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2 ball toss married man games  

mstkinez 46F  
43 posts
12/3/2019 7:24 am
2 ball toss married man games

You were kind sweet respectful “real” understanding hopeful open (I would know much later why) playful funny and just plain awesome!!!!

Hallelujah thank you Lord and Amen!!!!

Or were you?

As I met you smiling so genuine and sweetly at me, I should have seen beyond the moments(pockets of comfort you were making a new project and I was an awesome new piece of idea) of pure smiles know more about your life yet as I asked apparently line of questioning was not the appropriate one as I did not discover the way get you disclose an entire life was placed on hold for the experience, one you have great reasons stay true yet can be exhausting and painful but yields the greatest riches this world has offer you created and apparently added many things it, as it’s gotten be more than you can seem want deal with(grand creations are sometimes complicated), but one you know has the best challenges and the best rewards.
You’re married.
You should have said it first since I am sure I asked you
Now profile explicitly states I am not interested in getting involved with married men, yet here you are... inside me.... thinking of them....ultimately this is the truth.
We’re friends, but as I bounced you back (2 ball toss) I am left with a feeling I don’t want to know about...
See, this culture of “fuck your feelings” and “get out of your feelings”, I am all in mine! They are mine and I can be... (and what?)
I am emotional because I don’t like being the lady who was tricked into being the experiment, which is who I became the moment you were ‘single’ instead of ‘married’(the truth) and again when I got in the car and asked are you married (your response: no)
As long as there’s a spark in your eye and guilt in your spirit, I will always tell you to try,(SEPARATED IS STILL MARRIED) (I was married once, I know how it’s supposed to be and I encourage the world who chooses to have it to experience it purely because I BELIEVE in love and I don’t like being in this space- Life Changing Pussy, lol either things get better or worse but the counsel and the act shift your thinking plus, You can’t say you’re single again until after you have a divorce decree dissolving the marriage, These are both legal binding documents - you’re welcome for the explanation)

I send you home -you are friend, so I must see you return to this existence brings you the highest joy.
Any and all advice given would have been the same and the sex was not a toll, but an anchor because it is a memory interruption you didn’t need... as much as it seemed for the path chosen... yet real friends we shall always be ... but I’m not gonna keep the conversation with any physical contact because you have a lot going on I don’t want to fit life into, stolen moments when I can choose those given in honesty and have less barriers and keeping self respect and not feeling embarrassed goes a long way for existing with own peace.

earth2adam4u 56M
108 posts
12/3/2019 9:13 am

Since i have never been married i have never understood the complication with married people. Yet it does get complicated. In the end you cannot control what someone else is going to do to. People will fuck who they want to fuck. But the true character of the person will stay the same through it all.

mstkinez replies on 12/4/2019 2:37 pm:
Well it is true that I cannot control who he has sex with most of the time and neither can his wife, I still deserve the honesty and the choice I asked the right questions at the right time and I was lied to directly until after...To the point where I had to explain to him that separated is still married and I said what I said and I meant what I said

boobwhisperer69 57M  
6206 posts
12/3/2019 9:38 am

Honesty is always the best policy!!

mstkinez replies on 12/4/2019 2:37 pm:

MissCinders 55F
1525 posts
12/6/2019 8:54 am

Honesty or not, no way will I waste my time with a married man. I am not here to help anyone cheat.

mstkinez replies on 12/6/2019 10:24 am:
I agree with you 100% by friends I meant platonic because I will help to sort out thoughts because that’s what friends do....on the same token if given the option with truth then I don’t make the mistake of helping them cheat

mstkinez replies on 12/9/2019 5:28 am:
Plus without honesty, you don’t know that you’re helping them cheat... until you know. I asked, he lied... truth came out, boundaries got redefined for his explicit understanding and the conversation remains only now it’s not steered toward any games or sexuality, but towards his reassembly to the life he chose.... his marriage

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