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A Soul Adorned with a Shadow of Love  

mrbitter1969 49M  
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9/21/2021 6:13 pm
A Soul Adorned with a Shadow of Love

Shared and paired the benevolent one opens his arms to reveal the pain attached

The sharing of such, could mean the demise of the worthy, as well as, the damned

The energy is playfully quiet, the boisterous roar kept at bey for the time being

Feeling out the vibe that can so quickly flood the dry basin of understanding and emptiness

Sensing the fear and pain of the eventual confrontation, the bud opens to the forgiving sky

Sucking up the rays of the evening star, believing that the recognition has been, a bit late

Years of absorption and repulsion has built a foundation that can crumble with the slightest try

Spewed into the open, sends energy waves with systemic desires, but without deadly intentions

As the tempest gains strength, the souls look for shelter, finding each other, strings and all

The braiding and manipulation, is natural and kind, as if the flow is exceeding time and space

The reaction is an instant one, sins and lies are the topic of the day, pushing violently at peace

Time is distorted and lengthened, made to feel as though, crime and<b> punishment </font></b>are symbiotic

The guilty must hang, and the righteous mist sing, but the crime becomes fuzzy and less real

Each painful memory, becomes immortalized, painting each brick with envy, creating a space

The foundation seems in jeopardy, as if the weakness has eroded the pleasantness of the love

The burden and inconvenience of it all, wondering, lamenting, loathing, lonely, and warm

Wearing the mask of a smile, while the strings that try to join together, are unmotivated

The price of our ignorance, anger, placation, memory, dreams, hopes, distain, are intertwined

The picture of what was, thoughtfully created with a pallet, more colors the really ever noticed

The desire to outshine, will be overlooked, discredited, fodder for the scavengers to feed from

The carcass will be devoured and desecrated, until its known by only a weeping few, devastated

From the ashes will grow not a phoenix, but an abyss, which will muffle the joys and good times

Confrontation can be a means to an end, a compass to the trail that is unseen and untrue

The fork in the road will prove to be challenging and enlightening at the same time, sometimes

Worthwhile, exciting, uncomfortable, and stark, turning back is the only option to stay mired

Moving past the brambles, thorns, low hanging branches, from which the fruit is always sour

Love is eternal, flawed, wonderful, worthwhile, an intertwined leap of faith, a commitment

Last year’s crop, and the one before, that have a vintage, they all do, but quality is dependent

Wounds to heal, medicine to swallow, day in and day out, all that matters is this moment

Souls like love have strings attached, pulling tight and letting loose, the slack feels good

The opportunity to grow and nurture, forging a path that, if not true, will by well worn

Perfection is unattainable, overrated, and destructive, the glory of destiny is within us all

Having only one life to live, the opportunities to hold on or let go can stain the breeze

Right or wrong, the fool’s gold will flood the market with the appearance of worth, splendor

As with and shiny, pretty thing, it’s worth is only as pure as its inner strength, its core value

You can win a battle and lose the war, but sometimes the battle can resonate, not forgotten

The battles causalities, my take a heaver toll on the overall conflict, that winning is a true loss

It is difficult, if not impossible to sooth a damaged soul, but healing can and will take place

It is when the owner of the soul, decides to reconcile, the past, in order to move forward

The fight is an opportunity to weigh the cost of a war, or if the cost will be too much to bare

For battle wounds heal slowly, leave horrendous scars, overcome, but a gruesome reminder

A reminder not of success, but that the cost of war, affect those, who never enjoy the spoils

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