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Foreign Meeting  

mstkinez 46F  
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11/12/2019 4:47 pm
Foreign Meeting

I decided to actually let my location be accurate and even to local people on my last international ... it was refreshing to diverse minded people and to enjoy the possibility of meeting someone new... UNTIL
There’s ALWAYS am until my internet connection made it impossible to actually meet... I literally have gone incognito to only the one friend who I made plans with for 5 hours (once I reached the meeting place and for the first time I was not found!) strange but possibly a sign?(I apologize to the person here since the name here eludes me)

This did not stop my great time since I make my own fun but wow I hate looking like a flake’

I am just not often left to be alone (light attracts people- that’s ME.. i am light... to moths

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11/12/2019 5:39 pm

earth2adam4u 56M
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11/12/2019 5:47 pm

Sounds like it would have been a fun encounter. Your adrenaline must have been pumping. That is often half the fun. I always say life is a collection of moments. That must have been one of them. Perhaps the pay off was not there but it was still memorable. Next time you will have a more fail safe plan. Lesson learned.

But they way, if you read my profile, I can now only communicate via my AdultFriendFinder blog. I am out of AdultFriendFinder points, so thanks to AdultFriendFinder i can no longer reply on the IM messenger or via AdultFriendFinder e-mail. So i created a special thread on my blog for messages. The link is on my profile. It also contains methods for "off-site" communication" if you prefer more private method but the blog is on-site but less private.

Hope all is well and the trip went well.

mstkinez replies on 11/13/2019 12:31 am:
I see that even here it’s not giving me the same links as all the other friends who wrote responses(sucks) I will look for you there though and thank you for the heads up!!!

I ended up on an impromptu date (at the restaurant downstairs where I performed and was offered a job) as always when I take international trips and not with the planned suitor... oh well... like I said, I make my own fun....

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11/12/2019 6:26 pm

>I Am Sorry To Read That<

That Does Suck!!


mstkinez replies on 11/13/2019 12:32 am:
It was also very strange

gentlelovrjust4u 62M  
182 posts
11/12/2019 8:53 pm

My wife and I went to meet another couple who had not shared their photo with us. We got to the meeting site and where waiting for someone to approach us. There was really only one other couple there and they did kind of keep looking over at us before they left. It was most likely the couple that we were there to meet and for some reason they decided that we were not who they were looking for and did not have the common decency or class to tell us that were where not who they were looking for. Lots of low class or no class people on this site. I / we tell people when we set up meeting that we will show up at the meeting site and wait 1 hour and then leave unless we hear from them otherwise. That way, we are not hanging around for hours waiting.

mstkinez replies on 11/13/2019 12:40 am:
Yeah, we didn’t have a set amount of time that I would wait for him and he tried to invite me to his hotel....but I am not one to meet someone at their hotel who I don’t know mostly for safety reasons and secondly for chemistry reasons and tertiarily for the opportunity to genuinely enjoy the time walking back to the room (let the sparks fly) apparently, as I got ready to leave the hotel it became obvious to a tall kind gentleman that I might be one who should stay or be there and he mustered the courage to approach me and we had a great evening sipping wine enjoying the live music at the restaurant and making a new friend - it worked out this time

Yeah it’s still strange to me about my Internet going down mostly because it only went down in the conversation with him and it still hasn’t gone back up I’m in Wi-Fi that’s very strong too. I don’t work 12 hours later I’m able to respond online but I’m not able to respond to him so maybe he blocked me the minute I said I was there who knows wish I did

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