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white wife  

mrs36ckaren4bbc 57F
7 posts
6/13/2016 9:09 pm
white wife

Wife encouraged by hubby to openly and publicly date men for full sex dates! He prefers blacks, but I am open to all men! I am very open to finding new friends in south omaha and getting known in the hispanic area as a active white female for fun in this area! I have played in the Omaha area now for over 15 years, Most of the time I have openly dated black men. Mostly men in their 50s, but a few young black men too! Young blacks tend to want to slut and share you! In the past years I have openly had 38 different black boyfriends! Six have been under 25 years old and the have put more black cocks in by far than the other32 men! In the past 4 months I have met and openly played in south Omaha with young Hispanic males! Mostly between 19 and 23. And these young men know how to party! They love older white females naked on stage and fucking them! They want their friends to watch as they fuck the older white female to show them how to do it! The object is to embarrass the into showing off on stage too! So far I have actually seen 9 different young girl friends get naked and giving up her pussy to the boyfriend and his buddies! And this is the desired effect to get the young girl friend to let all his buddies to openly fucking her! The girls are mostly true to her man but once they have been up naked being gang banged they are Putas and free for anyone to fuck! Some of these young men actually desire to marry the girl friend more once she is gang banged as it bonds her to his boys and he never needs to worry if she is cheating on him as all his boys and friends fuck her regularly! I have found the young Hispanic males very kinky and once one male whores his girl they all want it to happen to the wife! Even some of the older guys have said Momma whole look good on a table banging!

dell9600 64M  
1111 posts
6/13/2016 9:33 pm

Damn, sure wish I were in Omaha!

calgary_wants_u 51M
21 posts
6/13/2016 11:10 pm

ughhh why do i live so far away any wife is a yummy wife......

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
12/4/2017 3:54 am

Dam I would love to play on your playground looks like a lot of fun

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
2/20/2018 5:13 am

Still Open for a date with you very nice tits

PLAYMATE1232006 74M/75F  
5 posts
5/29/2018 6:23 pm

3840815 this is mike wanna chat more with ya. love to rekindle our fun time

mrs36ckaren4bbc 57F
1 post
10/16/2018 11:15 pm

Mike was my first black lover!

FantasyMan532 60M  
64 posts
11/24/2018 3:33 am

Hi I still would very much love to play with your Beautiful tits and more

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