard cock and move down to enfold him into my mouth.
I lick the tip, once, quick, a tiny flutter of my tongue over the hole, wiggling the tip of my tongue in it, and then draw a deep breath and angle forward and breathe through my nose and slide his massive shaft between my tingling lips and down my throat, fluttering my tongue along his length as he glides in and in and in.

Then I back away again, not all the way, just enough that the soft, springy, fat head is left in my mouth, and god, that’s a massive mouthful all by itself. I focus on that, now, bob forward on it, swirl my tongue around the head as I back away. I take him fast, then, sucking and fluttering my tongue and bobbing as fast as I can, non-stop, faster and faster, until he’s grunting and his hips are pivoting, and he’s moaning catching his breath, hands clenched.

Once I have Tom rock solid I want him buried in my fundament. I lube us both and slip on a sheath to guide him into my ass. He vigorously pumps me. As I am being fucked by Tom, Guy presents his solid cock and presses it to my mouth. I am being split roasted by two wonderfully hard pricks filling my ass and mouth. We are a trio singing our pleasure with moans. I quickly reach my climax with assgasms rolling across my body, I am writhing trying to hold Guy in my mouth as Tom thrusts into my ass, driving me further into Guy and into climax.

I have to dismount as my legs would take any more of the intense pleasure.

Mark still fucking Dana as I go over so she can suck me. She is bouncing up and down with the thrusting of Mark’s pumping. She takes my hands so I am grasping her face so I fuck her mouth.

She jerks my cock with two hands, her fists slide easily, smoothly up and down my ridged, veined, velvet-and-iron length. She tastes each vein and slithers her tongue over the tautened salty flesh, sliding her mouth from tip to root, tickling with her tongue as I move deeper inside her mouth. She opens her throat and takes my thrusts, then backs away and focuses on the broad springy tip of my dick, circling it with her tongue as she bobs down shallowly.

She and Mark break apart so I move to pull her beside me so I am cupping her mound with a clawing caress that skates up the seam of her lips and then delves inside her grotto and then rocks against her pubic bone.

Two fingers scour her pussy for wetness smear all over her lips with delirium making lubrication. She is anointing herself with a constant flow of juices, I lower my head to suckle at her folds. My tongue spears darting like a hummingbird at her sweet flower as the petals unfold to allow me entrance to her cache of nectar.

Dana takes my head in her hands to guide me, I am willing, eager, hungry go where she directs my tongue as it slides into her folds, curling to lap at her inner flower.
My tongue taking her to the brink within seconds, then stopping. I am teasing her, flicking licks at her clit, teasing little flutters that have her to flexing her hips to expose her bud to my tongue.

I slip two fingers into her slit. My tongue is wild on her clit as I curl my fingers inside her cunt and slide them out and shove them back in and curl them, and when I crook them in a come-here motion, I find that spot high and deep inside her that sends her shaking and shivering and makes her moan as she releases her precious orgasm to my hands.

We sit at the head of the bed catching our breath, watching the exhibition in front of us. Dana and I sit beside each other, I am slowly fingering her as we watching Tom fucking Kathy and Marie kneeling sucking Mark. Tom is climbing up to a peak as his movements become every more frenzied. His ass is pumping up and down in a fury as he drives into Kathy’s willing hole. He explodes.

Mark moves to replace Tom in Kathy as she wants to be filled over and over again.

As Dana and I lie supine on the bed, caught up in our voyeurism I continue to<b> stroke </font></b>Dana. I wedge a hand between our bodies and curl two fingers inside her. She sinks onto my fingers. She shifts to bury them more deeply inside her.

My fingers push her slit wide open and delve into her, spearing through her slick silken heat, scissoring, curling, withdrawing to smear her juices over her clit, multiplying the sensitivity of her clit infinitely. My mouth laves at her nipples and my fingers circle her clit, setting a slow pace at first, teasing her toward the edge, bringing her to the crest and then when she begins to buck and whimper, I slow to pull her back away from the cusp of climax.

I move her to lie down across the bed bedside me so I can kiss her while my fingers are busy in her cunt.

I curl my fingers rubbing the wide pad of my thumb against her clit, sending thrills of pleasure through her. I build her up. Working her to nonstop whimpers, fucking her with my fingers and thumb. Fucking her with them until she is writhing, mewling.

Her body bucks and writhes and heaves beside me, and then her mouth slams against mine, her teeth bruising my lips, her tongue demanding and slippery in my mouth and against my tongue, her kiss a mad crush of need, as if she couldn’t help but kiss me, as if some force woven through the fabric of reality itself demanded she kiss me.

I tease her lips with mine again and again, rubbing her lips on mine, touching her upper lip with my tongue, then licking her lower lip, then darting my tongue against hers. And all the while, my fingernail scrapes and rakes and rasps up and down her clit, penetrating incrementally deeper between the labia with each swipe up and down. She is shaking and shuddering, needy, moaning, but I continue to tease and deny.

I tease her another few moments, my tongue sliding slowly along her upper lip, my finger ever so slightly inside her just barely splitting open her pussy, teasing both sets of lips with tongue and finger.

“Fuck my fingers,” I command. “Ride them.” I do not move them, do not<b> stroke </font></b>her to completion, I firmly hold my curled fingers inside her, seeking her G-spot. I hold them motionless, as she grinds herself across them.

The hunger within her, already roaring, crackling, sparking, is now fanned into a wildfire.

Moans brazenly needy, so erotic, I lean over her head to place my hand behind her neck take her mouth in mine parting our lips shoving tongues between our teeth, dueling, hot vicious horny yet her sweet tongue probes my lips, parts the seam, steals past my teeth and tangles with my tongue.

The feel of her tightness gripping my fingers, her heels dIgging in, calves clenching as she arches her spine up ,thighs quivering, hips thrusting, heels bouncing as she rides my hand.

She is aching, throbbing all over, her skin coated in a sheen of sweat from rocking on the edge of orgasm for so long—
And then, all at once, without warning, I plunge my finger into her cunt and cover her mouth with mine, and she...
She moans wantonly as her orgasm rifles through her. It’s quick, and violent.

My hands remain pined in Dana, kissing her as she cums whispering in her ear to give me her cum.

She rises slowly to sit reclining, her skin still bushed with the rosy hues of orgasms.
I too end up sitting on the bed, on my back, a voyeur, watching raptly at the swirling mass of bodies in front of me seeking to pleasure for themselves and each other.

Guy is being sucked by Kathy he moves over to lick Dana. He brazenly mounts Dana, she is spreading herself to welcome and accommodate his rampant cock.

Kathy sucking Tom as I finger her dripping cunt. Her ass bouncing up and down to the movement of my hand cupping her mount and thrusting into her folds. The others are watching our erotic tableau encouraging us with their words. Almost satiated, Tom and I also stand back to fill our eyes with the lusty passions unfolding on the bed.

Kathy moves beside Dana while Guy continues to ride Dana, fondling her nipples to rock hard diamonds. Then Guy switches to fuck Kathy. She pulls him into her and pumps him with her hips until he explodes vigorously.

We are all satisfied and murmurs of contentment and words of fulfilled passions are exchanged as we slowly gather up our scattered clothing to once more prepare to bid each other adieu. Promises of next time are uttered as we embrace and kiss goodbye.

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