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unpredictable, episode 5 recap
Posted:May 13, 2019 3:22 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2019 4:39 pm
People are jumping all over social media complaining about this one……..

Let’s see if we can figure it out….

We begin with Varys spreading the news, he’s coming today, he is the rightful king, Jon snow, jon snow….

And Queen B has not eaten in a month…..that is not a good sign

Queen B knows that everyone knows, she knows that Jon doesn’t love her, the only way to rule is by…………

Fear. (bad omen)

we shall start with a little roasted spider…..shame that we will never know the words that were said in the flames.

We find a lanister in a comfortable position, captured and then set free…………

Everything is now teed up as everyone had expected……………

The well matched armed forces face each other across the field……

Arya, The Hound and Jamie Lanister are inside the castle walls……….

And then……the battle begins

Give credit where it is due…..a nice aerial assault from straight above with the sun at your back, the fleet is gone and Euron is blown off the ship…..

A little touchdown dance followed that move……

And with a healthy dragon, those scorpion bolts are not fast enough……the outer wall defenses are coming down!!

The golden company stands outside the walls (why? Well, we can debate this all we want but it didn’t really matter). And gets blown to bits when the gate is blown up.

The war is basically over at this time, the only question is whether the men will fight to the last man, will the city be burned, will cersei escape……

This is becoming a bit anti-climatical……. I think I may have yawned….

The troops rush in and the Lanister army that will fight to the last man…………surrenders…………

At this point Drogon is flying over the city, the same image that Bran saw two seasons ago…….in a sequence of images that included the mad king screaming “burn them all”. Mental note, need to rewatch that sequence again…….

Ring the bell! Ring the Bell!

The city surrenders……

The game of thrones is over…..Queen B wins……

They did it without burning down the city……

Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved…..

Is that the the “bitch is gonna be crazy” music I hear ?

And for the next 20 minutes game of thrones fans sit stunned, many still holding the Dorito in their teeth that they were going to bite when it all began……

And as the senseless plot twist winds forward, there are still some things to talk about….

Jamie v. Euron……why? Jamie actually needs to win a sword fight on his own at some point in the series and Euron getting blown off the boat was just not satisfying enough…..

Jamie twists the sword…….at least he learned something even though he is mortally wounded…..

The Hound and Arya……it is obvious by this point that Arya is not going to be face shifting, heavy sigh…..

The Hound talks Arya out of revenge, and then gets “sandored”: “Call me by my first name bonus!”

Clegane Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

But not before Cyburn gets tossed down the stairs. Frankenstein is once again killed by his monster. And there was much rejoicing…..

Sandor rips off the Mountain’s helmet and look, its Anakin Skywalker!

The mountain can’t be killed……having just killed an army of the undead 2 episodes ago this is just rolling eyes boring.

How many of you were expecting Arya to jump on the back of the mountain and discover that valerian steel can kill whatever he is?

At least Sandor avoids the squashed head routine…….and then Clegane bowl ends …………………in a draw…………………..really, did someone actually go over all of the possible scenarios on how things could end this episode and pick the lamest one?

Was I the only one who was worried that the writers would have Arya die because a building fell on her? Sad, its not that I was worried about the character, I was just worried that they would be that lame……but she lives……hopefully she can salvage something of this show next week

Cersei dies…….You know the internet is going to blow up over this one……how does the Bitch Queen end up dying in tears in her brother’s arms. That is as anticlimactic as waiting a hundred million years to know the answer to life, the universe and everything and being told its 42.

Now I do have the GOT pool going, so who gets credit for the Cersei kill:

Cersei…..You had a season and a half to accept exile, have your baby and retire……………you chose death

Drogon…..He did bring the red keep down.

Queen B…..she did attack unarmed soldiers and civilians…

Sandor…..The mountain was strong enough to get cersei to safety, separating them led to her demise

Jamie/tyrion….Perhaps the underground caverns were not the safe way out of the city

Euron….If he doesn’t capture Misande, it is probably a siege….

Sansa……burning down the city was to make her bend the knee

AND NOW…back to the recap……

Most disappointing realization, Queen B could have done this to start the last season. That would have saved all the Dornish women (I guess we can assume Ellaria Sand and “shame, shame, shame” will not be rescued), the Tyrell’s, and Euron would have been crisped a lot sooner,

All in all, it is like watching your favorite team get blown out. You can turn the game off but part of you just wants to see how bad it can get…..


If Tyrion gets executed, does Bronn still get Highgarden? If no, does Bronn kill Queen B?
Is arya up for revenge or retiring in Storms end with Gendry?

The lack of any direwolf action in the past few seasons is noticeable….is Jon not petting ghost still the most disappointing scene?

Is there still an iron throne?

Can someone please snap their fingers and make it all better………..
confessed fantasy fulfilled, part 1
Posted:May 12, 2019 4:21 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2019 5:28 pm
A few posts ago I described how I was tied up and sexually tortured until I confessed a real nasty fantasy.....

well, a few months later it was arranged.

As you know, I own a stripper pole and amateur night was an item on my bucket list but I was just too nervous to go in front of a large crowd.

So they did the next best thing, he brought two friends and I did a private strip tease.

club rules...

no nudity
no touching

I did the pole dance, three lap dances then back to the pole.

Then I thanked the men, got dressed and left.

So......who wants to see the next chapter?

fanasy fullfillment day ends
Posted:May 8, 2019 4:25 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 4:37 pm
a couple came to watch, and then we had some fun. not many pictures of this but I am certain you guys will enjoy the girl/girl action.........

episode 4 recap, the deep breath before the plunge
Posted:May 6, 2019 4:55 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2019 4:38 pm
I go online this morning and see people whining about how boring the episode was. If you subscribed to my recaps you would have known this was to be the transition episode…..





“bring out your dead…..bring out your dead….” Just in case you did not get everyone checked off on your deadpool list the writers have started off with a nice recap.

Isn’t it amazing no matter how cold or bleak things are, one can always find wood for a fire…..

Now It’s party time…..Northern Style.

Aw….Gendry’s in love…….

And once again, the Dragon Queen proves she lacks diplomacy……this blacksmith ran back to the wall to deliver the message let you rescue everyone you care for, he helped forge all of the weapons were used, he fought bravely….yet you still choose to begin your greeting of him with “your father revolted against my dad and wanted dead.” Hey Queen B, every time you say in Winterfell you remind everyone of what your father did to the Stark family. If you would just thank him for his service and make him Lord of Storms End perhaps people would not hate you.

Not anyone is going to say anything, but by legitimizing Gendry, Queen B has elevated him to be the rightful King of the Seven Kingdoms, supplanting Cersei on the Baratheon line.

Now Gendry is a lord he can marry a lady. So Gendry packs his D&D dice, holsters his light saber and puts his inhaler into his batbelt and runs off to find Arya.

(quick quiz, name a movie where a main lead character suddenly realizes he is a prince and runs to marry the princess…….)

Such a sweet proposal….but…..

Nerd alert……you slept together once, you can’t propose after the first date. You didn’t even wait three days!!

And Arya Stark once again proves the only thing worse than being put into the friend zone, is being in the friend zone, taken out for some NSA fun, then stuffed back in. It’s not just the women get all wierded out by sex……

Perhaps if he had waited until she finished crossing names off her list…..

Would she have said yes if he was still a commoner?

And then Arya is marching with the hound to Kings Landing…..uh oh …she does not think she will return - bad foreshadowing (optimistic foreshadowing, Arya does not return because she will end Storms End)

Back to the party……

Sansa gives Queen B the “I hate you look”. Why? Because queen b gave Jon the “I love you’ look? or because queen b gave Jon the “I really mad you but don’t want to show it look”. a guy, some guidance here……

A little drinking game, an embarrassing question and Jamie ends doing a late night to Brienne. Cue music, “its getting in here so take off all your clothes” and Jamie wins the battle for who gets to kiss Brienne…..

(it’s , so you start getting undressed, has ever worked in the real world?)

Tormond takes a “northern” as consolation for losing the Brienne battle, the hound rejects a similar offer.

Was it just ? Was anyone else thinking Sansa was going to offer the hound a thank you. Well, I can’t figure out women so it is probably just me…..

Everyone the party loves Jon and Arya, nobody is celebrating the Dragon Queen…this will not be good.

The King of the North/Dragon Queen romance has to a crashing end….was it the aunt thing? And Queen B begs Jon to keep his name a secret so she will not have to give her throne. This would have been a lot easier if they had gotten married first, then Sam and Bran could have kept quiet.

-Its not just , the sisters Stark do not trust the Dragon Queen.

BATTLE PLANS: Wow Only half the forces lost, I would have guessed 90% based on the last episode. I would say is a rather “good” result having had the castle walls overrun by thousands of undead.

Hey Queen B…..if you seek advisers, you should listen to them. Hey advisors…..if you think this is a bad idea, open your damn mouth. Sansa is the only person who is saying anything makes sense. Your dragon is wounded, your troops are wounded, Cersei has been gathering her troops. Now is the time to wait and heal.

Nope……its off to war! With a portion of your forces arriving a month early…..divide and conquer your own troops…not wise

But first, Bronn arrives with his crossbow and…………………..suspense………………..here it comes……………….he gets Highgarden. Really, is how ended? was a let down….there had better be a secondary plot twist coming.

And Jon Tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on and so on…..

the fact Jon Snow is actually the rightful heir to the iron throne will soon be common knowledge.

And just as everyone is getting out the pom poms and ready to toast the defeat of Cersei, Yuron comes along with another bad ass ship (you know, if he was not such an asshole he would be a fan favorite character) and takes out a wounded dragon………perhaps if he was fully healed he would have survived

Two dragons down. Bad omen, with only one dragon their can only be one rider……

And the fleet once again gets ripped to shreds……

How does the only person using a rowboat to get the shore get captured?

And so its treason…….(if the dragon queen pulls out a lightsaber to defend herself my head would explode…speaking of lightsabers search for the video with Arya fighting but with lightsabers, too cool, I was not able to save, copy or share it….)

Is Varys’ destiny to kill Queen B?

Bitch Queen announces she is pregnant with Yuron’s …guess she decided not to let Jamie be the dad after all. Is there a black hole in the reach? Time seems to be moving at random paces. There is not enough time between episodes 2 and 4 for Yuron to notice Cersei has become pregnant but there is enough time for the castle walls and all the ships in the fleet to be outfitted with scorpions…..

Here we are, the stand off, Bitch Queen v Queen B.

sorry Danarys, is the most pathetic use of force I have ever seen. Quite frankly, I don’t see why Cersei did not send out her army to wipe them out.

And so we go to the standard sci fi/fantasy plot point 2: Good guy with no army demands surrender and gets laughed . Bonus points for everyone who names a movie with plot point in it.

And standard plot point number 3: Bad guy does something so heinous everyone is enraged.

Missande is dead. How Tyrion does not get 20 arrows in his chest I will never know……

Is Jamie riding to Kings Landing to help or defeat his sister? Brienne is in tears, realizing now Tormond is gone too.

Tormond, Ghost, Sam, Gilly….are they officially safe or will there be a dramatic appearance in the end?

Two more episodes to go….

ext week we have the battle of Kings Landing with our heros fighting with……

1 dragon

½, no, ¼ or the original Unsullied

A bunch of Doth raki, which require a battle in an open field.

How many men are still alive from the Northern armies, they have been wiped out at the Red Wedding, Battle of the Bastards, and by the Night King.

Will the Dornish army arrive in time?

We still Clegane Bowl

who will be the younger sibling to kill cersei


Defeat, capture, then one epic battle in the throne room? (in theory, episode 5 could end with everyone dead or captured and 6 begins with “Arya” in disguise stabbing someone in the back and rescuing everyone)
Fantasy fulfillment day continues-the interrogation
Posted:May 5, 2019 5:55 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2019 12:11 pm
the rough sex was fun, so we sat down, chatted, he got turned on again. so he came up with another.....

the interrogation of a nasty tease.

bound and helpless, could he get me to confess my darkest kinkiest fantasy

when suspended to the door with the vibrator on my post orgasmic clit i caved....

I confessed.......

and in a few more posts....you will see what i revealed

Fantasy fulfillment day, second guest
Posted:May 2, 2019 4:10 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2019 5:06 pm
My original profile spoke of how I liked to tease men and then be made to for my sins. This man, whom I had chatted with for years, wanted to teach me a lesson. So a sexy skirt, some clothes ripped off, and he tossed me around like a rag doll until I admitted to him I was the slut I was.....

GOT episode 3 recap, who was the prince(ss) who was promised?
Posted:Apr 29, 2019 5:09 pm
Last Updated:Apr 30, 2019 7:08 pm
My weekend was bookended by Endgame and The Battle of Winterfell. I a peaceful weekend to relax now….

And now the recap, with some exclusive behind the scenes commentary……..

Are you aware the most complaints we get is when an animal dies on screen?

But we have a few thousand horses and a direwolf in this battle, there is no way we can shoot this battle without one animal dying

What if we have all the animals run off into the darkness and die off screen………


And so the charge of the Doth Raki is born. Haven’t seen a wasted wave of mounted fighters bad since the Steward of Gondor ordered his to retake the outer defenses……

Milesandra returns and makes all the Dothraki blades flaming. Why? Aren’t they all made of dragon glass?

Not sure the value of the Doth raki charge, or of having men outside the wall. Hard to devise a better battle plan….wider fire rings perhaps. But those are only as good as you have wood to keep the fire going.

Doth Raki……..gone.

Now to the battle along the plains of Winterfell

Have you seen the final battle edit, it is really bad

How bad was it

The fans are going to be picking it apart for , I think in one shot you can even see one guy checking his

We don’t have time to reshoot this battle! We already burned down the set!

I have an idea, why don’t we just have the Night King send a blizzard over the battlefield, we will blur out all the images on the screen, they won’t be able to see anything

If we don’t have any major characters die it just might work

Make it so…..

At this point in the episode, everyone is wondering whether or not the Night King will be at Winterfell or will appear in Kings Landing…..

And now we get thirty minutes of most major characters almost dying………The Awards

Best heroic death…………..Lienna Mormont……..Although isn’t how Superman defeated Doomsday?

Loudest……….Ser Brienne…..I think she was coached on how to fight by the Williams sisters

And then there is Arya………………..

After an epic fight with her new weapon…which she loses….she ends up in the library.

The Library, where Sam brought all his books.

The undead (under the direction of the Night King) are looking for something in the books…what could it be.


Epic war battle turns into 80’s horror movie as femme fatale tries to safely navigate through a room without alerting big evil bad guy to her presence. Fortunately our assassin moves with the stealth of Michael Myers and just when you think you have found her, poof she is gone.

Meanwhile, up in the sky we have the dragon battle we had been anxiously waiting for. And the only rider left on her mount: Danarys. (Jon’s dragon, like ghost, is currently MIA)

Dragon fire does not kill White Walkers. surprised nobody. (admit it, you glanced the clock to see if the battle could be over)

Here comes Jon…for the final battle with the Knight King!!

Nope, now they have to kill all the soldiers who died in battle and the 50,000 more still streaming through the walls.

But be not afraid…….Drogon has crisped a safe spot around Jon, landed. And then they take a page out of the Rickon school of military tactics:

Instead of: “Jon, I will fly you to Bran”

We get: “Run toto run”

Instead of: “Fly Drogon, lets keep burning the army of the dead from the air where its safe”

We get: “This would be a good time for a coffee break”

So Khalissi is left all alone surrounded by a sea of undead until….Jorah. It is surprisingly rather easy for our heroes to run through a mob of undead fighters bent on killing them…..

So Jorah and Khalissi are on the edge

Meanwhile, in the crypts……..

Is there some serious Tyrion/Sansa bonding? Is Sophie jealous of Masie? (For those whining about the scene last week because Arya was a when the show first began, what you are really whining about is you are OLD!)

And as everyone predicted, the dead rise in the crypts. And even if there are swords on top of the tombs, the undead came out the side.

And surprisingly…..very little graphic details when a room full of women and get slaughtered……

Sansa draws a weapon (in hindsight, it really makes no sense not to have any weapons or soldiers in there, although I guess the theory is if the army of the dead gets far a few dozen more soldiers will not make a difference)

Admit it, you were wondering if there was going to be a kiss…..

Arya is rescued from the library by the Hound and Berric…..and brought mysteriously to Melisandra….

Who basically ties the whole series in one little speech…….Arya is the chosen one!!!

And what do we say to the God of Death…Not Today.

Every major character is on the verge of death…..then Theon falls.

Query….If you look closely in the background of any of those scenes can you so Arya slipping through the enemy lines?

And in the ultimate power move, everyone’s favorite stark pulls off the “oops I dropped my blade” trick and vanquishes the Night King.

While his army of Walkers stands behind him looking each other saying, “I thought you had her….”

And so in classic Lord of the Rings, Avengers etc etc style, the “kill on, kill all” story arc comes to an end…..

The carnage was not as expected….for those playing Deadpool, the following deaths are confirmed:





Ghost and Rhaegal are currently MIA (update, Ghost was spotted in previews…)

The Night King was killed by…..Arya.

Nobody on the list became a White Walker.

Now the “Walking Dead” chapter of the show is over, we get to return to the Game of Thrones.

We have not seen Cersei in two episodes, expect a big dose of her in the next episode…..

How many people survived Winterfell? How many people are even alive in the North?

What mischief does Cersei have her sleeves to battle the dragon?

Will the citadel even acknowledge the march of the dead? (amount of help all of those books Sam stole in the battle against the dead: 0)

Will Clegane bowl be the best epic battle since Hulk Hogan v. Ultimate Warrior? (damn, I dated myself)

How many Lannister’s does Bronn kill (0, 1, 2 or 3……)

How many characters will be expecting/having a by series end?

Will anybody dare to get married?

If final scene of series is sixty in the future with Sam putting the final touches on the book he just wrote and reminiscing about how everyone is now dead, will NOT factor into the Deadpool calculation….

Is there anyone out there still hoping the series ends with Cersei on the iron throne………..
fantasy fulfillment day
Posted:Apr 24, 2019 2:31 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2019 4:59 pm
Having had some success meeting people online, we decided to post a blog asking guys for their roleplaying fantasies. the results were underwhelming. but after a while we got some ideas and made their wishes true, here is fantasy number one, the naughty nurse

recap episode 1, spoiler alert GOT
Posted:Apr 15, 2019 5:31 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2019 5:28 pm
It took long enough……………did everyone enjoy binge watching on HBO last week…………….?

New intro…..as all the plot lines have intersected, we have only two cities in the opening credits. And such intricate interior detail. Now we know what took two to finish…..

Oh, and map’s wrong, the wall did not break in the middle, it broke on an end…… will bother all season…

We begin with the ex king and faux queen marching the Doth raki into winterfell. Arya watches silently while some young Northern climbs a tree. Looking back, how many things happened because of Bran’s love for climbing……

They brought soldiers, they brought wagon upon wagon of dragonglass…but no food.

’s right, faux queen’s major victory was destroying an entire wagon train of food to feed the poor…..

But we not worry, the dragon’s will eat. Personality check: Did you find funny or as a bad omen of things to …….

So the Mother of Dragons finds herself in Winterfell, and every five minutes has to run around demanding respect because “I your Queen!!” To misquote Tywin Lannister: “Anyone who has to keep reminding people they are the queen is no queen:”

But lets scoot down to Kings Landing for a moment.

It appears Cyburn is actually concerned about the army of the dead.

Cersei’s only regret is you can’t load elephants onto boats……

Yuron is absolutely the most obnoxious, crude, arrogant, misogynist bully you could design in a character. Sure he can lead the army of arrogant bullies, but at least Cersei can rise above …..promise him what he wants to get your army and navy and then, when the war is over……Yuron will get a crossbow in the back.

Cersei stomps down the arrogant bastard, one of the few moments I proud of her. And then she pauses…..no…….cersei……don’t……

And so ends the battle for cercei’s cunt

So once again the asshole gets laid. And the world is going to believe Cersei is giving birth to a greyjoy………………….

Hey Yuron, the person who needs immediate validation after hooking is usually the person who is worst it?

Besides, we all know lancel was the best

And we have Bronn proving a FFFM party looks great in your head but in reality is you lying on your back while the ladies chat about guys getting their faces burned off…..

How many of you were thinking Cyburn was going to request Bronn kill Yuron?

Bronn has two chests of gold and orders to leave Kings Landing and go to Wintefell to kill Jamie and Tyrian (as Tyrian said, one fool with a crossbow and this war could end quickly), what does he do…….

1. Take the gold, hop on boat to Essos and retire

2. Stash the gold, go north and request Tyrian double

3. Kill one of them, get killed by Arya, then Arya returns to Kings Landing as Bronn to collect the rest of the bounty (with the hound as her prisoner)

Meanwhile, back Winterfell the dragons are not eating. So Jon does his Harry Potter dragon ride to a set of waterfalls in the north, a place where the horny queen suggests they could stay forever. The last woman who suggested she and Jon stay naked in a cave got an arrow in her back…….

It would seem dragons get hungry by watching human’s mate……

And the obvious suggestion Aunt and Nephew wed is made (would they make suggestion if they knew the truth)

A great idea…..because what the world has always needed is for a Stark to marry a Targaryean….

Wait….isn’t actually how Robert’s Rebellion began….

Arya reunites with Jon…..is the whisper in the ear to not forget where his s from foreshadowing?

Arya reunites with Gendry….Worst flirting ever…..then again, I totally oblivious to all of so who I to judge….

What is Gendry making for Arya? Has anyone screen captured the plans yet?

Mother of Dragons reveals she executed Sam’s family. Hmmmmm…I wonder if now she realizes how stupid can be.

So….Sam goes and tells Jon his true heritage, and not in a “hey this is great news for you” but in a “shut damn bitch , she ain’t got no claim”

Meanwhile, Jon can’t get past the “dammit, I am sleeping with my aunt” thoughts in his head.

Yeah, Theon rescued his sister.

What’s dead will never die!!

Dammit, the Greyjoy’s had it right all along

Foreshadowing? The Iron Isles will be the only place they can escape to if the war against the army of the dead is lost. Is the last scene of the series a jump ahead to the first spring where they go ashore to see the ruin left behind?

Meanwhile, back in the north

Jamie has arrived, alone. First person he sees, the he crippled.

We learn which members of the Knight’s watch survived the destruction of the wall and see more white walker art, only this time the art comes “alive”. The army of the dead is on its way to winterfell……………

And first to fall……random Umber Lord……did not even qualify for the deadpool.

I think there needs to be some creative viewing party ideas for the battle of winterfell……

how long does the army of the dead last, think about it, they do not need to attach winterfell at all, they can just surround it and starve them all.

Will a Dragon fall at the battle of winterfell?

Does Jon really leave longclaw behind after the battle (if he is riding a dragon, he may have given the sword to someone else to fight with)

Who gets to winterfell next: Bronn or the Night King?

What are the Doth Raki supposed to do hiding behind castle walls?
GOT fans join my group!
Posted:Apr 14, 2019 4:34 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2019 7:26 pm

snarky episode recaps, discussions!

and lots more of these.....
the adventure continues, I pay for my scenes
Posted:Apr 12, 2019 4:22 pm
Last Updated:Apr 14, 2019 11:04 am
some highlights from how the men got even with me for trying to tease them..........

our first AdultFriendFinder meetings
Posted:Apr 7, 2019 12:51 pm
Last Updated:Apr 8, 2019 5:08 pm
After a few years of chatting online, we finally invited people over. Here is one encounter, it began with my doing some entertainment with my new stripper pole

I bought myself a stripper pole
Posted:Mar 30, 2019 4:51 am
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2019 6:40 am
I love to dance. And my bucket list item was to dance on a pole, then get gang banged by those who watched. The thought of all my fans coming to a strip club at amateur night and sliding dollar bills in my panties to feel me up really turned me on.

Step one: by a stripper pole.

I also completed a lifelong goal, I was tired of being a carpenter's dream (flat as a board and easy to screw) and it was getting annoying that the blouses never really fit right. So I got new boobs, A- to B+

Here I am during a vacation up in NYC.....


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