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Portals to the Soul  

mrbitter1969 49M  
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9/21/2021 6:20 pm
Portals to the Soul

The portal to the soul are warm and inviting

Hiding behind the<b> smoke </font></b>and smolder the soul wanders through unencumbered

As if beckoned, it proceeds with caution with great candor and faith

Shining through the portal with wild abandonment, welcoming the gaze of the one and only

Conjuring up feelings from a former life, the pain is just an enhancement

Moving on a forward on a trajectory to enlightenment, the waterway branches into many tributaries

The path less taken teases and tortures, with lessons learned and trials not yet challenged

Desire and strength from within guides the journey through the briars and brambles

As the moist of the day withdraws, allowing a peering of the sky, hope wakens from its vigilant slumber

Warm and sustaining, and sorely missed, the right path has been chosen

Risk and reward have revealed the delicate balance of trust and belonging

The soul is still, peaceful and happy, as the portals accept the new day

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