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are we really here for IT - or to avoid IT?  

need4freedom 58M  
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5/7/2014 5:05 am
are we really here for IT - or to avoid IT?

A couple questions if anyone wishes to weigh in -

1. are we here looking for sex? or avoiding sex?
or not so much - sex - per se - but the complications that come with it? the interpersonal stuff that accrues over time - some delightful - some not so. when fun days - evenings - outings - and in-ings - start to become overshadowed with the notion of wants - wanting someone to be this - and that - and no longer the sentient whose smile and wit and whatever caused such attraction. and ultimately - the break-up. and don't those just rip one's heart out - no matter the side of the equation.
so - it does beg the question - if we're not really here to avoid - rather than dancing in the real world where sex and smiles and tactile delights are open and easy and available?
well, if so, I guess it's fine to keep our sensuality gripped tightly in hand at times- rather then being good boys and girls and sharing..... but then.

2. which brings to mind the other side of the coin - when women are surrounded by a hoard of men - enjoying the sweat and growls of a gang bang - what are you thinking? just wondering. it appears entirely submissive to me - with even some whispers of (well, a term it seems that cannot be said hereabouts) r - fantasy. and while us men are thrusting and tugging and spanking and .... yep, kissing to - we're not really aware what's going on from the neck up - the rest is pretty obvious - a total relinquishing to overwrought desire - but still.

SlenderGal88 54F  
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5/7/2014 6:16 am

1. Here to blog and to look around. If I meet someone, it wasn't because I thought," hey I'm going on a sex site and try to hook up". It happened because of the engagement while on the site which lead offline.

2. Don't know what a woman thinks during a gang bang. No experience. However I don't believe there's much personal or emotional connection going on.

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need4freedom 58M  
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5/7/2014 6:30 am

hhmm - reading your comments it seems to me there's some similarity. both are decidedly inward expressions despite appearances.

rm_ulaiken 77F
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4/21/2015 4:12 pm

for a man so excellent in english have to tell you its not 'us men" but "we men" Telling you this as you seem so pleased with how your express yourself. We women in fact at least I, am here for amusement, to see how many men want me even though they dont know me and neither do they care how old I am. Would never have thought that any man from 30-50 would desire a seventyish woman. In my opiniion they must really have nobody to have fun with. the word "sex" is so cold. A scientific experiment no less. However I like your body and am sure you know how to get the best possible response from a woman. I welcome you. My photo if y're gold is there

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