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Another year!
Posted:Jan 13, 2017 4:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 11:4 am

Boo, I'm back again after another year long hiatus. Don't expect me to hang around too long. My sex life has been boring and looking for some good company. Preferably guys who know how to hold some good conversation coz' my brain needs stimulation more than my body does. Preferably Caucasian, coz' I'm also kinda hoping for an activity partner who likes to travel, and well, most Malaysian guys are kinda not very adventurous (sorry,but it's true). Haha, well guys I can't send messages at the moment but you can still hit me up
Oh, the drama!
Posted:Feb 21, 2016 1:29 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2022 11:4 am

So I've been MIA from AdultFriendFinder for a while, on my quest for love and all that jazz. Obviously that has not happened, but instead came across more drama.

The last guy I dated had so much potential, great personality and and awesome in bed. But he has a possessive ex-partner who kept trying to stop him from dating, even snooping on his phone, liying and threatening to hurt himself. And when I told him to cut off contact with her to stop her from being so possessive, she found out and then had a big problem with me. And he being too nice (and too stupid) fell for her games and decided to stay with her to keep her happy and stopped dating me, under some delusion that by doing so, she will become less crazy. I was pissed not so much because I lost the chance to date him (I can't date a guy who would keep a psychopath hanging onto to false hope of love), but because he let her get her way even though she invaded his privacy and resorted to underhanded emotional blackmail to keep him. Basically when stupid people get their way by doing stupid things, my logic brain implodes. So I caused a bit more drama by goating her on how pathetic she was before finally deciding I'd had enough the two idiots can keep each other.

So here I am, back on AdultFriendFinder coz' this whole looking for love thing hasn't worked out as planned and I get horny. So whatever, take me out to a nice fancy dinner, impress me with your wit and personality, show me some hot steamy nights under the sheets, and for God's sake, make sure there aren't any jealous possessive women in your life that will cause stupid drama. And I'm satisfied.
Pants Management
Posted:Aug 23, 2013 9:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2014 9:57 am

Stupid inbox conversations like this which result in quite a bit of amusement are why I keep coming back to AdultFriendFinder, even though I no longer romp:

May be some guys so pushy! But me no I'm here for real not to find any pussy bcoz I'm outstanding in my foot!!! U can't event close to me I'm sleep alwys whit mountain of money I make for generation. Not whit some jerks gals so dsgustings!!!hahahaha ,gud luck to u anywe.

Who the heck are you and why are you on this site if you prefer sleeping with money rather than women? Lol

hahaha wow so naughty-

How is that comment naughty? You're not making yourself sound very intelligent in anything you've said so far.

hey is so naugthy until u dnt realise how deep is that!!! Bout intelligent is 69 position lol, nobody wil skip frm that fact how far we can go to reach that like happy ending things!!!

Gosh, if you speak English like this on a daily basis, it's amazing anyone can understand you coz' I fucking don't

hahahaha hey looks who talking about grammar! Thanks make me laught so funny !u think we talking to the majesty to use proper english or dealing whit the Diplomats come !!! Come on don't be kidding we just use the words to fuck each other brains lol!!!! Btw thanks to make me laugth nobody do that!!!-

Yes, I'm just totally hilarious but I ain't kidding when I say no way you getting in these pants

Hahaha so pity ,,, all that juice just for nothing
Hi there! Btw I'm not looking to get in to ur pants sory thanks ,for moment I'm very busy handling lots of pants I need assistant!!! So keep of yours first...

Ok, good luck finding someone to help you manage your pants

Thank u so much dear for ur concern,btw I always get someone to manage my pants ,so don't worried about it dear! Good luck to u the same way!
Alas, another fubu not meant to be
Posted:May 13, 2013 7:02 am
Last Updated:Sep 30, 2013 9:36 am

In an amazing turn of events, the young cowboy who blew me away with a night of fantastic sex and intellectual connection has just decided to disappear out of my life because apparently he felt there was no physical connection between us, even though he enjoyed our conversations.

I suppose under normal circumstances, one could just shrug it off and say some things are not meant to be. But considering that I am so picky with the men I meet and to have met someone whom I connected with so easily AND the sex was great for me, I find it just so hard to believe that he has to be the one guy I have ever met, among the many guys I have ever fucked and wanted to get with me again, to say that he felt no physical connection. It's especially difficult considering every guy I've ever had a thing for, whether on or off AdultFriendFinder has decided to disappear on me for some reason or another, and this time, the reason is just way beyond my comprehension when practically every guy I've been with enjoyed my company, and here I meet a guy I really like and this is what happens. My life is just so damn funny.

I used to believe in the Christian God. And now the only way I can believe in God is to believe he has cursed me to watch every single guy I like disappear from my life. It doesn't even matter if it's just a fuck buddy whom I just want to enjoy some occasional company with, coz' even that is too much to ask. It doesn't even make a difference if the guy is a Christian too... I used to think that Christians would see beyond just the physical and appreciate the human part of a relationship more... but I guess all guys are the same deep down no matter what they believe in. I'm know I'm not that unattractive or weird to guys, so it's not logical to me that it's just that bad luck with men is so bad. I can only believe that I am cursed.

I'm sorry to say to any guys I've been chatting with that I'm not going to meet any guys here for a long time, and probably will disappear off AdultFriendFinder for a while and just enjoy my single lonely life with my dogs and become a crazy old lady.

P.S.: I'd also like to say to guys in general that if you're not enjoying the sex with someone, don't go and tell her halfway through that you'd like to see her more often if you know it's a big fat lie, coz' it's just damn annoying later on when she finds out you were a big fat liar
Mindblown by young cowboy
Posted:May 12, 2013 8:01 am
Last Updated:May 13, 2013 6:35 am

A couple of years back, I blogged about how I thought older men are da bomb and that most guys my age don't seem to have what it takes to keep me coming back for more. I have also not really been impressed enough with most guys here to bother meeting up with them, and really can't remember the last time I've met up with a new guy on AdultFriendFinder in the past couple of years... that is met up and actually humped, coz' it was mostly guys I meet over dinner or drinks and decide from there that I don't really want to screw with them.

This week I was pleasantly surprised to meet here a guy couple of years younger than me who has impressed me with a level of maturity, intelligence and ability to communicate which in my experience surpasses all the younger guys I've chatted with here, and most slightly older guys. So much that in a couple of days of chatting, I told him he could ride me like me like a cowboy (and I never tell a guy this before I actually meet him and decide whether he's truly bangable material or not). And in less than a week of meeting him on AdultFriendFinder (would have been earlier, but I was overseas for a few days), we were rolling around in the sheets of his sheets of his room, where I was even more pleasantly surprised that he has skills to challenge the older guys that I admire. I told him then that he's one of the best I've been with. But after considering all aspects, and how well we connected on pretty much every level, I have to revise my statement. He's definitely the best I've been with. It's hard not to appreciate a guy who makes it a goal to have me cum first before anything else, even though it took a reeeaaally long time to achieve it. It made me so horny, I showed my appreciation by riding him like a cowgirl for the longest time ever (usually I tire out pretty fast when on top. With him, I somehow became an energizer bunny!) and taking his juices into my mouth when he came... also not something I do for every guy I hook up with.

I'm such a happy mindblown bunny (and I'm sure my cowboy is going to blush when he reads this. Haaahahaha).
1st experience with online scammer
Posted:Apr 20, 2013 12:16 pm
Last Updated:May 12, 2013 6:50 am

Don't worry, I didn't meet this scammer on AdultFriendFinder. I think all guys on AdultFriendFinder are too busy trying to get laid to scam woman, and most onlines scams involve trying to woo women with promises of true lurve, which is not something to try on a site where women come mainly for sex. Lol.

I met this guy through a chat site, Skout, where everyone shows their face and I get to check out who's hot and who's not, instead of a sea of dick pics. This scammer named himself Darren and profile had photos of a dashing looking Caucasian guy. So I buzzed him, and we chatted. He said he's based in London but planning to come to KL, and told me some sob story about how he'd lost his wife and baby during childbirth, and said he was looking for a lady to help 'ease the pain' of losing her. Eventually he asked to add me on FB. I hesitated at first, but he sounded pretty ok, so I did, and of course that FB profile was also fake. Had more photos of the dashing guy, and some random photos in albums that seemed incoherent. It was a little weird, but didn't think much of it.

He started calling me dear and showed interest of having a relationship with me. To which I asked him why he wanted to be with a girl halfway round the world from him when he could look for someone much closer to home. His weird answer was, it was a matter of choice, and distance was not a problem when it comes to true love. I then hinted that I had a secret that would make him not want me (i.e. my HPV), but was like, whatever my secret was, it would not make him leave me.

That was when I realized he was totally fishy. The guy just met me online and in less than a day, he's talking about true love? And he doesn't care at all about what my dirty little secret is? Lol, no man has ever been so desperate for me in my life, not even some sex-crazed guy on AdultFriendFinder. Let alone some guy in another country whom I've never met!

Ladies, in such situations,it very easy to verify whether a guy is the real deal or the scammer.
1) Ask to meet through webcam. If he is who he says he is in the photos, obviously you can tell from webcam
2) Ask for his phone number. If he had given me a London number, it would have been more believeable.
3) Ask which company he works for. Then check the company's contact number online and you can use IDD or some others mean to call and check a person with such a name exists.

I only got round to asking for 1 and 2. At first saying he would try to webcam with me the next day, and he totally ignored my request for his number. Then when I caught him online again (by that time I had 'unfriended' him on FB, but could still send him messages), I kept requesting to webcam with him, and he answered indignantly, asking why I wanted to webcam, trying to make me feel bad for not believing who he is. Finally I just said that there are so many cheats and liers on the internet and for all I know, he could be one of them. The then 'romantic' guy called me a stupid girl for hoping him to be my mate, to which I laughed and said I'm actually very intelligent and he's probably one of those African scammers trying to woo women for their money. He promptly deleted his fake FB account and Skout account.

So ladies, hope this story will help you be more wary of guys you meet on these online dating sites, and never let your heart rule your head. For me, I've had enough experiences of guys calling me 'dear' just to win my heart over that it's quite easy for me to tell when it's bullshit.
A spade is a spade
Posted:Apr 14, 2013 7:03 pm
Last Updated:May 19, 2013 11:16 am

My regular partner who is quite a charming gentleman, always told me he was a picky guy when it comes to sex. I was under the impression he'd only go for ladies he could connect with and have interesting conversations with. It kinda made me feel a bit elite that I was one of those intelligent ladies who got to enjoy his company. Recently I found out that what he told me was pretty far from the reality. He has a fascination for Indonesian women, having at least 50 Indon women on his contact list and chatting online with a good number of them simultaneously, in addition to some local women. Most of them would send him sexy photos and talk pretty much about little else but sex. Interested in intelligent conversations? More like brainless bimbos with a pretty face. I guess a man will always be a man as a spade is a spade, and I should have known better to believe his rose painted picture of himself. How did I know this? Well, let's just say when you're creating your phone security pin, you should get a little more creative than your year of birth.

He also always tell me he does the right thing in business. The stories he'd tell made me respect him. But in his private life, he again doesn't completely tell the truth to all his lady friends. I'm sure he doesn't tell his many lady friends that he has HPV. And I know he has it coz' I have it and he's been riding me unprotected for the past 3 years and I found out I had it in the first year I met him and whether he gave it to me or I gave it to him, I am not sure. Technically, it's not lying. It's withholding the truth. The truth which I think his partners should have the right to know so at least they can protect themselves. I have to go for regular pap smears and have had several colposcopies done in the past 3 years to keep this HPV in check, and every time I bring it up, he becomes uncomfortable and talks like it's no big deal. It may be a condition that is manageable, but nevertheless, knowing that he has it, he should at least make it a point that his partners are aware of it as well, as I do on my AdultFriendFinder profile, and I will tell my potential partners again in case they missed it. In this aspect, I have difficulty respecting him.

At the height of our relationship, it was passionate and romantic and he made me feel on top of the world. Until I did the silly female thing and thought he was actually interested in taking in one step further as in into a serious relationship. After I mentioned it, he declined and completely changed. Would still keep me company when I wanted to, but the sex lost it's passion and excitement. He felt like a robot. I'm sorry to say, most men are the same in this one aspect. They can never be the bad guy, and he couldn't just tell me he didn't want to see me at all, coz' that would be cruel. But his behaviour showed he was no longer interested, even though I tried for one year to rekindle that passion but he just lost it. I think it would have been less cruel to just tell me that he was no longer interested.

Am I angry? Not really. I am somewhat emotionless these days, which is a result of many other crappy things happening in my life which taught me the best way to handle it is to have no emotions and no expectations. After all, if you have no expectations of people and of life, you can't get disappointed, can you? But I am a bit annoyed at myself that a part of me still wants to hang on to such a man. After all, I've known him for 3 years, and I do enjoy his company. I have not raised any of these issues with him because I know that would kill whatever relationship we have left. Which would be ok for him considering he has no difficulty meeting new women. I, on the other hand, am a creature of comfort. Nowadays I am lazy to meet people, so I'd rather continue with the ones I know. But when the one I thought I knew turns out to be not quite like how I expected, well, it's down to crunch time.

One thing I still have yet to learn on this website. Disconnecting my heart from my extracurricular activities. Perhaps I need a longer break to train myself to just enjoy meeting men without hoping for the possibility of something more. Unfortunately, I am still a woman, and a woman is a woman as a spade is a spade.

Update: Today I went for a third colposcopy which fortunateloy showed no abnormalities. I advised him through chat that he should inform the ladies he's with about the likelihood of him having HPV, so at least they can take preventive measures like vaccination or protection. His only response was a deadpan 'Thanks'. After that I said it was nice while it lasted and I wish that he enjoy life to the max, essentially saying I no longer wanted to meet him. No response from him. After 3 years of great conversations and passionate times, I learn that I mean less to him than some Indonesian bimbos. Life is just peachy.
Wanna be on top?
Posted:Mar 22, 2013 10:48 am
Last Updated:May 12, 2013 6:40 am

Being on top is usually not my favourite position. I'll admit it's because it's tiring and I get lazy, but also because I don't feel as much when I'm on top, as opposed to some women who actually feel more.

But after a night with some of my regulars recently, where in addition to several other positions, including foreplay by the hotel window which felt really naughty indeed, I kinda changed my mind about being on top. I would say it really helps when the guy is doing his part and helping to create a nice rhythm. I was riding him so hard, I was almost seeing stars, and I'm pretty sure my juices were just flowing like crazy onto him and the bed. After that, I couldn't think about anything else but riding on top. It was quite distracting at the office.

That was probably my best 'on-top' experience I've had in my life. And probably the best exercise I had during sex too. Hahaha!
A F F no like angry bitches
Posted:Mar 22, 2013 10:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 24, 2013 9:13 am

So I was in sorta angry bitch mode for a while where I changed my usually sexy pic to a non-so-sexy pic of me in a t-shirt with slogan about singlehood, and I tried to change my icebreaker message to tell newbies that it's just an automatically generated message to anyone to meets my cupid preferences to get noobs on this site to think girls are actually interested in them. Well, the wonderful folks here decided that wasn't cool, and didn't approve it in addition to revoking the free silver membership I get allowing the icebreaker messages to be sent.

Doesn't it just you love the A F F reviewers? Hey, that might include some of you guys reading this right now. ^_^

Well, I'm sorry. I had some sad experiences with guys here which I'd rather not repeat, so I have every right to go into angry bitch mode when I feel like it.

But now I'm kinda out of it, so it's back to some sexy times. Maybe.
1 comment
Message Centre
Posted:Jan 19, 2013 8:18 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2013 10:38 am

Dear AdultFriendFinder,

Please change your message centre back to the old one. The new one takes forever to load and I can't tell which message have or haven't been read and it's just overall kinda annoying.

All who agree with me, say aye.
When a girl ignores your msgs & requests to meet, it usually means she is not interested
Posted:Jun 9, 2012 6:49 am
Last Updated:Jan 19, 2013 8:15 am

I don't know how to make it more obvious than that, but I know quite a few guys here who just don't seem to get that hint and persistently ask me out. Don't blame it on the so-called fact that guys don't understand women's 'hints', even those who I told them flat out that I don't want to meet with them continue to buzz me and try to ask me out. Why? WHY? Do you want me to be mean and say the thing that will fracture your manly ego? I'm trying to be kind here.

That is all. -_-
Rub a dub dub, naked chick in a tub
Posted:Jun 5, 2012 10:59 am
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2013 9:37 am

How do you guys like my pic of me taking a nice bubble bath?

Another dimension of farktardism
Posted:May 29, 2012 8:49 am
Last Updated:Jun 3, 2012 9:33 am

So for those who don't know, AdultFriendFinder ladies are invited to fill in an 'icebreaker' message which is sent to all new AdultFriendFinder members that match the ladie's cupid settings, in exchange for one year free silver membership. I wasn't aware of the first part until I signed up for it and started getting messages from guys I didn't remember sending anything to, but for the most part, I don't care since ignoring guys I'm not interested in is a regular thing for me anyway.

However, I got one email from a newbie which was interesting in a negative sense. Interesting because his response reached a new type of what I will call 'farktardism', which is just a more eloborate term for STOOPID.

FYI, here's my 'icebreaker' message:
"To me, guys with personality who can interest me mentally with interesting conversation is the biggest turn-on. So it's tough to turn me on, but once I'm there, I'll make sure you get a good time "

Here's the email I got from el farktardo:

"i dont think girls who send skimpy pics need guys with personality..they need big bucks only"

I think even you guys would agree with me that that guy was a farktard. What an incredible obnoxious thing to say girls with skimpy pics on a sex partner search site only wants money. Oh goodness of the grievances.Is he seriously only expecting girls to send him face pics? Lololololllll

I couldn't help responding with a very icy reply as below.

"For your info, I didn't send you this message, it's an auto message send by AdultFriendFinder to new members who match my 'cupid' settings. Which means you didn't get this message because I was in any way interested in you.

Secondly, I didn't send you any skimpy pics, those pics are my profile photos. Figure out the difference.

Third, you are on a sex site. You will see lots of skimpy pics and naked pics and less of people's faces because on a site like this, people generally prefer to be discreet. If you think this is strange, wait til someone you know (family, friend, , etc) messages you asking why you're on AdultFriendFinder and then you'll figure out why discretion is good.

And finally, I and many women on this site don't need your money. I have a regular sex partner I met here who is a very well-off financial consultant and I never asked him for a single cent as I only want his company and a good time in bed. So I don't know what you're expecting here, but if you're going to judge all ladies here with skimpy pics as only wanting your money, you might as well just keep on handjobbing yourself coz' you won't be getting any action here."

Sigh,oh well, at least it was a refreshing change from the 'wanna fuck me, call blablabla' messages. ^_^

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