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did someone ask for lingerie.....  

nastytease4U 42F  
9913 posts
1/4/2018 4:21 am

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1/6/2018 4:36 am

did someone ask for lingerie.....

Do you like ladies in lingerie?

Do you fantasize about meeting a woman for drinks and she has an evil grin because under that winter coat is something totally inappropriate?

which type of lingerie do you like best?

hunterpt 58M
13506 posts
1/4/2018 4:23 am

Love the police one. Kisses

Janet4fun2016 59T  
897 posts
1/4/2018 4:34 am

Very nice pics, nothing sexier.

benard69 63M/63F  
5250 posts
1/4/2018 4:45 am

Greedy here...We want everyone!

justskin1 68M
11744 posts
1/4/2018 5:22 am

I do love seeing a woman in lingerie. It is sort of like having a gift you can play with with the wrapping on that makes the gift even more desirable. Then there is the fun of unwrapping .
I like lingerie that covers or almost covers but does not really conceal. Like something very thin and clingy/drapey, also very sheer or lacy. Something that lets you sort of peek but not get a clear view.

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ltrskr 72M  
4418 posts
1/4/2018 5:59 am

Number One!

Desir4Fire 45M
2283 posts
1/4/2018 6:53 am

I like, very much!
You have a nice collection!!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62646 posts
1/4/2018 7:03 am

I like lacey and/or frilly lingerie, so the third one and fifth one are my favs - though I hasten to point out they're all winners!

This "woman in lingerie" theme reminds me of one of my FAVORITE stories.

I contacted a couple via CL that was seeking a third male for their first ever MFM. Next to no info, and no pictures, were exchanged except the time I was to met them in a local hotel bar. Of course I arrived early and took a seat at the bar and proceeded to checkout each person as the entered. I saw this couple with the gorgeous, sexy, petite though still somewhat busty, blonde in a little black dress, and silently told myself to "get a grip - this CAN'T be them" - except it WAS. We moved to a table and proceeded to get acquainted.

When the hubby go up to go to the men's room, wifey slide over and gave me a wonderful view of her cleavage. I told her I bet I could guess how big her tits were, but she told me to wait so hubby could be present for the guessing. When he came back, I guessed and got it right on the first try (36C BTW). She soon suggested we head to their room.

When we got there she told me to strip and take a seat on the comfy chair, which I did. She disappeared and soon reappeared in a little pink baby-doll outfit. She came over to me and modeled it for me, asked how I liked it, etc., I expressed my appreciation, and groped her titties and ass a bit. She then disappeared back in to the bathroom again. She soon appeared in another outfit, this one somewhat skimper. The scenario repeated about 3 more times, with each outfit being skimpier, and me being bolder in my handling of her. Hubby just watched it all. This stage of the play ended when she came out in just a bra. I commented on her forgetting to put on panties - and she responded that it was NO a mistake - as I dove my fingers in to her soaked pussy.

Soon enough all three of us were on the king bed and she was attending to two cocks. I found all this especially hot since it was clear this was all HER idea, and SHE was pacing the action.

My only regret is that there are no photos of all of this.

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Mystic_Writer 46M  
3617 posts
1/4/2018 8:10 am

I love seeing women in lingerie.

countryboy42695 50M
6 posts
1/4/2018 9:17 am

I do love them all. Sexy is as Sexy does. OH Sexy gets what Sexy wants. Every time! Happy New Year.

mickuquiver1 65M  
1 post
1/4/2018 9:44 am

Love the one showing off your sweet fur patch

azlyn4562 67M

1/4/2018 1:09 pm

Me - I did.

phils140 52M
30 posts
1/5/2018 4:41 am

I love anything with nylons and crotchless. If i had to choose then number 2 is my fave with the muffin in the front

maybejustrex4 53M

1/5/2018 8:31 am

Wow. Thanks. Wish I had the choice. I might go something like:

Pink bra, black panties, mesh teddy (is that a teddy?) when i get home from work and you think I might miss a cue that you want to some love.

Black corset dress when we go to a party where I can fuck you in the host's guest room.

Blue cami and panties when you want to be my sweet baby all night long.

tomfun691 55M
1170 posts
1/6/2018 2:32 pm

1 3 5 6 for starters the rest for later

bigstrk69 63M
1 post
1/7/2018 12:25 am

I can't choose! Need to see each of them up close, one at a time!

4UNKC1 53M
64 posts
1/10/2018 6:17 am

I really like 1,3,6,7 You wear them very well

DiscreetAffairPA 44M
212 posts
1/11/2018 12:22 pm

Lots of lace. And lots of accessibility. I like for lingerie to stay on the whole time - so strategically placed holes in the lingerie are critical.

Epiphoneguitar 59M
45 posts
1/27/2018 6:08 pm

Al,l wow you are amazingly hot!

fantasmapanda2 31M
12 posts
2/5/2018 4:59 pm

que hermosa

Epiphoneguitar 59M
45 posts
3/1/2018 3:40 pm

Smokin Hot!!

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