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First Blog Post  

mroffkilter 32M
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8/23/2020 12:48 pm
First Blog Post

I am a sexual thrill-seeker and enjoy NSA encounters. Here is my latest story:

Story Time

I had a wonderful meetup a week ago. A woman responded to one of my personal ads. I am a good writer: I write honestly and am pretty funny. Frankly, there's no higher praise than gaining a sexy woman's interest. Flirting has always been my main fount of inspiration.

So I was excited to get her , but when I opened the image, I honestly assumed she was another spam bot. She was way too hot to be single, I thought... but for a face like that, I don't really care if she's single.

(It's tempting to show her photo on here but I don't share pics without direct consent and she was a nice girl.)

She did pass my initial spam filter: I always ask a question that a human can answer but a bot can't. Her response made her real, so I responded and we chatted by email and then . Man, I am glad I stuck with it because from her first email Sunday night, we setup a rendezvous Tuesday night.

We met in Burlington, halfway between our starting points. When I opened the car door and saw her in person for the first time, she did not disappoint. She was white and well-tanned from her work in the sun, and her blonde hair was darker than I had expected from her photo. She had an angel's face, the kind I like where the eyes are narrow with dark lashes over wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. It was a model's face and frankly I had an epiphany looking at her: She looks like my last two girlfriends, and I had never realized before that I had a type until I saw God's mold for them in front of me.

Her body was fit and toned. At 31, she was in better shape than most women her age and that's always a big turn on for me. I keep myself fit and toned because I love my body and I love women who appreciate themselves well-enough to take excellent care of their bodies, too.

Most of , I loved the scents. She told she makes her own essential oils and her car and her hair and her skin had a unique, evocative aroma. I can't describe them well: they calmed my mind just smelling them, the way a field of flowers a warm summer day can fill your nose and your skull with relaxation when you breathe it in. Orange blossoms, lavenders, and other scents mingled together around her and the smells are probably my favorite memory from our meetup. Well, second favorite

We went for a walk feel each other out. She told her story. She loved to talk and her voice was sexy as hell, so I asked her to just keep going. She had a lot of bad shit happen to her in the last year and it sounded like a lot of bad shit had happened to her once upon a time, too: car wrecks, bad family, the works.

It started to make sense why a gorgeous woman like her would feel like she couldn't have a "real" relationship and go looking for something NSA. We sat in the grass and she kept fidgeting, stretching her legs and hips and back muscles. Anyone looking from a distance would have thought she was doing a very aggressive mating dance, as I just sat there watching her. When she sat cross-legged in front of me for a minute, I leaned forward and we started to make out. Her scent filled my nose and our tongues eagerly twisted together. When she bit my lip, I could feel my cock starting to press hard against my slacks.

We stopped for a minute. There were on the playground next to the soccer field. She pointed out we were next to her old middle school and told me stories about the trouble she'd gotten into. I'm no twerp and realized she might be excited by ideas she wasn't sharing.

So when she mentioned it was her school, I steered us toward walking through the grounds. We found ourselves wandering among empty portables, wordlessly isolating ourselves from the playgrounds. We said we were just trying to find a private place to pee, because we both needed to relieve ourselves.

We went around separate corners: I urinated on a tree, struggling to keep the stream steady while battling an erection; she peed on the front steps of one of her old classrooms. She thought that was pretty funny.

As we continued walking, she stopped and grabbed my wrist. "Look at that alley," she said coyly, tugging me toward it.

I didn't waste any time and took the lead, stepping past her and pulling her in between a narrow space between two portable classroom buildings. I wrapped my arms around her and pinned her against the wall and we made out, our tongues intertwined and our teeth teasing each other's lips. Our hands explored each other and she brushed her fingertips across my cock pressing tightly against my slacks.

She had told me about all of her pent up sexual frustration and I could tell she wanted to fuck right there, but she was on her period and we were both nervous about getting caught by some family walking to the<b> park. </font></b>It was broad daylight and we were not well-hidden. We could hear on the playground on the other side of the buildings as we ground our hips together.

She looked around and seemed to be a little hesitant, and then asked meekly if she could put my cock in her mouth. I told her yes and she fell to her knees in front of me. She unzipped my fly and pulled it out and held it in her hand admiringly for a moment. I could tell it had been a while since she'd had a good cock in her hand.

I unbuckled my belt and pushed my slacks lower down my thighs and she stroked my shaft a few times, retracting my foreskin fully and pushing my cock into her mouth. She started sucking and teasing me with her tongue. I could see her squeezing her breasts as she worked, but the agony of the pleasure she was giving me made me shut my eyes and lean my head back against the wall.

I opened them and looked around. I knew I had to let go of my nerves if I was going to cum, so I tried to relax. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and started to guide her head back and forth along my length. "Is this OK?" I asked, looking down at her.

She looked up at me and I'll never forget the image. Saliva and pre-cum glistened around her lips as she gave me sloppy head and her eyes were excited and she nodded happily, feeling my hand controlling her head. I started setting the rhythm of her mouth along my shaft, firmly thrusting as she ran her slick hands along my shaft. I could feel the orgasm mounting quickly now that I was in control and I warned her I was going to cum. She moaned excitedly and told me to shoot into her mouth, and I did.

I had been edging all day and my load was massive. My cum filled her mouth and spilled down her cheeks. She must have swallowed some and when my dick stopped pulsing, she pulled it out and spit the rest of the cum on the ground. There was a lot of spitting. I knelt down in front of her and kissed her, wanting to get a taste before it was all gone.

We cleaned ourselves up and left, back to her car. That sexy encounter on her old schoolyard lasted only 5 minutes. We spent another few hours together and had a wonderful night.

I sure hope to hear from her again someday.

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