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He Got Me SOAKED  

myelin36 50F
4751 posts
6/19/2016 9:49 am

Last night, that is. It was our first "Date."

Fuck, I'm such a slut!

Now get your minds out of the gutter. I was referring to getting pummeled with RAIN.

We attended an outdoor concert in the park and in spite of having an umbrella, it didn't stop the one hour rain storm from soaking us both.

The rain finally decided to let up and the concert went on albeit one hour behind schedule. It was well worth the wait. Definitely a nostalgic throwback to the 80's:

The Romantics

Night Ranger and

Rick Springfield

In spite of the rain, I had an amazing time. There will definitely be a second date.

My date is a paramedic and a drummer part time in a band. Fuck, what am I getting myself into?!

One of my "dirty little secrets" is I LOVE getting SOAKED.


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daved34610 72M
49 posts
6/19/2016 9:56 am

Personally doing anything in a warm rain is quite romantic

lyavu 48F
1535 posts
6/19/2016 10:21 am

Omg this is hilarious. . I did enjoy reading especially the first part. Well done

kzoopair 70M/68F
25828 posts
6/19/2016 10:52 am

Well, I hope you're getting yourself into a wonderful time. The first Renaissance fair I went to it pored rain. All the costumes were drenched- some of them became see through - and the exhibitors gave up on staying clean and dry. There were wenches sliding down hills in the mud and wresting playfully with each other. It was a grand party!

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dan_nl_2006 39M
1117 posts
6/19/2016 11:02 am

Agree it was fund reading about. A lil hummer is never a bad thing.
Glad you enjoyed the date, concert and getting soaked .... Wet tshirt anyone ??

9258 posts
6/19/2016 1:42 pm

It can be very handy to have a paramedic at your disposal!

topherific 59M  
5153 posts
6/19/2016 2:01 pm

frolicking naked in a warm dense rain is a fav of mine

veryfunnycple64 57M/58F  
21770 posts
6/19/2016 3:38 pm

hey...you experienced what the Romantics was singing about in "It's what I like about you."

What I like about you
You keep me warm at night
Never wanna' let you go
Know you make me feel alright, yeah

You're whispering in my ear
Tell me all the things that I wanna hear
'Cause that's true
That's what I like about you
That's what I like about you
That's what I like about you

That's what I like about you
That's what I like about you
That's what I like about you
That's what I like about you

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Maybe2day1999 66M

6/19/2016 4:28 pm

As an ex-paramedic...make sure to ask him about a 90-second patient survey...but for you he can turn it into a few hours?. (chuckle) You will enjoy!

Hugs...and good for you!!

leftbehind62 59M  
2121 posts
6/19/2016 7:48 pm

Oh MY!!! NOW my mind is really wondering how fun a date with you would be!!! LMFAO!!! Hugs

citizen4722 63M  
73580 posts
6/21/2016 1:20 pm

I can remember a band that went by the name of Ruby & The Romantics (Our Day Will Come was the only hit). Did Ruby leave?

myelin36 replies on 6/21/2016 5:14 pm:
I don't think it is the same group.

Kansas_man_2001 56M
28 posts
6/21/2016 7:32 pm

You can do a lot more than singing in the rain.

ProfPlayful 58M
3861 posts
6/22/2016 9:08 pm

I agree with Dave D. Getting caught in the rain together is tres romantic!

The next step is drying wet clothes and wet bodies by a fireplace, sipping warm drinks and seeing where the cuddling will lead.

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Run40k 52M
42 posts
6/25/2016 9:53 am

Wet tshirt contest? mmmmmmmmm

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