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True Colors  

mrbitter1969 49M  
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9/21/2021 6:42 pm
True Colors

Washed with color illuminating the starkness and uncertainty, knowing the end is in sight

The brilliance of all of the shades, rests with the knowledge the rebirth of souls, a given right

The color breathes in the desperations of the newly formed day, exhaling to believe it to be true

Powerful and motivating the ones who doubt the veracity and will travel and seek out the view

Too many times prevarication is the color of the day, making it difficult to discern the right path

The journey is slow and unexplored, trailblazing and forging a new way with unexpected wrath

Watching the branches and stumps, affirms the understanding that wild things are wild not tame

Seeing the light up ahead, with cautious and guarded enthusiasm and a wondering about faith

The sunshine and the rain would complement the splashing and rolling the waves as they break

The tides and the lies keep the peace throughout the daily punishment of the white sand<b> beach

</font></b>Slowly kissing the fair haired siren over and over until it reclaimes as far as the water can reach

Washing the hopes and of the traveled, creating a memory that will intertwine with circumstance

When lost and scared the structure of certainty will be on full display as the minutes pass

Alert and awake are the cries of the weary, this is the time for action and accomplishment

For those who fall behind will be ravages by the spectres and ghouls, as they are sent

The time has arrived and the plan must executed, so that the lemmings can find their way

Haberdashery has pointed to the white, black, and grey, sewn from the souls and dreamers

As the light rears its head slowly and pronounced, the forest and the glen provides pleasers

The dew makes it way and the petals suck in the warmth, on this special springtime

Walking slowly to say goodbye , the miracle happens again and again, till next time

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