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Tipping the snow shovelling men  

nastytease4U 42F  
9939 posts
2/22/2011 3:22 am

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3/13/2011 6:26 am

Tipping the snow shovelling men

Another damn snow storm!! My husband is getting ready to shovel. Just pondering the appropriate tip if I wanted to get someeone else to do it.

1-2 inches: really not worth anything, perhaps just some hot chocolate served in a sexy outfit.

3-4 inches: some hot chocolate served while watching my full unedited porn videos

5-6 inches: my head bobbing up and down on your lap as I see how long it takes for your cock to explode while watching my home made porn

7-12 inches: Oh, just choose your favorite fuck position already

13+ inches: I think it is going to take more than one guy to do the job!

rm_ButchnCassie 54M/51F
277 posts
2/22/2011 5:16 am

Had lots of snow here....good thing I have a big shovel! Love to help you out!

HellboundBiker45 60M
160 posts
2/22/2011 5:35 am

I like your tipping scale!...for the more then 13 inches does that include your husband having you blindfolded and tied to the bed for us men when we come in from the shoveling?

needsumluv14 64M
13 posts
2/22/2011 6:22 am

I plow snow and I wish you were one of my customers!!!! I'm sure we could work out a payment plan mow lawns too, year round service!!!!!

stiffy8100 61M
21 posts
2/22/2011 4:00 pm

Nasty - I am volunteering for the next snow storm. Had another 12 inches here, so I'm chossing doggie style so I can pull your hair and force you back on my cock!

BTW - When are those video's going on sale??? Enjoy the snow - Stiffy

nastytease4U 42F  
1647 posts
2/22/2011 4:40 pm

I figure if I get more than 13 inches, one would work while I entertain, then they would switch off.....

YandTandA 44M
612 posts
2/22/2011 4:59 pm

Nasty, w/all the snow this season, you've become a real SNOWBLOWER!

romantico4u2001 49M
5 posts
2/23/2011 1:55 am

hmm just wondering if you were talking about thickness of snow to shovel or size of the tool of the volunteer that would do the job... it seems you can easily exchange the two 1-2 inches, not worth the job.. 13+ it would be a hell of a job for you too
I might consider coming to PA if "7-12 inches: Oh, just choose your favorite fuck position already".. but I'll have to bring with me collar+leash+bag of toys

nastytease4U 42F  
1647 posts
2/24/2011 12:17 pm

hmmmm....if the snow is deep enough that you have to use a snowblower, then I guess you get to use all of your toys

24hour694u 60M
22 posts
2/24/2011 4:51 pm

nastytease, just call me an eskimo!

need4freedom 58M  
101 posts
3/12/2011 7:22 am

oft times 2 men - 4 eyes blazing - extra arms for binding - 2 swollen upraised lances for jousting - entangled round a delicious maiden - should easily surpass 13 (well really with an inch or so to spare).
what a delightful little vixen - you deserve a special party - where every guest brings their own personal prop.

thick14u_2eat 53M

3/12/2011 9:00 pm

You've probably had many inches this winter...Snow that is...

I'll do the 5-6 inches, after you've finished with me, I could probably do another 13 inches!

hunterpt 58M
13506 posts
11/9/2015 7:08 am

Hope there was a lot of snow. Kisses

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