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What a way to go  

nastytease4U 42F  
9667 posts
4/10/2007 3:57 am

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1/28/2015 5:25 am

What a way to go

My husband went to feed the dogs this morning and we keep their dry food in a large trash can in the mudroom off the kitchen. He put one scoop in the bowl, went to get the second and there was a yelp.

Nestled gently in the scoop of food was a dead mouse.

Now, you figure the trash can is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet high, plastic with no holes on it. We figure the mouse got into the food while it was in the bag waiting to be dumped in the can (or the mouse got in before we bought it...but we don't want to be trashing pet food companies any more than we need to).

So this mouse finds himself surrounded by food. Then gets trapped. All the food he would ever want...but no water. And, since he is near the bottom of the barrel, buried alive. Little guy thought he had found heaven......

well....that wasn't very sensual....

so....how about I will end the post with this question.....

What are you willing to sacrifice to find yourself lying on my bed with my pussy smothering your face?

crash4love 52M
378 posts
4/10/2007 4:27 am

I am lost in this one, first the mouse is dead, as he thought to have found heaven. Cam I assume that to have your pussy smothering my face can cause something similar?

Willing to sacrifice a lot to get the heavenly seduction of lying in yur bed with your pussy smothering my face, can be my death?

It would be nice to die in heaven, but for the moment I choose life!

So I just take the oportunity to sent you this few words asking. Can you sent me a picture of your pussy? Maybe this will make me change my opinion about making a bigger sacrifice. I like teasing...


tjinsoutheastpa1 56M
499 posts
4/10/2007 9:10 am

all depends...what kind of dog do you have?

WonDumFok 56M
25300 posts
4/10/2007 9:19 am

Hello... interesting question
but to be honest I wouldn't sacrifice $#!T... NOT that you are undesirable in the least quite the contrary..
.....but why should won have to sacrifice anything for the mutual pleasure of two



domnaterhr 62M/56F  
6 posts
4/10/2007 1:27 pm

How about...my free will?

oroborostwo 40M
652 posts
1/17/2015 9:06 am

I have to match Domnaterhr.
I would let you tie me up and milk my cock too the point my balls are unable to reload.

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hunterpt 58M
13506 posts
11/10/2015 3:14 am

would love it. Kisses

69ereatwetpussy 58M
3162 posts
5/22/2020 8:02 pm

oh smother me
stand over me
let me grab your fine ass into my face
let me smell you
taste you as my tongue splits your wet lips open
slides deep into you
then the tip of m tongue circles your hard clit
around around with each circle
slowly you start to press more against my face
my mouth now sucking all your juices flowing from you
your now fucking my face faster and faster
as I lick and suck you harder and harder
sliding one finger into your wet hot pussy
then two as I send them in deep pull them out over and over
your moans turn to screams
as you drop down onto my chest slide till our lips meet
and you slide all the way to waiting fat hard throbbing cock
for you to do what you do best.

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