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you have her tied up, now what  

nastytease4U 42F  
9744 posts
12/28/2019 5:43 am

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1/17/2020 8:39 am

you have her tied up, now what

Could not decide if this would be desire or need. So I did a little of both.

The first five options are for the man whose wife has just lost a bet and now finds herself tied helpless your bed. What do you do (and all of the above means your standing there not knowing what do)

The last five options are for the ladies who are too polite to top from the bottom.

Reminder, the more you know about your partner before you tie them up, the easier it is to know the answer to the question.....
whips, clothspins, hot wax......lets see if the pain slut can take it
feathers......lets see this girl laugh
fuck her brains out and cum all over her face
time to invite some friends over
finally, I get to watch the TV shows I like.....
hurt me baby, make me scream in pain, I can't stop you
tickling? really, enjoy it while you can because I will get even
Three holes free...what are you waiting for
if your going to invite your friends over, why don't you just blindfold me
of a bitch left, he really knows how to drive a helpless girl wild

Leegs2012 47M
52700 posts
12/28/2019 9:06 am

I would give Her a sweet Tease. Pleasure Torture. Tease every part of Her body..slowly. Make Her beg to Cum!!

vaughns2 53M

12/28/2019 9:45 am

Great poll,,,even though I voted to invite friends over.....I'd have to moisten her up before they got there. Enjoy!

CleavageFan4U 63M  
61235 posts
12/28/2019 12:57 pm

It would be criminal to waste such a situation. A good slut needs to be shared.

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TakeAQuickPeek 59M
20 posts
12/29/2019 4:13 pm

Great poll. So many good options.

up4morefun2 37M
26 posts
12/29/2019 4:52 pm

very hot

GreenEyedGuy1968 51M
104 posts
12/30/2019 8:01 pm

I couldn't pick multiple options, but the last time this happened it was a combination of blindfold, feathers, nipple clamps, ice cubes, and the flat end of a bamboo back scratcher.

We had a blast. Well, she had a few and I had 2 before I let her loose.
Maybe I can give more details in another Blog story some day soon.

Next time I'm getting strapped down she said.

Domdadda33 35M
11 posts
12/31/2019 1:33 am

Fuck her every way possible

willp52 58M  
68 posts
12/31/2019 12:23 pm

tied is good it tests everones limits

LiveItUpNow01 59M
12 posts
12/31/2019 2:16 pm

Maybe a little of everything!

tsn4fun2 44M/42F  
258 posts
1/2/2020 8:32 pm

Hubs won’t tie me up... says I’m too good with my hands. Lol I have tried tying myself up for him (hahaha) but yeah.... he wants everything in working order. Plus he knows if he tickled me and I was unable to move, I definitely would go for payback!

nastytease4U replies on 1/11/2020 6:09 am:
but the payback is where the fun is!

luckyhands21 42M
266 posts
1/4/2020 11:53 am

I can finally binge watch watchmen and shameless!!!

LetsGetItGoing13 59M
9 posts
1/5/2020 7:54 am

Ravage all three while the opportunity is there!

jonandlisaplay 41M/41F
44 posts
1/18/2020 7:08 pm

lets see if i had her tied to the bed i would stick a vib in her ass and in her pussy then would take my cock and slide it into her mouth until her got me nice and hard then i would pick a hole and remove the toy and pound away

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