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I discriminate
Posted:Nov 15, 2016 11:02 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2017 12:40 pm

I mentioned somewhere on this site that I'm not looking for anal puncturing....

Y'all laugh but I'm so serious.
That means several things that it seems I need to spell out for those who don't understand my subtleties:

don't approach me if you are looking to dig out a poopshooter,

don't approach me if you have sex with men,

and my non transitioned tvtstg sisters are still men anatomically( I don't care how pretty she is when dressed, the only lower entry she had is her anus)

basically, if there's shit on your dick, I can't use it and you can keep it and keep moving.

We all have preferences and that is one of mine. .

Respect it, or deal with the foolishness that will follow with no shame or comment

I don't judge you, I don't even want to deal with you..... But you need to be aware that this is my preference so that you can be as respectful to my not wanting it in my life as I am about you wanting it in yours...

Now go for it and have fun, but miss me with it....

The experiment
Posted:Jun 21, 2020 1:05 pm
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

We started off chatting here and you were very very friendly immediately telling me you loved me which I found be a little bit awkward but I excepted you because you were extremely expressive and I do like having good conversations

The next thing I know we’re discussing topics that would lead me to believe that you genuinely care about something beyond the sex which is the nature of this site.

And then it happens…
You asked me for my phone number and I make the decision that I am going to meet you no matter what happens in the course of this conversation

We made the time is beautiful and things write very nicely for a few weeks until… There’s always in until guys just know that

You decide that you want to compare political thoughts and racial profiles against one another in order to comprehend and understand where I stand in the world as opposed to you. The one thing that you seem to neglect is the fact that we are not exactly the same therefore we would never end up in the same spot after kindergarten when discussing economics. I point out the fact that I am nothing more than a treasure screw to you or an experiment yet you seem to think that I am mistaken

Ultimately I was led to understand that the entire experience was an experiment for you whether it ended in sex or not simply interacting with me as a black woman was your experiment not sure how I feel about that but I needed to let that be known that it is an aspect of dating.

Yes your penis is smaller than I wanted it to be no I never touched it sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach LOL
Unruly Switch
Posted:Jun 1, 2020 12:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

We chat ,you ask me to spit in your face - which gives me pause in the age of Corona (i decline and remind you that it’s risky), but I’m curious to know you and in a ravenous mood for adventure.... you are submissive and very eager so i am sure to be careful in both chatting and talking..... not picking a name for you until after i get a vibe directly of your personality (everybody gets a nick name lol)

You ask what to call me and I don’t divulge any name because I’m still trying to see if the name i choose for you will fit and if I’m comfortable. I am trying to talk to you and find that space...

You want to touch the pic...
the sexy lips, the black fishnet stockings(with the seams up the back), garter belt, crotchless lingerie, high heels, watch me smoke a cigar.....perch me up and pamper me... you expressed your fantasy in the conversation and i heard you, explicitly. Plus, I’m in the mood for adventure... i suggest dental dams because i am shook about the whole spit in the face thing...(I don’t forget)

As were flirting and chatting, i pack a bag with heels inside. I get dressed discreetly with all that you requested, minus the cigar....

The meet time (6pm) comes and as i walk up to the mutual location.... you are disappointed that I’m wearing combat boots and not heels(I believe in discretion until the familiarities can begin. The boots fit the style of my outfit, heels would have been too much- and duh... what was the bag for)

We ride for drinks and you decide to take me back “to get my heels”. I tell you, you don’t need to or want to take me for my heels... you still do


Anyway, I tell you (because we met to vibe and even though you were a gentleman, you were difficult for no reason and made excuses instead of being honest- when I’m ravenous I like honesty to the point that my patience wears thin) if you take me back before I’m ready for something that i didn’t say that i needed, I’m not dealing with you again, a fact that you doubt...(it is because of how the interaction went that is the issue)

I check on you because there was a curfew implemented right after you left... because i like making sure people are ok if they cross my path (just me)

Sooo much for adventure.....
Posted:Apr 22, 2020 1:28 am
Last Updated:Apr 22, 2020 1:42 am

We chat you compliment my profile that you have not read....

I don’t know you only looked at the pictures but i should have because your face is up and you still responded....

Now certain things are expressed explicitly though with a bit of crassness on my profile:

No faces- on your profile: it says you’re incapable of keeping a secret and have nothing to lose
on my profile- I prefer meeting in person it’s a great way to keep it sexy and remain anonymous until meeting (I DO MEET if things go well)
AND most of all it is a turn off to see that you peed in the pool before the party!!!!

The very first thing you ask for is a photo.... i realize that men are visual creatures so i gave you 2 varieties: the eye candy that pulled you in and i have a little more for those who stay and remain friends.... not for the interviewer with his face up who’s not telling me about himself but trying to get me over to his house (I don’t know you to be comfortable with your face being on a sex site as your only identificaron... supposed qualification and designation. I feel jarred because it is literally all you have and you sent it twice

I decline to share a photo (we’re not even conversing and you already sent me yours and I’m over it since your face is already up- what are you showing me?)

You must be upset? But I’ll inform you that yes in quarantine you should find something new or different ... but do your research because you might need to share a different or new piece of yourself...(after all, you can’t wear the same dirty shirt to all the parties)

Plus there’s something refreshing about adding layers /depth to interaction ... lol on some level, it is also the goal....
Blocked communications
Posted:Feb 24, 2020 3:26 pm
Last Updated:Jul 28, 2020 2:41 am

We chat
You either interview me expecting me to be interested in you solely because you’re writing me, you get excited at what a great catch you arte without letting me in on the “secret”, you skip establishing report of any kind because in your mind: i should want you because I’m logged in and you’re talking to me... or worse yet: Do you have a photograph of so I’m supposed to know who you are which is like the trifecta of bullshit for this site I don’t care about your face you should not be here this is a place where you’re supposed to be establishing certain things without words and if the first thing you’re establishing to me is that you can’t keep your own secret and get the fuck out of my inbox telling me how Descreet you are you gonna keep mine because your a fucking liar you can’t keep your own

Whatever the stupid idea... I have zero idea who you are and you’ve given even less reasons to care. I am supposed to in some form.

However it goes you get mad because I decline whatever invite you give me then I’m all kinds of names including a man it gets varied in the levels of disrespect.

Then it happens…

You block me

Usually mid conversation because you know I’m about to give you the slobber knocker that no one‘s ever given you of truth that you don’t want to hear - only when people ignore you they’re funny and fake...I’m real and I’m not lying but you block me

This of course is only until you realize that you really DO like my photographs more than you thought so you write me again not realizing you blocked me so I can never respond to you...all I can do is laugh at the fact that you came back and blog here

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Unless you’re worthy, I’m basic- ally uninterested
Posted:Feb 4, 2020 9:08 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2020 4:06 am

So I have this person inside of me who tells me I’m beautiful (in my mommy’s voice) tells me when to run laughs at all my jokes and tells the ones I chuckle at when no one’s talking...
Sometimes she says “bihhh he can get it!!!”
Others she tells me to run... she’s never lead me wrong, she’s my guide, my comfort and my soothing encouraging me to go on through it all

So as close as i am to myself just know there is NOT A SINGLE SYLLABLE that can be delivered to make me feel different from her reaction your vibe!!!!

If she says stay away, I cannot put my finger on it... just know you will not be putting your finger near me.
It’s cool that you’re confident that you should meet the picture and maneuver the flesh but sex site or real life I’m ALWAYS more than that and if I feel like you don’t see me as more I will remain a photograph. Call me whatever but I bet you won’t say it to my face.... lol
Tripod TeddyBear pt 2
Posted:Jan 16, 2020 12:59 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

If you read the first one you had to know that was going to be a part two because of how much I liked him ....

So he calls me back and I accept just because every girl needs a tripod teddy bear in her life
now let me explain what that means that is a man is soothing (cuddle worthy always worth the time to sit in his lap patient kind a listener - just like a teddy bear you can do anything with them except with the tripod teddy bear it’s literal-do anything with them) I guess he didn’t want to be that to me- Doesn’t realize what a great place that is for a man sexually)

he called me back I guess to try to make amends possibly having read my blog
I accepted like the dummy that I am sometimes when I think I found what I want and this volley that we once had before is apparently disturbed but I overlooked the red flag just to be able to spend one more night with him which turned into two spaced two weeks
I don’t fuck every two weeks and if I look on this website and I find the person that I’m fucking on the website not even dropping me a to say hey because flirtation here is just a sexy via (and I did tell him I am into that)then it’s safe for me to assume that they don’t really want to talk to me and variety is the spice of their life with or without me.

I’m not into rejection although I spend most of my day rejecting when I finally do choose what I really want, rejection is devastating

I guess I’m not as cute as you wanted me to think so that you could get into my panties but the question is why double back a second time you didn’t need to make any explanations for me you could’ve just kept it moving you are no less of an asshole for treating me the way you treating me right now than you were before when you ghosted

I’m very sensitive I notice everything just like you I stay logged in but I don’t ignore you I really liked you you really like variety but you really only wanted to let me feel special instead of being honest

The trade off from honesty is I don’t feel no type of way because I know what’s going on but with you trying to make me feel special and being dishonest I wonder what the fuck I’ve been doing all this time
Posted:Jan 7, 2020 12:07 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

With so many changes on the horizon life looks shaky for me right now and sensitivity is my most plentiful emotion.

For me that means everything hurts... and I DO MEAN everything... words touch, looks Even the lack there of... I can’t stand it, this transitional place where i have no skin and everyone wants ti touch me... there are words to describe but even they are painful. No matter where i go i am truly alone in all settings. REAL Friends elude and fake people abound promising friendships that I don’t need- the kind that don’t include actually being a friend.

The way i live, sets off alarms for my real friends family (a diamond under real pressure to accept the unacceptable and overlook the disregard.) my reason for being picky in any and all contact with another because I will not take another dollop of foolishness disregard disconnect indiscreet blind person in my life there are far too many of them and it is not how i live.If this decision means I need to be alone then I’m not afraid of that because I’ve been alone for a long time but I won’t accept any less than what I need in the form that I want it
I know you!!!!
Posted:Dec 28, 2019 6:09 am
Last Updated:Mar 5, 2020 8:32 am

So you think AdultFriendFinder is Facebook and you posted up your face
But the sites are completely different so this boldness eludes ...
Let ask you ask yourself a question:

Would you walk around the streets during the day with a tshirt on listing your sexual desires for the world see? (I doubt that VERY seriously- and if you would we’re definitely not a match)

That’s exactly what putting faces up on the site resembles ....it says you cannot keep a secret - not that you want know you are (common excuse) because if you wanted know you are then you would only show who you are( of course mentioning that you will show your face upon request there by subtly asking me keep your secret ) and by I am being general as in each woman that you deal with individually as opposed the whole world which opens you up : hey you’re that guy from the sex site right?

do you really want that kind of celebrity?

Now I have choices on how I can deal with you and the situation:

I can ignore you and let you call a fake profile - which is what happens a lot of guys the women are simply not interested so they’re not answering you


I can answer you and tell you exactly how I feel... I might piss you off but at least you know I’m real (by the way I don’t care if you’re pissed I’m more pissed that you talk and I can’t do anything with you understand that )

I will always point out how your face being on this site makes you recognizable on the street for no apparent reason and how if I show up in your town I might just tap you on the shoulder because now I know what you look like and it would only be to say: “aren’t you on that sex site guy ? “ (Internet celebrity lol)

There’s no point in you getting mad because you are in fact the guy from the sex site your face is up for everyone to see because you want them to know who you are even though you’re not talking to all of them

think about that
Tripod TeddyBear
Posted:Dec 23, 2019 12:15 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

We chatted here one early morning you were so sweet so kind so helpful understanding witty and confident...it was pull me from my bed to yours sexy I gave you my information...(I am no fool, I wanted you to cum with me for a spell
I keep you around through my adventures in Europe keeping you abreast of pretty much my every move because you were so open and understanding I feel like I could be honest with you of everything that was going on my trip was quite an event full and made me want to see you even more. I wait a month after I get back and we decide to meet up (You were also very patient to wait... patience is sexy)

I noticed everything

I NOTICED everything

We finally meet up walking and talking losing ourselves in the moment and enjoying the time....i had a GREAT NIGHT and I thought you did too(you said as much)

Now, I should have asked for your plans (I thought I did)
After we hung , I thought we’d have a chance to get a good rhythm- why am I always wrong about these things?

Your car “breaks down“ and although you’re still making excuses in the sweetest way possible and the next outing is completely on me, you go ghost when I was not able to respond to a because I was working we made plans to meet that day but I told you I was working I would’ve still met you even though I worked

Anyway although you explained your situation and I thoroughly understand what you said, what I don’t get is allowing it to be a factor in the moments of escape I offered(no obligations and no interruptions to your everyday life-give me and yourself a couple of nights of peace)...
(I liked you enough to be a sanctuary for a time)

Guess it’s too much, but it’s still true.
Guess I should thank you for not dragging me in?
Guess I’m too nice?
I’m not patient enough lol but can be patient when life is this short and I found a genuinely good person?
Ghost in the VOiP
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 11:25 pm
Last Updated:Dec 26, 2019 5:28 am

Circled my profile for about 4 months....

Curiosity conjured conversation, but it was one sided...like an interview (I hate when that happens)
I ask questions that go unanswered, noticing each missed answer waiting for them but politely answered the questions posed to me.

Now, my pet peeve is being answered with irrelevant response...

Then the invite to meet up
But with who?

You have a good idea of who i am, but who are you?

You get upset with my decline, calling me everything but something nice because I also decline sharing my face pictures, which I don’t do(pressure for what?)

You block me on site, but you already got a contact number for me(of course it’s not my direct number since you’re virtually a ghost who interviewed me)
You’re upset about that, but I’m only doing my due diligence on staying safe (your profile is also turned off so I truly have zero clue who’s chatting- you’re lucky you got that far)
We argue via that conversation as well lol and you announce that you have blocked me and the conversation is over(I’m cool with it lol)

But, of course....

Your sexual urges do not allow you to leave me alone and you write me three days later as if we did not get into the blowout argument where you dismissed me and you converse as if it never happened again asking me out

My spidey senses say to keep declining... wish i knew how to block you back on that line.... lol you don’t even like me
I’m back
Posted:Dec 16, 2019 9:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2020 11:6 am

Finally fixed the glitch... and lol some of the fellas have not changed... still focused... on sex blind sex... I am home!!!! (And STILL NOT looking for blind sex)

Don’t forget, we all like it differently... I respect your way, you respect mine... Do not be puzzled as why our paths don’t cross or why when they do it’s not the turn you want.... we go about it differently, therefore: it’s always a possibility it won’t work for us but have faith we will all find what we’re looking for

Happy Humping

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