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multiorg44 64M/62F
12 posts
8/18/2016 1:32 pm

It seems to us that there is a real need for a new term for the husband/bf of a hotwife/hgf. cuckold just does not cut it because, as the t-shirt says, "Is it cheating if my husband watches?" Or for that matter, joins in.

According to Wikipedia, a cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife. This implies cheating not consent. So, we really need a new term for the man who willingly allows, wants and perhaps even craves another man/men having sex with his woman.

We have a new word for the woman, hotwife. The obvious would be hothusband or hothubby but they don't quite roll off your tongue, now, do they? Any suggestions? Please post.

Ienjoythetaste 72M
2562 posts
8/19/2016 1:13 am

To be a cuckold he does not have to know his wife is fucking others.

If they are not the husband and watch they would be a voyeur. I would say that is what the husband is if he watches..

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topnowplz 44M
17 posts
9/3/2016 8:57 pm

It also depends on the level to which your hubby is a cuck. If he is full sissy cuck, i.e. open to full sexual use by your bull (for example, if you are out of town and your bull wants to bust a nut in your husband), then sissy or bitch hubby would still work.

Chad1476 44M
2 posts
9/7/2016 3:26 pm

I never thought of the hubby of a Hot Wife to be a cuckold. My understanding of the Hot Wife lifestyle is that both the wife and hubby willingly enter into the lifestyle where as with a cuckold relationship the wife and bull ran the show so to speak. The major differences in my experience being that with a hot wife the hubby can join in or watch which ever he desires where as with a cuckold he has no say in the matter and generally denied sexual activities by the wife.
I have never thought of the husband of a hot wife as anything as a lucky guy never a cuckold.
I guess everyone has there own take on each situation.

Cowtown_man99 46M
14 posts
9/10/2016 11:02 pm

tomato tamato

multiorg44 64M/62F
7 posts
9/15/2016 7:24 am

Hey Chad1476, I agree with you 100% which is why there needs to be a better term for the husband/bf of a hotwife/gf. Cuckold is often mistakenly used even when the term does not really apply. If he just watches, then Ienjoythetaste is correct in calling him a voyeur and that term can be applied to both men and women.

Although the definition of cuckold does not include voyeurism, I've seen the term used where the husband/bf is present and watching. In this case he is both being a voyeur and being shamed by his wife having sex with another man - "bull" (see, we have a term for him). In this scenario, voyeur doesn't really apply because it's something different. And cuckold doesn't really apply because he's present and, although, there is some implied non-consent, he really wouldn't be there if he didn't consent to it, would he? Well, unless it's against his will in which case he's more of a kidnapped victim. But in reality this scenario is more of a role play. One term I can come up with is VUCKOLD, the combination of a Voyeur and a Cuckold. And, although, the wife in this scenario is often mistakenly referred to as a hotwife, I think that term doesn't apply. I think BITCH does apply. So, we have the Bitch and the Bull having sex in front of the Vuckold.

All of this is fine but it still leaves the original situation unsolved. That of what to call the husband/bf of a hotwife/gf. Lucky Guy would be true but applies in too many other situations (i.e., too general). Perhaps Vusband for a husband who just watches and so is also a voyeur.

But what if he participates? As in an MFM threesome. Let's come up with something appropriate. After all, this guy is sharing his wife with another man. The term should not be derogatory, like cuckold. It should be more a term of respect and passion, as hotwife is/implies.

Be creative and respectful. Submit your term.

hotwife2be 39M/37F
1 post
10/5/2016 9:07 am

if you go to tumblr and search stag, it seems that it describes what your talking about. at least from what I have see the stag/hotwife lifestyle is inclusive of husbands that are not degraded or denied or any of that type of thing. eventually this is the type of relationship that my wife and myself hope to have.

multiorg44 replies on 11/16/2016 12:16 pm:
Great comment, hotwife2be. I love the term Stag. It's not exactly defined as that officially but, like a lot of words that came to mean something a little different from the main definition, it can be pressed into service in this case.

Thanks for the contribution.

Let's declare right here that Stag is now the term for the husband or boyfriend of a hotwife.

I like the fact that you put in your profile: "I love my husband very much and you must show him and our marriage respect if you contact me." That sentiment reflects how most hotwife/stag couples feel. We're not looking to replace or denigrate either partner in the couple. We're just turned on by watching and/or participating in another male putting to our hotwife and the ensuing pleasures gotten by ALL parties involved.

multiorg44 64M/62F
7 posts
12/15/2016 2:35 pm

I'm reversing my decision to use "Stag" as the new term for husband of a hotwife.

Stag really has a much different meaning, namely being a male with his companion. And, as we know, most husbands of hotwives are not alone. Stag would be a more proper term for the single male getting it on with the hotwife.

So, what do we call the Husband/bf? Well, recently I joined a group that was called Husbands of Hotwives and it seemed to fit well that we should just call them that. It's simple, descriptive and accurate.

Husband of a Hotwife or Hotwife Husband or HH or 2H.

What do you think?

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