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The itty bitty titty committee
Posted:Jan 13, 2007 5:27 am
Last Updated:Feb 19, 2007 3:32 pm
I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee and wish to find other women out there whose interpretation of the phrase "victoria's secret" is that the secret is our breasts disappear when the wonder bra comes off.

We are clearly the most discriminated group on this websight. It is time we band together (bondage reference unintentional, but still somewhat erotic)

In my opinion, it made me try harder. (wink wink)

On the bright side...I don't fear gravity.

If you are part of this committee, join me, you are not alone.

***Honorary members: Any woman who has had plastic surgery to reach B level and just feel a need to fit in***

The committee can now be found at:

group 132659

please join
Gangbangers....tell your tales
Posted:Dec 20, 2006 4:44 am
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2007 3:37 pm
OK, I confess, at the end of this blog is one of my hottest fantasies (it was written by my husband to kill time at work). I get so wet when my husband whispers in my ear how he is going to force me into a wild gang bang.

I have met a few groups of men offering to set up a gang bang. Unfortunately my favorite is very far away.

I have also come across some women who have done the deed.

So, for those women who share the fantasy and those men who want to fulfill it, this is the place to tell your story.

And for the record, the only thing that gets me more excited about a little 5 on 1, is 10 on 2.


Janet giggled as they got off the elevator. Her teasing act in front of her husband was a smashing success. It thrilled her to feel the swollen manhoods of the men as she danced up against them or sat on their lap.

Janet and her husband got to the hotel room door. Janet quickly ducked into the bathroom and heard her husband turning on the music.

Janet left the bathroom and went down the small hallway into the main portion of the room and her jaw almost hit the floor.

Five of the guys she had been teasing were all standing there. Her husband was standing on the small desk, video camera in hand. "I hope you don't mind dear, but I sort of gave everyone our room number."

Before Janet could say a word, two men came up and grabbed her. As Janet shrieked she found herself landing with a thud on the bed. Janet knew what was about to happen and her pussy was tingling in anticipation. But she was not going to give up without a good fight.

"no!" Janet screamed, trying to get away. Before she could even spin, the men were upon her, grabbing at her limbs. She flailed about, got an arm free for a second but soon found herself pinned by four men. the fifth man stood over her, then crawled over her body.

"kiss me bitch" he said, leaning down. Janet tried pursing her lips, but soon relented to his tounge penetrating her mouth. She moaned in protest while returning the passionate kiss.

As he sat up, Janet immediately returned to her fake scowl as she continued struggling. He pulled down her shirt, exposing her neck, Janet shrieked as he began sucking and biting on her neck. Her husband had given up her weak spot.

LET ME GO, Janet shrieked as she felt her pussy boiling in anticipation.

"not until I see those tits of yours" he said, ripping open her blouse revealing the half cup bra her husband demanded she wear that night.

the men then took turns sucking on Janet's tits, sticking their tounges down her throat and violating that real sensitive spot on her neck. Humiliated and helpless, Janet found her anticipation growing.

"your loving this, aren't you"

Janet screamed no, and squirmed again.

Janet's skirt was shoved up to her waist, with one big rip her panties were torn open. prodding fingers discovered the intensity of her arousal.

the men each felt Janet's soaking wet pussy, until finally the leader kneeled down and began licking at Janet's clit.

Janet cried out helplessly for him to stop, she heard her husband order him to make her cum "make her cum and she will beg to fuck you all"

Janet tried as hard as she could to break free, although she knew it was impossible the sensation of her limbs being so tightly restrained sent her totally over the edge.
Posted:Dec 14, 2006 4:46 pm
Last Updated:Mar 6, 2007 3:37 pm
Like the pic? Tell me your private story when you found yourself tied up like this....

Or....tell me what you would do if you came upon this poor helpless young lady.....

and yes, my husband loves to tie me up like this....as of yet, he has not invited over any friends although he always threatens to do so
I dare you!
Posted:Nov 12, 2006 6:41 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2007 12:57 pm
I dare any of you women to do the following and post the results here:

1. Allow your partner to blindfold you and invite over someone to have sex with you

2. Go out for an evening wearing only a coat and hot lingerie

3. Slide a tiny vibrator down your pants and bring yourself to orgasm in a very public place

4. Tie your partner up and force him to watch porn and then watch you masturbate. Then slip into something hot, untie one hand and then tell him you will meet him at a local bar (you had probably better run)

5. Post an erotic picture of you flashing in a public place
Kinky options
Posted:Nov 10, 2006 6:29 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2011 7:15 am

A woman offers to do anything you ask, what would you want?
Cum down her throat
Cum on her face
Anal sex
Take XXX pictures
Watch her with another woman
Watch her strip at a club
Invite over a group of your friends
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