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GOT episode 3 recap, who was the prince(ss) who was promised?  

nastytease4U 42F  
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4/29/2019 5:09 pm

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4/30/2019 7:08 pm

GOT episode 3 recap, who was the prince(ss) who was promised?

My weekend was bookended by Endgame and The Battle of Winterfell. I a peaceful weekend to relax now….

And now the recap, with some exclusive behind the scenes commentary……..

Are you aware the most complaints we get is when an animal dies on screen?

But we have a few thousand horses and a direwolf in this battle, there is no way we can shoot this battle without one animal dying

What if we have all the animals run off into the darkness and die off screen………


And so the charge of the Doth Raki is born. Haven’t seen a wasted wave of mounted fighters bad since the Steward of Gondor ordered his to retake the outer defenses……

Milesandra returns and makes all the Dothraki blades flaming. Why? Aren’t they all made of dragon glass?

Not sure the value of the Doth raki charge, or of having men outside the wall. Hard to devise a better battle plan….wider fire rings perhaps. But those are only as good as you have wood to keep the fire going.

Doth Raki……..gone.

Now to the battle along the plains of Winterfell

Have you seen the final battle edit, it is really bad

How bad was it

The fans are going to be picking it apart for , I think in one shot you can even see one guy checking his

We don’t have time to reshoot this battle! We already burned down the set!

I have an idea, why don’t we just have the Night King send a blizzard over the battlefield, we will blur out all the images on the screen, they won’t be able to see anything

If we don’t have any major characters die it just might work

Make it so…..

At this point in the episode, everyone is wondering whether or not the Night King will be at Winterfell or will appear in Kings Landing…..

And now we get thirty minutes of most major characters almost dying………The Awards

Best heroic death…………..Lienna Mormont……..Although isn’t how Superman defeated Doomsday?

Loudest……….Ser Brienne…..I think she was coached on how to fight by the Williams sisters

And then there is Arya………………..

After an epic fight with her new weapon…which she loses….she ends up in the library.

The Library, where Sam brought all his books.

The undead (under the direction of the Night King) are looking for something in the books…what could it be.


Epic war battle turns into 80’s horror movie as femme fatale tries to safely navigate through a room without alerting big evil bad guy to her presence. Fortunately our assassin moves with the stealth of Michael Myers and just when you think you have found her, poof she is gone.

Meanwhile, up in the sky we have the dragon battle we had been anxiously waiting for. And the only rider left on her mount: Danarys. (Jon’s dragon, like ghost, is currently MIA)

Dragon fire does not kill White Walkers. surprised nobody. (admit it, you glanced the clock to see if the battle could be over)

Here comes Jon…for the final battle with the Knight King!!

Nope, now they have to kill all the soldiers who died in battle and the 50,000 more still streaming through the walls.

But be not afraid…….Drogon has crisped a safe spot around Jon, landed. And then they take a page out of the Rickon school of military tactics:

Instead of: “Jon, I will fly you to Bran”

We get: “Run toto run”

Instead of: “Fly Drogon, lets keep burning the army of the dead from the air where its safe”

We get: “This would be a good time for a coffee break”

So Khalissi is left all alone surrounded by a sea of undead until….Jorah. It is surprisingly rather easy for our heroes to run through a mob of undead fighters bent on killing them…..

So Jorah and Khalissi are on the edge

Meanwhile, in the crypts……..

Is there some serious Tyrion/Sansa bonding? Is Sophie jealous of Masie? (For those whining about the scene last week because Arya was a when the show first began, what you are really whining about is you are OLD!)

And as everyone predicted, the dead rise in the crypts. And even if there are swords on top of the tombs, the undead came out the side.

And surprisingly…..very little graphic details when a room full of women and get slaughtered……

Sansa draws a weapon (in hindsight, it really makes no sense not to have any weapons or soldiers in there, although I guess the theory is if the army of the dead gets far a few dozen more soldiers will not make a difference)

Admit it, you were wondering if there was going to be a kiss…..

Arya is rescued from the library by the Hound and Berric…..and brought mysteriously to Melisandra….

Who basically ties the whole series in one little speech…….Arya is the chosen one!!!

And what do we say to the God of Death…Not Today.

Every major character is on the verge of death…..then Theon falls.

Query….If you look closely in the background of any of those scenes can you so Arya slipping through the enemy lines?

And in the ultimate power move, everyone’s favorite stark pulls off the “oops I dropped my blade” trick and vanquishes the Night King.

While his army of Walkers stands behind him looking each other saying, “I thought you had her….”

And so in classic Lord of the Rings, Avengers etc etc style, the “kill on, kill all” story arc comes to an end…..

The carnage was not as expected….for those playing Deadpool, the following deaths are confirmed:





Ghost and Rhaegal are currently MIA (update, Ghost was spotted in previews…)

The Night King was killed by…..Arya.

Nobody on the list became a White Walker.

Now the “Walking Dead” chapter of the show is over, we get to return to the Game of Thrones.

We have not seen Cersei in two episodes, expect a big dose of her in the next episode…..

How many people survived Winterfell? How many people are even alive in the North?

What mischief does Cersei have her sleeves to battle the dragon?

Will the citadel even acknowledge the march of the dead? (amount of help all of those books Sam stole in the battle against the dead: 0)

Will Clegane bowl be the best epic battle since Hulk Hogan v. Ultimate Warrior? (damn, I dated myself)

How many Lannister’s does Bronn kill (0, 1, 2 or 3……)

How many characters will be expecting/having a by series end?

Will anybody dare to get married?

If final scene of series is sixty in the future with Sam putting the final touches on the book he just wrote and reminiscing about how everyone is now dead, will NOT factor into the Deadpool calculation….

Is there anyone out there still hoping the series ends with Cersei on the iron throne………..

CleavageFan4U 63M  
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4/29/2019 7:54 pm

WHEW, i was wondering if you'd get to the picture - but then again with YOU there really was NO doubt!!

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mepnj 40M
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4/29/2019 10:15 pm


Paulxx001 63M
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4/29/2019 11:25 pm

Well... with all due respect... all that double spaced stuff was a waste... for me..
That pic on the other hand... well That was worthy.
Am I weird for not getting into your first part?

RyuFujin 52F  
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5/1/2019 7:00 pm

I think pretty much most, if not all, of the Dothraki are gone. That's a huge blow to Dany, but I'm saving my thoughts on this until after next week. The number of Dothraki lost might not be as bad as it appears...

Rhaegal survived; he is the one who lands behind Dany after Jorah dies.

Drogon took flight (after Dany fell off), covered in Wights like a dog with ticks, but he also survived. He is shown flying with Rhaegal in the preview of next week's episode.

Theon... is debateable. Yes, he was run through with a spear by the Night King, and left for dead, bleeding out. BUT, as in all a matter of interpretation, that doesn't necessarily mean he's dead. After all, Jon took several swords stabs by a few mutinous Brothers while as the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, and he hung on for a short time. Starks, even those who were raised as one, are a sturdy bunch. Next week's episode will be the confirmation that I seek in regards to Theon; he did redeem himself (for being a shithead to the Starks) in my eyes though.

Almost all of the Wights were killed by fire, dragon glass, or Valerian steel weapons. I though for a moment that once the King was hit by Drogon's flame, it was all over... until the flames started to die and you saw him standing there, defiantly gazing upward, and smirking! I just about died myself: "No effing WAY?!?"

The ones who seemed to be first generation Wights (created by the King instead of another Wight) were harder to kill, but eventually dropped like a bad habit once the King was vanquished by Arya's dagger.

Now begins the massive burning of bodies dead and once undead, including Viserion the Undead… who more or less came apart in pieces.

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