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Is the Profile Fake?
Posted:Jan 18, 2017 3:44 pm
Last Updated:Apr 6, 2017 11:09 pm

It should not be a surprise that there are fake profiles on this site...and probably every site like this one. That said, I don't know how many or what percentage. I don't think it's a large number because I've met a lot of the members who contact us, so it seems there are a lot of legitimate people on the site.

Here are some things that I use to weed out what I think are fake profiles.

Free member - look, if you're serious about meeting people on this site, you should pay the small fee they ask. You probably spend more on drinks in one evening than this site costs for a month.

Only 1 picture or 1 picture repeated 2 or more times. We live in times where everyone with a cell phone has a decent camera that costs nothing to take pictures, so why only take 1? Use a mirror, if you don't have a friend to take it for you (and if you don't have a friend that'll take your picture, what does that say about you - probably nothing you care to have others know.). I find that most legit profiles have several pictures.

Pictures must correlate. What's that mean? Well, if your profile is of your big, erect cock but the other pictures look like someone else's...probably a fake profile or at least a fake picture. Same for the gals. One picture is outstanding but the others are of someone older and/or fatter. Red flag!

It's not just fake pictures to be concerned about. It's also misleading pictures.

Please, leave out pictures of you from years ago when you were hot and sexy...and thin.

What about pictures of your dog, cat, , whatever? Ok if you're in it too and restrict it to maybe 1 or 2 pictures and you've got lots of others of just you.

Pictures of you and your car, house, motor cycle. Again, 1 or 2 fine as long as you've got plenty of others.

Pictures of your vacation. Ditto the above.

What we want to see:

For couples: Pictures of BOTH of you together. Clothes on or off? Preferably both but if you have to go with only one, let it be clothes off! You do know what this site is about, don't you?

Gals: We'd like to see her tits, belly...all of her. We want to see her naked with a clear view of her body/type.

Guys: We'd like to see his cock ERECT. For some reason, men take pictures of themselves with flaccid cocks. What's the point? We've never seen any picture of a flaccid cock that is appealing except to the extent it shows the rest of the guy's physique but we can see his physique just as well if he's got a hard-on.

Pictures of your rear - CAUTION. For gals, when you ONLY see pictures of her ass, you can be sure she's got a big belly or looks much fatter from the front, which is ok if you like that but not if it's a surprise. For guys, this is usually code for: I'm bi. Now, there are probably some guys who think they've got a really nice ass and that's a feature they want to show. Ok, just know that bi-curious, bi-sexual and gay males will be contacting you for dates. So, if you're straight and don't want that attention, leave out your ass pictures.

Clear Pictures: most cell phones take reasonably clear pictures if you have some lights turned on. And there's no reason to not have them turned on. So, there should be no reason for having dark pictures where you are hardly discernible. Turn the lights on. If the picture isn't clear, delete it and take another. Their free.

Shaky Cam: If your picture is blurry because you moved the camera when you took it, delete it and take over. If it's video, delete it and put it on a tripod or prop it up or have someone else take the video (they'll enjoy the show...and so will we!).

Clear Video: This is my biggest pet peeve of video. I know it's harder to take clear video. You have to turn on the lights. At first it may kill the mood but after a few minutes of hot action, no one will notice. Believe me. I've done it. I know. And if you've got dark video of your hot action and that's all you've got, delete it (or at least don't post it) and take it over again. Imagine the fun you'll have retaking it. You might even be able to make it better.

That's all I've got for now. Hope it's helpful. Let me know what you think in the comments.
Pictures You Should Have in Your Profile
Posted:Oct 21, 2016 3:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2017 2:30 pm

Many pictures on this site are just plain awful. If you expect to get results, you should seriously consider posting better pictures. So, here's some advice on the subject from someone who has had to suffer through horrendous pictures...and someone who has considerable experience in taking good pictures and videos.

But before getting into the actual pictures, something very important needs to be said and it has nothing to do with quality or quantity. And that is:

1. Your pictures must actually be your pictures not pictures you've gotten on the internet or from someone else. It's illegal, deceptive and stupid, so don't do it.

2. Your pictures must be recent and by that I mean you must still look like you did in those pictures. If not, get rid of them and replace them with recent pictures. Everyone's phone has a camera nowadays. Use it or learn how to use it.

Now, for the pictures themselves. The first big mistake I see a lot of people making is they only have 1 picture in their profile. It doesn't cost anything to take pictures. Use your phone. Take lots of pictures.

What kind of pictures should you take?

Single Males:
Take at least one body shot. This shows what kind of a body you have. It can be nude or clothe, partially or fully. You can include your face/head if you're ok with that. If not, don't include it.

You should also include one or more cock shots. By that I mean fully erect. I see a lot of pictures of nude males with soft cocks. What's the point? She doesn't care what it looks like when it's soft. She only cares what it looks like when you're hard. Take a few shots from different angles and post the ones that look the best.

Make sure it's a clear picture and that the size correctly represents your real size. A little embellishment is ok, we all want to look our best. You can do that with the right angle. But don't make it look like you've got a very long and very think cock when you only have an average one. Lots of women prefer average size cocks because bigger ones can sometimes hurt, especially if the guy doesn't know how to use it or doesn't use lube.

Don't make your cock picture your main profile picture. This is controversial. Some women refuse to even reply to men whose main profile picture is a cock picture. If you don't care or you've got something so special that you just have to show off with, then go right ahead.

Most couples use a shot of the woman as their main profile shot. Since the man is usually the one cruising the site, it makes sense. If she's ok with it, include her face, bare breasts and her waist.

If you're not ok with showing her face, there are many ways to drape her hair or turn her head so her face isn't clearly visible. We all like to see what her hair looks like.

If you're not ok with bare breasts, put some clothing on. You can drape a scarf or other material across them, showing only a portion. She can have a sexy bra on. Or, use sexy clothing or something that clearly shows her features rather than hiding them.

The waist. I see lots of pictures where they have cleverly hidden the fact that her belly is bigger than she or anyone else would like. The favorite is showing her behind. I've seen lots of gals with very sexy behinds but unflattering bellies. I know this hurts but if she has a belly, at least show what it really looks like. Some people are ok with that. Others will be disappointed or worse if you waste their time by deceptively hiding her belly in the pictures, especially if they get to the point of meeting and get naked before finding out.

Ok. That's enough for now. Let me hear your comments. I'll add more at a later date.
Posted:Aug 18, 2016 1:32 pm
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2017 7:01 am

It seems to us that there is a real need for a new term for the husband/bf of a hotwife/hgf. cuckold just does not cut it because, as the t-shirt says, "Is it cheating if my husband watches?" Or for that matter, joins in.

According to Wikipedia, a cuckold is the husband of an adulterous wife. This implies cheating not consent. So, we really need a new term for the man who willingly allows, wants and perhaps even craves another man/men having sex with his woman.

We have a new word for the woman, hotwife. The obvious would be hothusband or hothubby but they don't quite roll off your tongue, now, do they? Any suggestions? Please post.

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