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A Male Massage to Remember  

mwm4somefun 54M  
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4/16/2020 1:03 pm

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6/10/2020 1:44 pm

A Male Massage to Remember

I had always wanted a naked from another man. I found a masseuse a website who would come my home and preform a one hour while naked, so I booked him, picking a day I knew my wife would be gone for the day.

He arrived at my home right on time and brought his own massage table and supplies for the massage. I was very nervous but my surprise he was a very good looking man in his late 30's about 6'2" tall and seemed very well built. I let him in and took him upstairs to the bedroom where he proceeded to set up his table, sheets, music and oil. He instructed me to go ahead and get naked and lay the table as he would then disrobe. I lay the table my chest as I watched him take off his clothes. He first pulled his t-shirt over his head and wow was he built, ripped I should say. Then he unbuckled his pants and slid them off, it was only getting better. But then he slid down his underwear and WOW, there he stood, amazingly ripped and his cock was so nice. He was beginning to be aroused knowing that I was watching him and I could tell he was well endowed, probably about 8 inches or so was my guess. He walked over to the table and explained that I should totally relax and he would do all the work and if I wanted to touch his body as he massaged , that would be okay.

He began by applying oil to my back and massaged my back as he stood at my side, his strong, warm hands felt really good on my body, perfect pressure and rhythm as he rubbed his hands all over the back of my body. He moved from one side to the other working my back as I continued to relax and enjoy his hands on my naked body. He would slightly rub his body against my hands that dangled over the side of the table, which was turning . Then he came the front of the table and began working my shoulders. His body was now positioned between both my hands and I lifted both and began gently rubbing his skin, feeling his muscular build. I started at his legs and worked my way his ass, damn was it tight, I wish I had an ass like that and really enjoyed touching him. I stayed there rubbing my hands his ass as he was rubbing my shoulders. He asked if I liked it, I asked what, the shoulder rub or your ass. He chuckled and said, no the pressure, is it alright, I said yes it was perfect. I continued caressing his ass with my hands until he moved one corner of the head of the table. He pressed his body onto my left arm as he straddled it. He continued to rub my left shoulder and work it individually. I turned my head to the side and there was his cock, touching my arm and about 3/4 erect. I thought I may never get a chance like this again and took his cock in my hand, giving it a few slow<b> strokes </font></b>until he was completely erect. It felt so good in my hands, so warm, and perfect, feeling the weight of it in the palm of my hand was just so different than holding my own cock in my hand. Then I placed my hand through his legs to his ass and gently felt his ass and balls. Continuing to fondle his balls for a few seconds, his cock was now fully erect and there it was, just inches from my mouth. Such a beautiful cock with a very nice cut head. I pulled my hand his fully erect shaft and began slowly stroking him, he moaned a few times as he continued rubbing my shoulder and back. Then he moved my right shoulder and side.

I was now feeling a little more comfortable with touching his amazing naked body since I have never touched a man's body, let alone his balls and cock I continued fondling his balls and stroking his cock with my right hand. Then I figured, what the heck, I am going for it. So I moved a little closer, taking his full 8 inches of rock hard manhood in my hand and brought my mouth to his cock and took him inside my mouth. Wow, this was the very first time I ever had a man's cock in my mouth.....I liked it. I licked under his head because I knew how much I liked it and slowly enjoyed his head with my mouth and tongue, then took all of his cock in my mouth that I could. Stroking his cock in and out with my mouth and he was enjoying it. I thought, I am sucking this guys cock, wow!! As I began to loose myself in the moment, I continued sucking his cock as he massaged my shoulder, making love to the head of his awesome cock with my lips and tongue, until he backed away with his eyes opening wide. He had that look that he was about to cum and didn't want to. So he continued to work his way down my body, massaging my legs, feet and working his way to my ass. Then when he started massaging my ass, it felt so amazing and I love to have my ass rubbed anyway. But he did an awesome job sensually rubbing my ass and stayed there for a while, hearing my moans and knowing that I was really enjoying it.

When he was finished with my ass, he asked me to roll over on my back, exposing my rock hard, dripping cock to him. He continued the massage of my front, starting with my feet, legs, then belly, chest and shoulders and it felt great. When I could reach his ass or his cock I would rub, fondle and stroke him as much as possible. I would even reach rub his pecks if they were in reach, he seemed enjoy any of the touching I was doing. But when he was done with massaging my front, he worked his way down to my lower belly and pelvis, rubbing both gently and then applying a little more pressure on my pelvis, mmmmm it felt so good and I let him know it with my moans. He had my cock rock hard and dripping again! Then he worked his hands down my thighs and to my balls, first the sides and then directly over my balls. I was really moaning now and my cock was fully erect and rock hard, all 6.5 inches pointing straight at him. He continued lightly rubbing my balls and he could tell by my moans I was really enjoying it so he spend some extra time there. I could tell he was hard as well because I had his rock hard cock in my hand, slowly stroking him. He then pulled away a bit and took his hand and lightly ran it from my balls straight the shaft of my cock He applied a little more oil and rubbed it onto my rock hard shaft. Then began to slowly stroke my cock I let out a louder moan with the first stroke, which felt so good! I thought wow, this is so good and I am getting my cock stroked by this awesomely sexy and ripped man! He took his free hand and began to gently rub my balls until he could hear my moans getting louder and louder. I could feel the juices working there way slowly my shaft and the feeling was so great! He took his time with nice slow<b> strokes </font></b>and I was enjoying every second of the pleasure he was giving me. Then took his free hand and worked a finger toward my ass, rubbed and gently applied pressure, as to slightly enter my ass. Within a minute or two I was moaning louder and faster and he could tell I was about to cum, and then there it was....OMG, I can't hold it any more and it feels so amazing, I shot a load 18 inches in the air. He looked at me and said, Mmmm nice man. Then took most of my cum in his hand, told me to roll back over onto my belly and wiped my cum off his hand.

He came back to the table and I wanted to take his cock back into my mouth but he said, wait just a minute. So I am laying there on my belly and after putting more oil on his hands begins to rub my ass again. Man, I am really enjoying it now because he is concentrating on just my ass, taking his hand down my crack and rubbing very close to my ass. I am moaning louder and louder and he begins applying pressure to my ass with his finger, still rubbing my ass but slowing down to apply pressure in just the right spot. Taking both hands on each side of my ass, rubbing his thumbs firmly over my ass, applying a lot of pressure.....It feels amazing and I want more!! He continued with that for several minutes and then stopped at my ass and slowly inserted his finger inside my ass. I let out a loud moan again and said, Ahhh yes, that feels so good. After slowly penetrating my ass with one finger for a minute or so, he added a second finger and I moaned even louder. I could grab his cock again and he was rock hard and I could feel him leaking, so I played with the head of his cock with his pre-cum for lube, he moaned a few times as well. He is penetrating my ass with his fingers and I am rubbing the head of his cock with my hand. I could have stayed in that moment for an hour but after a few minutes he slowly pulled away and gently removed his fingers from my ass. I noticed him wiping off his hands.

Then I felt a pressure against the back of the massage table, turned to look at him as he was climbing onto the table. I thought he was getting onto the table for better leverage but then I could feel the warmth of his body as he lay on me and then thought... OMG he is going to fuck me with his rock hard 8 inches of pure manhood! I have never been fucked by a man before, only my dildos. He gently lay his body on mine and directed the head of his cock to my already lubed ass. I raised my hips a little to let him know I wanted him and to accommodate him. He slowly slid the engorged head of his rock hard, dripping cock into my ass and I let out a loud moan of pleasure as I felt him enter me. Working just the head in and out a few times, I could feel the warmth of his mouth on my neck. He asked if I liked it and was it comfortable. I said, yes.....I want you! So I lifted my hips a little more and he slowly penetrated my ass with the entire shaft of his amazing cock. I let out a very load moan of pleasure and he began to slowly penetrate me in and out. I could feel every inch of his shaft rubbing the sides of my ass and it felt amazing. His body laying on me, slow, long thrusts of his cock inside my ass, I couldn't even believe it was happening! But I was enjoying it so much! Then he began to increase his pace taking long<b> strokes </font></b>and as he did I let him know that I was enjoying it and wanting him. I asked him to give it to me however he wanted. He then began fucking my ass harder and harder and all I could say was, yes, yes, give it to me, fuck me, fuck me! It was better than I could have ever imagined!! He moved to his knees pulling my hips with him and I moved my hands and knees as he continued fuck , in and out, harder and harder and I could hear and feel him slapping against my ass. He held my hips firmly and pulled back onto him as he was thrusting his long cock inside my ass. He was now fucking hard and I loved it. He began moaning louder and louder and slowed down a very nice rhythm. After several more thrusts inside my hot ass, he let out a loud moan of pleasure for several seconds or so and he shot his huge load of cum inside my ass and continued slowly thrusting his cock into my ass to empty every ounce he had for .

We both laid down beside each other for a minute so he could catch his breath. We got from the table and cleaned a bit. We talked about how that was awesome and he said he has never done that before. He usually ends with a happy ending for the but never has felt he wanted go farther but said he had have . He said, he really enjoyed my stoking and sucking him and then when he played with my ass he was really turned and wanted fuck . We gave each other a hug and he left.

Damn, that was an experience I'm sure I will never have again. The first cock I ever played with, sucked and the first time a man has ever fucked me. Maybe the last, who knows??

vegas3004 59M  
6 posts
6/8/2020 8:02 am

IVery hot story , I had a massage like that once, a long time ago. But he not fuck me, just oral. It was still very erotic

aloneagain19602 60M  
9 posts
5/21/2020 2:25 pm

damn I would like a massage like that

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