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mrbitter1969 49M  
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9/21/2021 6:50 pm

The tempest and the temptress followed a similar destructive path seeking devastation

The howl and the bluster come early in the night, as the kindness feels the frustration

Looming and strong, boasting power and rank, the swirl and the wind sheering the past

The approach is a blessing for in time it will pass, cowering and shuttering must be very fast

The breath of the dragon and the heat of his flames, shower brimstone over the head

The cinders and ash paint the mural of the day, treating all of the living and the dead

The roar and the fury send a sign of the day, calling for the mercy and value of life

The swelling and the crashing of the<b> beach </font></b>and the waves is a beauty known only as strife

The bending and breaking the snapping of limbs litter the heart and the mind’s eye

The souls of the chosen and those who are damned are challenged to live out a lie

For the doomed will be judged and the day now has come, before this all comes to a rest

With their shiny white suits and floral prints, deceiving their host with their Sunday best

Time with the sinners and being part of the hoard, has made them a choice that is clear

The herd will be thinned and the faint will be lost but the pure will make it through without fear

The leaves have been settled, waves lap the beach, making nice through eye of the storm

The path that we take and the choices we make will see us through as the fury reforms

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