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Out of the Fire  

mrbitter1969 49M  
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9/21/2021 6:51 pm
Out of the Fire

Time is the destiny of spirit and souls once tarnished and a broken vow

Moving through the mediocracy of the weeks and days culminating in the now

The die being cast and plans laid about, feel the chill and smell of Autumn in the air

The color of ivory against the rust and reds call for ghosts to bless and honor the pair

The winding of the road and the pitch of the path made for forks of trial and shame

The long summer flow left the future unknown while the devils and ghouls made their name

Up hill and around lent to trudging abound making<b> stories </font></b>and tales come to life

The time and the trust and rebuilding a must made the journey filled often with strife

Opportunity knocks and the distance was grand. Lonely nights were often and plenty

They passed by and the time grew great in size, but the rendezvous were short but many

Fate played a hand in the course we would take and the universe finally came to our aid

Together in place presents a path we will make for our love will be gracious not afraid

For the promise that we made to be true for all days will be celebrated year after year

The pledge that I make and the pact that have is to bless the union when both far and near

As the souls and the stars frolic throughout the night they for a moment give way to the light

The dawn is teasing, showing its fight, as our love will grow forever and always be right

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