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unpredictable, episode 5 recap  

nastytease4U 42F  
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5/13/2019 3:22 pm

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5/16/2019 4:39 pm

unpredictable, episode 5 recap

People are jumping all over social media complaining about this one……..

Let’s see if we can figure it out….

We begin with Varys spreading the news, he’s coming today, he is the rightful king, Jon snow, jon snow….

And Queen B has not eaten in a month…..that is not a good sign

Queen B knows that everyone knows, she knows that Jon doesn’t love her, the only way to rule is by…………

Fear. (bad omen)

we shall start with a little roasted spider…..shame that we will never know the words that were said in the flames.

We find a lanister in a comfortable position, captured and then set free…………

Everything is now teed up as everyone had expected……………

The well matched armed forces face each other across the field……

Arya, The Hound and Jamie Lanister are inside the castle walls……….

And then……the battle begins

Give credit where it is due…..a nice aerial assault from straight above with the sun at your back, the fleet is gone and Euron is blown off the ship…..

A little touchdown dance followed that move……

And with a healthy dragon, those scorpion bolts are not fast enough……the outer wall defenses are coming down!!

The golden company stands outside the walls (why? Well, we can debate this all we want but it didn’t really matter). And gets blown to bits when the gate is blown up.

The war is basically over at this time, the only question is whether the men will fight to the last man, will the city be burned, will cersei escape……

This is becoming a bit anti-climatical……. I think I may have yawned….

The troops rush in and the Lanister army that will fight to the last man…………surrenders…………

At this point Drogon is flying over the city, the same image that Bran saw two seasons ago…….in a sequence of images that included the mad king screaming “burn them all”. Mental note, need to rewatch that sequence again…….

Ring the bell! Ring the Bell!

The city surrenders……

The game of thrones is over…..Queen B wins……

They did it without burning down the city……

Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved…..

Is that the the “bitch is gonna be crazy” music I hear ?

And for the next 20 minutes game of thrones fans sit stunned, many still holding the Dorito in their teeth that they were going to bite when it all began……

And as the senseless plot twist winds forward, there are still some things to talk about….

Jamie v. Euron……why? Jamie actually needs to win a sword fight on his own at some point in the series and Euron getting blown off the boat was just not satisfying enough…..

Jamie twists the sword…….at least he learned something even though he is mortally wounded…..

The Hound and Arya……it is obvious by this point that Arya is not going to be face shifting, heavy sigh…..

The Hound talks Arya out of revenge, and then gets “sandored”: “Call me by my first name bonus!”

Clegane Bowl!!!!!!!!!!

But not before Cyburn gets tossed down the stairs. Frankenstein is once again killed by his monster. And there was much rejoicing…..

Sandor rips off the Mountain’s helmet and look, its Anakin Skywalker!

The mountain can’t be killed……having just killed an army of the undead 2 episodes ago this is just rolling eyes boring.

How many of you were expecting Arya to jump on the back of the mountain and discover that valerian steel can kill whatever he is?

At least Sandor avoids the squashed head routine…….and then Clegane bowl ends …………………in a draw…………………..really, did someone actually go over all of the possible scenarios on how things could end this episode and pick the lamest one?

Was I the only one who was worried that the writers would have Arya die because a building fell on her? Sad, its not that I was worried about the character, I was just worried that they would be that lame……but she lives……hopefully she can salvage something of this show next week

Cersei dies…….You know the internet is going to blow up over this one……how does the Bitch Queen end up dying in tears in her brother’s arms. That is as anticlimactic as waiting a hundred million years to know the answer to life, the universe and everything and being told its 42.

Now I do have the GOT pool going, so who gets credit for the Cersei kill:

Cersei…..You had a season and a half to accept exile, have your baby and retire……………you chose death

Drogon…..He did bring the red keep down.

Queen B…..she did attack unarmed soldiers and civilians…

Sandor…..The mountain was strong enough to get cersei to safety, separating them led to her demise

Jamie/tyrion….Perhaps the underground caverns were not the safe way out of the city

Euron….If he doesn’t capture Misande, it is probably a siege….

Sansa……burning down the city was to make her bend the knee

AND NOW…back to the recap……

Most disappointing realization, Queen B could have done this to start the last season. That would have saved all the Dornish women (I guess we can assume Ellaria Sand and “shame, shame, shame” will not be rescued), the Tyrell’s, and Euron would have been crisped a lot sooner,

All in all, it is like watching your favorite team get blown out. You can turn the game off but part of you just wants to see how bad it can get…..


If Tyrion gets executed, does Bronn still get Highgarden? If no, does Bronn kill Queen B?
Is arya up for revenge or retiring in Storms end with Gendry?

The lack of any direwolf action in the past few seasons is noticeable….is Jon not petting ghost still the most disappointing scene?

Is there still an iron throne?

Can someone please snap their fingers and make it all better………..

dedude4fun 54M
6 posts
5/13/2019 3:35 pm

Could'nt you tell the Dragon Queen was mad during the banquet after defeating the dead? that look!!!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
62101 posts
5/13/2019 6:31 pm

"She" certainly is getting a lot of attention!!

Is that one of the sex scenes from GOT I've heard so much about?

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gentile_sadico 55M
1389 posts
5/13/2019 11:45 pm

LOL at the Anakin Skywalker reference, I thought the same thing when they showed his face. It was great to see most of the city burning after Dani had to watch Missandei get beheaded in episode 4.

When Nikolaj Coster-Waldau read the script for season8, he said that fans would not be happy with the ending. That means that Jon and Dani won't be together and one of them possibly gets killed.

Anyway, thanks for that great photo, your mouth looks ready for another guy.

proteus_2a 54M
7812 posts
5/14/2019 1:35 am

Gorgeous pic my lady.
That open mouth lost in bliss....

Got me absolutely distracted !

Cheers - P

njfitguy1 58M  
490 posts
5/14/2019 5:22 am

Great summary. There were definitely signs that Queen B was going to turn mad.

What's GOT without a few twists ?

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